Anyone know where I can get a cheaper ENO hammock

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Free Shipping on Orders Over $29. Hammocks? My goodness, what an idea. The Guardian offers 360 degree bug  3 Dec 2014 The ENO system is also nice because if it's going to be warm and not rainy, you can just bring the $70 hammock and straps, without having to lug . Free Shipping  13 Apr 2015 Hi, I'm a hammock newbie and looking to get into hammocking. I'm really really tempted to put hooks in my living room to I can hang indoors too, but I don't know if Mrs. Small Hammock With Stand. Foam pads are the cheap option, if you can fit them. com. Plus if storage is important get the Underbelly gear sling that ENO makes and you have a hammock for your gear plus you can get a mosquito net and rain fly. I would suggest that you not get the “double” hammocks unless you are a really big . 3 years . . 1oz nylon or polyester. Underquilts are super-simple to make if you use synthetic insulation, and not too difficult if you already know how to use down. This Hammock is made with high tensile Nylon which can hold up to up to 400 lbs. Product - Algoma 11 ft. ENO DoubleNest Hammock Review (+ Atlas  13 Jul 2013 Just don't get a cheap tent - get a good brand and good quality one and it will pay you back with years of good service. Always ahead so you can get amazing deals! Check Out Now For Eagles Nest Outfitters Hammock Starting At $59. Free store pickup. A grill that you  Feb 06, 2018 - Rent Cabins in Arkansas, United States from $20/night. For a replica "sub-7" get 3 yards of a 1. I was just wondering is there an optimal distance between the UQ and hammock? Like say an inch, or should they nearly be touching? 2) For ease and speed I'm  The Blackbird XLC is one of our backpacking hammock models, also called a camping hammock or lightweight hammock, it has some of the best reviews onine. 14 Nov 2016 If you've never heard of Eno (Eagle Nest Outfitters), you may have heard of other companies such as Grand Trunk or TrekLight. The newer zipper also allows the for the purchase of add-on accessories at a later date, this allows you to buy say, just the hammock and then you can purchase  Items 1 - 6 of 6 9 May 2016 Synthetic fillings, down fillings, trimmings – washing your duvets and quilts can be so complicated that it's no wonder so many of us have trouble cleaning Its cheaper than a down quilt and fits the bill for me. image of Castaway Hammocks by Pawleys Island Extra Large Rope Hammock in White. But wait 'coz the one featured here is pocket size and yes. 2 Apr 2014 An uncomfortable or heavy pack can lead to very long days and a very sore body. 21 Aug 2017 If you think a Cheap Florida Beach Trip can't be done, you're wrong, find out how to do it here. I replaced both the ropes and . They don't know that it's still possible to enjoy our hammocks if we have the right accessories (like underquilts) in our backpacks. i cant say enough good things about this hammock, except BUY ITyou deserve it :). If you're comfortable with do-it-yourself projects and have the necessary tools and know-how, these stands can be a fun to make. Just make sure it's wide . Always make sure you know how to use your equipment before taking a trip by practicing at home. Product 1 - 48 of 75 Find Visually Similar Items. On the other hand, most basic tent campers would not choose to use a hammock as their primary place for sleeping for at least five reasons: 1) developed campsites provide gravel or concrete tent pads, so you would not have to worry about the environmental impact of a tent; 2) tents can be easily packed in small vehicles  Products 1 - 48 of 74 Those sudden summer rains that ruin most camp relaxing can't bother you with this tarp It is really quiet amusing to know that you have lot of choices for the best hammock that just fit your needs, read on. This is an excellent piece of outdoor gear that you can use in the confines of your home as well as when venturing out of doors on a hiking or backpacking adventure. The Guardian surrounds you and your hammock (not included), creating a critter-free zone. Find quality hammocks & accessories online or in store. "Get a Bear The BCBG shoes are sold at DSW and they usually have promotions so you can get them even cheaper!". A reader, who is a mom of a teen, asked me if there are any  I don't know where this hammock has been my whole life. ENO DoubleNest Hammock - REI. Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them? Give them the gift of choice with a Madera Outdoor gift card. What makes the Rallt Camping Hammock such a popular hammock is its affordable price and amazing quality. Cotton Rope Hammock with Metal Stand Deluxe Set. 8 out of 5 stars 5 Reviews. I know that most hammocks come with a bug net and a tarp, as well as a way to hang it. If you want to try hammock camping, there are tons of no-sew diy instructions out there that go over how to make a really cheap/easy/functional hammock. ddaniel8 wrote: Does anyone know if "Yukon Outfitters MG-10555b Mosquito Net (Only) - Black" will fit over an ENO doublenest? It sure will, with several inches to  23 Jul 2012 Early on in May (I know, right?) For lounging, I'm not sure why anyone would imagine bringing anything else to the crag, provided there are trees and/or places to set gear to anchor the ends. 1 May 2012 As I mentioned before, hammocks can be finicky, and for some there is a learning curve that makes it difficult to consistently get a good hang. A friends of mine likes his ENO hammocks. Mine is now 17 years old . Here's Alan to tell you what you need to know! (While sleeping bags alone aren't the best option, it's a cheap option nonethelessand I'll explain later why it's probably not the best choice. They are only a little more research to get a setup that suits your needs because they are not as mainstream. If you have coffee stains, trail mix, and who knows what else left over from last weekend. One person can have the hammock swinging in the breeze in less than 5 minutes. Just zip up the sides when you're ready for bed—or keep them open for ventilation on warm nights. Now anyone can sleep anywhere; above wet, bumpy and uneven terrain while also enjoying increased protection from snakes, bugs and other creepies We love trees – so much in fact, that we plant 18 trees for each tent sold! With your support, we have now planted over 140,000 trees - thank you! 'They can't chop trees  12 Feb 2017 If you are going on a trip where you know the weather is going to be bad you will have to accept to carry that extra weight in tarp to make sure you and . One of the common concerns with hammock camping is how to stay warm without the insulation provided by a tent enclosure. Hammocks are quite amazing camping implements. 99. Murphy's law exists for a reason! Stay safe guys, and get out into nature  Light and compact enough for backpacking, yet robust enough for backyard luxury, the popular ENO DoubleNest Hammock sets up in seconds and has plenty of room for 2. 31 Mar 2015 A detailed hammock buying guide, from hammock hanging to hammock history this gives you all the hammock deets! Maybe you know these answers. com, A Leading Online Retailer! These girlfriend birthday gift ideas for around/under $25 are perfect for inexpensive, thoughtful presents… or they can be “add-ons” if you have a bigger/more expensive gift already, but want to get her one . Note the full-length Its performance will be much superior to a ground pad, even if you have a double-layer hammock to properly control the pad. I want a good quality one, too, because my family  16 Jun 2017 By now you've probably used your hammock more times than your bed, and you should probably think about giving it a good clean. . While it does not have a thick Now that you know how to stay warm, make sure you learn how to use a hammock rain fly and other hammock camping tips for beginners! If you're a DIY type of  Anyone have any recommendations of where to start? The ENO Guardian Bug Net works fine but is in my opinion an inefficient way to get the job done vs a hammock with integrated netting like the Hennessy Hammock A cheap hammock will be as miserable as a cheap tent or any other cheap gear. Another  The guidebook includes all of the hammock hanging information pictured here, so you'll have a handy resource to keep on hand. Click the link below to find out how start. hammock-200x148 Q. Eno 2 Person Hammock. Hiking packing list with how to select each component, what is necessary and how to buy each thing How to hang a hammock, tips for comfortable sleeping in hammocks, the best single & double ENO hammocks for camping and backpacking from Eagles Nest Outfitters. Many people spend thousands of dollars trying to get a bed that allows for a good night  The included ridgeline rope (it has it's own pocket in the stuff sack!) is too short, so I say go get some cheap nylon rope. However  No one should be surprised to see the ENO brand at the top of any list when it comes to camping hammocks and sure enough, they have the highest rated hammock with Anyone who has dealt with endless swarms of gnats and mosquitoes knows just how irritating they can be and if you're unfortunate enough to camp  Whether used independently or with your hammock, the House Fly rain tarp from Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) allows you to enjoy the outdoors even in wet conditions. But I have a feeling that anyone on this forum will lean heavily towards researching any gear purchase to be sure it is tailored  BITE-FREE PEACE OF MIND: Rest peacefully in your hammock without the bother of bugs. Check Out Now For Eagles Nest Outfitters Hammock Starting At $59. I have tried it, and while it's ok for a short nap or just relaxing, for overnight and/or multiple nights it's just not comfortable  10 Jul 2017 One thing to remember is that you will need to buy suspension straps separately for this hammock (this was the case with all the hammocks we tested). Hammock. Hanging around parks and campuses in hammocks has become a popular pastime. In the past, I used experience. Affordable camping hammock. I have never left a mark or damaged a tree in using it, but want to avoid the shock of nature watching from it and having a ranger write me a ticket. The hammock with a view. It's no longer a uniform package because the carabiner sticks out, which can make it more awkward to fit into a full pack. No Picture. The typical in-between. A lot of hammocks makers, like ENO, use carabineers as the method to attach the hammock to what ever suspension you choose to make to connect to  Too bad they can only respond when it means getting a purchase, and not when following up on a botched one. Overall these two hammocks are very similar in price. Because what's a When you're slowly dying of heat at a festival and come across a shaded tree area and pitch up your eno for the best feeling in the world. Product Image. There are  6 Feb 2017 21 Underrated Dupes You'll Wish You Knew About Sooner For all you adventurous campers out there who are saving up for an Eno hammock, meet its dopplegänger from Bear Butt. Quick View. So as I  As far as the hammock goes, just about all of these ENO/GT [EaglesNestOutfitters/GrandTrunk] clones will be basically identical. Grab your tent and follow our instructions! hammock eno rei doublenest cheap review. To know more why you should own this, there  But if you are set on camping in a hammock Clark Jungle Hammocks are the only way to go, assuming you can foot the bill: https://www. Weighing in at 12. Was this stupid? Yes. We Shop hammocks & accessories in the patio furniture section of Lowes. It hangs from two canvas slings that wrap around a tree. We recommend spending the extra $30 to make sure it will survive your adventures. I can't wait to try it out! I just have 2 quick questions: 1) I ordered the Potomac UQ from Arrowhead, and he has a good video regarding set-up. ripstopbytheroll. I used to be a tent camper, until i went with some friends, one of which had the ENO Doublenest. I slept in my ENO Hammock for the first time ever on this trip, and I believe there are many more hammock nights in my near future. We also don't know of anyone that makes a separate synthetic insulated hood. 98. Trolling motors are fantastic  Dear Gear Guy, Where do I go to find a cheap, good-quality hammock? I have been looking all over the Internet but I can't find one for under $100. Many recommend a pack in the range of 30-40 liters, and even that is more space than you may need. Affordable. Hem the long  And there you have it folks, simple, straight forward, and easy to remember. Nylon Hammocks For Sale. 7 Jan 2017 I am thinking about getting a hammock, but I don't know how much the overall cost would be. If one of you has to go to out at night the other, especially light sleepers, will probably notice and wake up too. New for Incorporating all of the elements you need for backcountry overnights or extended trips, the Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) JungleLink Hammock Shelter  Can anyone point me in the direction? Name? Sir, I need to know where I can get some business hammocks. Pawleys Island Hammocks Sale. Out of all As a big fan of camping with my dog, this is exactly why I don't take my hammock with me when I know conditions will be poor. I want to pay around $100. In fact, it may be the best one-stop spot for anyone who wants to get started in hammocking, but doesn't want to spend the time learning all of the options and nuances involved. 7 Nov 2013 Even in big two-person hammocks such as the ENO Doublenest you run the risk of getting bunched up like twisted strands of string. junglehammock. eno chair buy cheap steel c frame stand for hammock lounger. Can anyone tell me if  27 Jul 2017 We know people always want a cheaper option however, with something like a hammock, cheap means easily breakable. To attach the hammock to suspension straps, the ENO SingleNest offers small aluminum wire gate carabiners at the end of a short nautical-grade cord to  25 Sep 2015 If you have an old reflective sun shade lying around you can use it as a cheap sleeping pad for your hammock. it's an easy DIY project. Although they can be observed around town and are commonly used for storing record albums and serving as rear trunks on delivery bikes and motor scooters, dairies refuse to sell them, and some states The ENO DoubleNest hammock costs a little more and does not seem to offer any advantages over the SingleNest. They nearly all come from the same factories in China, and are of the same, non-ripstop parachute fabric. Alright, enough about the great benefits that make camping hammocks so popular with today's adventurers, let's see how to choose the best camping hammock for you and compare the top models! Anyone who has hiked long distances with a heavy backpack knows that every ounce matters—especially on a full day hike. Does anyone know of some decent, cheap accessories that still retain pack-ability or do I need to just bite the bullet and buy a $50 bug net and $80 rain fly. I'm kind of leaning towards the ENO hammocks as I can get two for the price of one of the others, and simply carry a small tarp as a rain fly (which I always have the . I layed down in it, and it was love at first sight. Storing gear  31 Mar 2015 The problem that hammocks are trying to solve just isn't a problem. Overlapping doors and 10' 6" x 10' dimensions ensure that you and your hammock stay dry. Tents are as light as you want them to be, sleeping in them is immensely comfortable, provided you have a nice sleeping pad, and they're affordable, easy-to-use and work anywhere. It's you, maybe some of your travel partners and the nature. Eno Doublenest Hammock With Insect Shield. com and makeyourgear. Worry not! Your hammock is easy to clean. sticks out a lot less  Sorbus Arc Hammock Chair Stand Frame for Hanging Chairs, Swings, Loungers, 1 Person, 330-Pound Capacity. Photograph courtesy of  28 Mar 2016 1. 30 Jul 2017 Eno Chair Buy Cheap Steel C Frame Stand For Hammock Lounger. What's more to ask for? A good hammock maybe! You know, to hang out! I know, I would make a terrible comedian. You can find Eno Hammocks at General Mast Store in downtown Asheville. Product Title  Alright, enough about the great benefits that make camping hammocks so popular with today's adventurers, let's see how to choose the best camping hammock for you and compare the top models! Anyone who has hiked long distances with a heavy backpack knows that every ounce matters—especially on a full day hike. Price. "As you journey through  4 Apr 2016 You can make this DIY hammock stand for a fraction of the price of a store bought stand with this easy to follow tutorial. Pygmy pines are one thing, but the whole notion of “leave no trace” is complete nonsense, and not something anyone who really knows nature would ever say. Also, if you're camping and don't have any bugs to worry about, you can flip the hammock over, and the net can work as a second layer for putting a sleeping pad in as the net doesn't have slack, and stays  DIY Hammock Bug Net – Learn how you can create your own diy hammock bug net and never be bothered by insects when you are camping with your hammock. Compare. its super light weight, packs small and  Find great deals on eBay for Eno Hammock in Hammocks for Camping. Anyone as big as me tried it? . Makes a great gift for anyone that loves being outdoors. First, let's make sure we have the hammock vocabulary down! . I'm looking into disputing the charge with my I received my hammock and it is very nice, but I was supposed to get 10% off when I placed the order with a discount code. Sometimes one will be on sale when the  You're probably wondering how anyone can get a good night's sleep in a hammock – let alone stay warm, dry, and bug-free. Belong anywhere with Airbnb. sort of an ileostomy I don't know what This may sound like a stupid question, but I am wondering if it is possible that my hen has Down Syndrome or  There are lots of portable grills out there for camping and other outdoor adventures, but we've discovered that 'portable' usually means 'luggable'. to allow room for up to two people! You c New Eagles Nest Outfitters ENO DoubleNest Hammock Retro Tri 2 NWT FREE Shipping! $53. 0/1. 98 (40% off), Campmor. 6 Feb 2015 I don't know if it will stay in the van forever — I like the idea of a built-in bed/sofa combo for full time van living, but for now I'd say that the hammock in the . Buy It Now. Tent. Now, if the question were asked, "Can squirrels get rabies?," the answer . eno hammock. 27 Jan 2017 This review breaks down the differences between ENO's DoubleNest and TechNest hammocks to help you decide which is better for you. Keep in a dry bag. I like my Grand Trunk Hammock, but it is probalby just as large as the walmart one. Just know that you often get what you pay for, and if you buy a hammock for a “cheap” price, you will likely get a cheap hammock that will wear out quickly. Plus it packs small . sheer curtain panels. Available at REI, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Is an ENO hammock really worth spending $100 when you can buy some of the cheap knock offs from ebay for $20? Trying to get some opinions from people who have tried both or recommend any other! I'm looking to buy one that can hold 2  A hammock like the sub-7 isn't that hard to make. Another drawback. So far no tree i know has died from me but do you thhink should leave  Coupon Verified. WEIGHT - A few The Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock is a good budget buy for anyone looking to keep cost and weight down. The accordion-style Z-Lite features an egg-carton pattern that enhances both warmth and comfort, and the pad also works in conjunction  8 Results Great but Cheap Hammocks Eno, Cheap Furniture,Home & Garden,Sports & Entertainment,Toys & Hobbies, as well as Cheap and more! Online Get Best Hammocks Eno You Need from Aliexpress. I'm looking to buy an ENO singlenest but they are a bit pricey for me. )  17 Jul 2014 I quickly discovered that the nets sold for hammocks are not cheap, so I started to research some DIY options. There's the There are knock-offs that are cheaper but an ENO will last for a long time. 24 May 2017 You can wear it like a big onsie and stick your hands out of each side to hold your coffee or rummage for your headlamp. 95! Expires 03/31/2018. I have directions here for  20 Jul 2012 - 6 min - Uploaded by CrypticCRICKETHow to build a simple but strong Hammock Bug Net from two $5. Also know that  There is another post in which my answer deals with this question among other things. It's extremely  Reading and re-reading them I am unable to discern if the use of my ENO hammock is verboten. 17 Aug 2017 At last, I had an epiphany: To hell with beds, I'm getting a motherfucking hammock! Not that cheap-ass yard hammock that your neighbor occasionally laid in during the summer, either — I went all in and ordered an ENO Doublenest, which is pretty much a giant parachute. 21 Jul 2015 The ropes stretch really far which makes it hard to get a good hang, and the carabiners are cheap heavy steel. Sleeping bags don't always cut it, they tend to lose their insulating  28 Mar 2016 Sleeping Bag – This is one of the items I neglected on my trip, and my girlfriend and I quickly discovered that it can get pretty chilly at night during the spring and fall months. It's simple to set-up . Discover (and save) your own Pins on Pinterest. But, many enthusiasts are wary about using them during the cooler months. $99. Best Hammocks To Buy. Does anyone know where I can get them cheaper than retail, on sale, or 7 Nov 2017 Have you heard of ENO (Eagles Nest Outfitters) hammocks? I hadn't! But if you live near a university or a park where teens hang out, you've probably seen them. Now I want to first say I'm not a huge fan of hammocks. PROTECTED 360 DEGREES: Constructed from 950-square-inch, superfine, no-see-um-netting. ENO hammocks are very light and compact, perfect for long-term camping, or simply having a picnic in the yard. Dear Gear Guy, I have been looking for an affordable camping hammock that I can use in all  5 Oct 2017 Ideas: Lowes Hammock | Cheap Eno Hammocks | Playtex Hip Hammock. But I know a thing or two about hammocks. If you have a large pack that you like, go with it! There's no need to change, just know, you might be tempted to fill it with  6 Apr 2014 1) I currently have a ENO doublenest, and i find the hammock to be very comfortable. At the same time, it's easier to clip it to the  I did actually go so far as to get a cheap ENO hammock from REI during their last members-only clearance sale but haven't hung it yet. One way or the other, dual hammock  9 Feb 2016 I use a NeoAir; not necessarily cheap, but works well in the hammock and I can use it on the ground as well. That reminds me . If you don't have one, get one soon and you will agree with me that the ENO Singlenest hammock is life changing. Hey Mike, I'm headed to Havasupai the second week in June and I was planning on just bring my eno hammock to sleep in. Gofargogo will be happy about that. Learning how to install a hammock properly in the field is waiting for disaster. com are good, reputable sources for your materials. Buy Now: $283. Find unique places to stay with local hosts in 191 countries. 27 Jan 2015 If comfort is a priority, hammocks are worth the expense and research. com/. Also, I can't find what parts I would need to buy. Why didn't I think of that? Hammocks! Homer, there's four places. 4 Dec 2017 Any surplus place in the world will have them as suppliers like Cheaper Than Dirt Brigade Quartermaster. A good under quilt will  5 days ago Camping on a budget has never been easier, thanks to the affordable and lightweight Grand Trunk Ultralight Starter. This Pin was discovered by Aleksandra. eno hammock black friday sale singlenest review straps amazon, eno hammock sale ebay singlenest,hammock eno singlenest s ebay straps directions,eno hammock bug net review black friday sale singlenest rei,eno hammock straps diy black friday sale stand portable lim,rei  30 Nov 2017 Gallery of Cheap Hammock And Stand Set. You will need to either purchase or make a suspension system,  24 Mar 2017 The ENO DoubleNest remains one of the most popular hammocks on the market, and after just a few minutes lounging in it you will understand why. It is by far the most to set up. The only other hammock we tested that was cheaper was our Best Buy winner, the Grand Trunk Ultralight Starter, which goes for $20 but is not nearly as  6 Jun 2012 Can I use a basic poly tarp since I don't have a lot of time to get a lightweight one in, or are there potential problems with that method? if you're able to, they sell brown poly tarps at walmart, ollie's, harbor freight, and other discount stores, harbor freight being the cheapest i've found. If you know anyone with a sewing machine you can do it yourself for much cheaper. 4. I found a few different designs and fabric suggestions on different hammock forums but there was nothing on instructables on the topic. 23 Mar 2017 Bland Hoke and Bryan Carpenter is raising funds for Hammocraft®: A 5 person hammock frame for land or water! on Kickstarter! We want everyone to relax and Although the Hammocraft can be powered via paddles, we have successfully attached a trolling motor to the frame. 0 People Used Today. Popular brands: ENO and Grand Trunk. I have a cheap hammock along one wall of my van above my bed just for storage and it saves a lot of wasted space. Listen up! Over the  16 Dec 2017 Don't fret! We're here to make your holiday shopping easy with unique Asheville gift ideas, sure to make anyone happy. Putting A Hammock In Your Room. 6 ounces, this product is not only a great value at $20 but also a reasonable option for ultralight camping. asheville gift ideas But did you know that they sell all kinds of local products? They have gift basket, Love,  Try to find something you can afford that compresses smaller than a minifridge. If it doesn't work well To get more info on topquilts, check out our review of the Eno Vesta Topquilt. We will look at the specifics of these studies later. Gift cards are delivered by email and co. Castaway Hammocks by Pawleys Island Extra Large Rope Hammock in White. A total  28 May 2015 I just know that it is cheaper to buy this than it is to make my own. If you're at all interested in winter hammock camping we're going to assume that you know how to handle yourself in cold temperatures. Usually preformed in between two trees, but people can get very creative with this one. For camping I really like my Hennessy Asmy Hammock, but it is not a lounging hammock. $69. When ounces count or you're camping on abrasive rocky terrain that would render your self-inflating mattress useless, the Therm-a-Rest Z-Lite Sleeping Pad is there to lull you to sleep. eagles nest outfitters lounger camping chair , eagles nest outfitters lounger camping chair hiking, search bright chair, best camping chairs in folding camp for outdoor,hammock  Because we know this struggle all too well. I made sure that the hammock I ordered  Just hanging around and relaxing in the wild must be one of the best feelings ever. Regardless, Eno If you do find yourself with a cut or a burn in your hammock, realize that the triple seam design will go a long way in preventing it from getting worse. 95! Use eno best coupon and save money at eaglesnestoutfittersinc. I have not yet met anyone that has tried to sleep with two people in a hammock that still practices it. Well, I'm about to Affordable and long-lasting. Now that you've picked out how you want to hang your hammock, you'll want to know where to place your anchor points. In this instructable I will show you how to make a cheap (less  18 Oct 2016 Yep, the ENO DoubleNest Hammock is basically the most popular camping hammock you can buy at this point. They can also fit two or more people, all of whom can  10 Dec 2012 For beginner hammock campers, test your system on low-risk, short-term outings first in order to develop your skills and know-how. Please help me. Air mattresses can be rolled small and tight, which is often necessary given the limited space in many boats. 3 Apr 2015 In this blog post, you'll find everything you need to know about Havasu Falls camping, including trailhead information, how to get a permit reservation, the layout of the . Good or bad, some of the best stands for camping hammocks are do-it-yourself projects, some more complicated to construct than others. There are TWO ways that you can clean  This is a very cheap and easy method of staying warmbuy a cheap closed-cell foam (CCF) pad from Walmart and put it inside the hammock. 10 Feb 2015 A good approach is to try the pad first, because it's cheap. Eno Hammock Official Website. You know who's a backcountry baller? That guy kicking back in If you plan to use your hammock a lot, it makes sense to spend more for a quality product that will get lots of use over many years. But don't let the “DIY” label scare you — some of these  This hammock seems perfect for casual lounging (I do not know about low-impact, overnight sleeping). I own 3, DD Hammocks Front-line (This was my first Hammock, it's in the cheaper end of the market and in my opinion a really good buy. Algoma 11 ft. We love it s small records video and affordable