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11 Mar 2016 It might be possible you have an earlier quest sitting in your log unfinished. Being in a guild at the endgame doesn't help matters. Follow the clues written on the quests and find the place for reward. I can't play here any more. Auto-attack; Blocking with shields; Parrying; Critical hits; Direct hits. , post your thoughts on the discussion board or read fellow gamers' opinions. You Can't Buy Love (or Command Points)… Sorta Both PvP (“Versus” tab) and PvE (“Story” tab) events in Marvel Puzzle Quest can easily earn you Command Points rapidly. 2 PvP Achievements  12 Feb 2017 MPQ Command Points (CP for short) have quickly gained a reputation as one of the best ways to get 4-star covers, though. Feedback or issues related Those coming in second and third place will also have their names broadcast and receive additional XP buff rewards. I have not had time to figure this out myself yet but I am curious and sitting at work. 24-Man Raids: E. Are you able to keep things to yourself? If you cannot, it is probably best. . A: For those not I abandoned all PvP quests I had and it seems like things are back to normal. I thought I can do But now I have that annoying quest message on the right side of my screen. And the chaperone quest is just annoying. It is recomended to wait until after . Heroic Dungeons (4-6 players): Blackram Supply Chain and Bloodshade Harbor; 4. Really. The dailies have undergone many changes to how they work since the release of the game. You have to join a . im trying to get out of this grind from 50% of 39 to 40 by getting to the next area and start questing again but i have nothing. Comprehensive Strategy Guides For PvP Builds and Gameplay By Experienced Players! If I try to jump to a different area, you'll encounter quests that you can't accept and monsters you can't defeat. Second, they bind to a player's account and scale to the character's level. for your own safety, that you stop reading this right now. Back when I was lvl 10 I went and started the PVP tutorial. 1 Starter Missions; 3. They sit there with all the entitlements in the game and have the arrogance to say we are entitled, lmao , i'm asking for fair, not special treatment, if anything it is pvp players that are entitled little brats, and then they have the nerve to say we don't deserve at least an inferior  Walkthrough[edit | edit source]. Range cannot be reduced below 3 yalms. 1. In the Sparring Lobby, you can either create or join a Sparring Room. 7 Achievements. 1 Pets obtain from questing; 6. 0 replies 0 . Outside of an outpost or town, you can assign any unused points (except during PvP matches), but you cannot lower the rank for any attribute. There are many pvp quests. You have guild missions and  During attacks / heals / blocks you can't use WASD to move (animation lock). you can get killed / attack flagged people at 45 - but you cant activate pvp before being lvl 50  14 Nov 2012 So how the hell do we get those pvp marks to get new gear???? Let me know if you can't find out how to get them when you get to level 60. (Pirates do not have access to GR) 3. These missions should have information which will help you locate where you need to be. Depending on how fast you progress, the middle and left PvP option may be easier than quests. Got as far as the repair siege weapon part, stiff have the repair kits if I recall. e. ( as long as you're half decent at pvp/ or a healer, you can usually max  I've just discovered the quest called [Co-op] Defeat the Weakened Belmorn! which tells me that the PvP feature will be enabled after reaching level 50 and o no you activate the pvp feature with lvl 50. Now they see PVP and boom they gotta try it. You can't just jump in like most games and if you don't know where to look you might miss it. * Every character should do that soon If you are looking for rank ups, just get a friend/guildie to port you to the campaigns you otherwise cannot reach on your own. Now I have been looking for pieces for my alts and I honestly can't remember the last time a pvp world quest that gave gear  winning a rated Arena match or rated Battleground has a chance to award you with an epic 840-880 ilvl piece of PvP gear - PvP World Quests reward you with 805-840 ilvl PvP gear. Grimghast Rift - gives 10 points for completing the second kill quest, can only be done once a day. PvP in war zones - Max of 50 points a day from killing people in war zones, 1-5 leadership per kill. An addition in 7. ) T for enchanting  This guide has a bunch on information about PVP, how to get into Cyrodiil, the mechanics at work in Cyrodiil, campaigns, siege weapons, keeps and more. Player”). If you want to get any old tiers of PvP gear, you'll need to farm  24 Nov 2016 Just wondering why, after all the time and effort it takes to get to level 70 do the devs presume that PvP is a wanted quest in the very first Pathfinder quest? The screenshot below shows that this very first pathfinder quest you get, has defaults to the inclusion of PvP quests. Glaiveheart :: Warrior || Areyk :: Cleric || <Wasted Talent> || Deepwood || Likes Received (1,200) Also: Kyerashield :: Warrior || Keirsti :: Rogue || Jariale :: Cleric  Completion of quest D18 will award a Headquarters Personnel, which upon use allows you to have 1 additional quest activated at the same time. The game I wasn't getting many rewards for my PvP efforts, either, so it's not a viable path for leveling. Not so many before lvl 40, but after they start to add up, quests that should be there aren't, quests that require a higher level than they should(ex: Azh. 0 replies 0  It looks like the makers of this game wanted to make these pvp quests zone specific since there are 5 of them, but they failed to realize not all maps are zone specific (for example you cannot get the D-Water pvp quest when you are level 70+ since the 2 item converting quest NPC's don't show up. Quest Details. the chance of getting an 840 ilvl piece of PvP gear from World Quests increases with your honor level! - PvE World Quests  Kongregate [King's Bounty: Legions] PvP Quests, Can't get a win. BUILD your own dungeon and earn great rewards by defeating your rivals in PvP; GUILDS provide unique PvP awards and let you chat with Guild mates; DAILY EVENTS include new Quests, Rewards, Challenges, and Creatures; GREAT for new or experienced players; for minutes or for hours; for fun or competitively. Just stick with it and don't get discouraged if you don't instantly find your  28 Nov 2014 These daily quests come three ways: 800 AC for a solo quest, 1000 AC for group and PvP quests. I am a PvE player. I suck with  2 Sep 2016 FWIW, gear reward ilvl from PvP world quest increase based on Honor level. While you will earn Quest XP every time you complete the quest, you only get the extra Completion XP reward for the Quest Hub once. As you examine it, it will start the quest called A Call For Aid. 15 May 2014 The intention of this thread is to provide a guide to how the PvP Festival and PvP Daily quest systems function and how they can be accessed. Posted 24 June 2016 - 08:31 AM. Aaaaaanyways… Like I was saying, there is so much stuff that Cyrodiil has to offer and it's all super cool. To see the epic shirts go to I liked this move because it locates most soul quests, vendors, and angles together. Exchange exclusive PVP Daily limit to obtain Battle Token is 300, weekly limit is 1000. Once you get to Hard and Lunatic level missions that are for level 30-40, they cost anywhere from 18-23 Stamina each, meaning you can't do  First, they must be purchased with honor points rather than obtained through quests or dungeons. You can You can't attack players with level lower than 35/40. Following the design of  12 Feb 2013 Contents. Note: For the quest to count, you must do the 3 PVP wins first, once that is complete, then do the mentioned World 2 areas. Before you start your quest to get the Rat King exotic sidearm in Destiny 2, you'll need to handle some basic requirements. 2 Gree Reputation Vendor. Return to me once that have won ten 1v1 PvP battles and I will award you with a 1v1 PvP Trophy which you can use to buy 1v1 PvP items! + When  I suck at pvp but i still loved playing it. 4 Cataclysm and 7. Once you have completed the quest, you'll be given a Distilled Titan Essence, which can be consumed to upgrade a Legion  9 Feb 2017 The only way to train your heroes is to either play PvP, which only gives you three free matches a day, or to play missions that are around the level of your characters. Low level  7 Jan 2018 If you kill Leonhard before you have killed the Darkwraith locked in the Undead Settlement, the Red Eye Orb will be replaced wih a Pale Tongue. Card – Accessory. Each day, three PvP tower world quests will be up, with one in Val'Sharah, Highmountain and Stormheim. Great. Since each mount is given out for only one Arena season, Arena mounts are effectively pre-retired -- by the time they are in the game, you can't get one. While inside the  1 Feb 2017 Q: I can't seem to get my quests to appear in the tracker automatically. I rarely PVP and definitely don't arena, so these quests are most likely never going to get completed. This one will lead  11 Jan 2017 Nighthold Raid Bosses - Rewards 3-5 Essences per boss; Weekly Mythic Keystone Cache - Rewards 15 Essences; Emissary Bags - Rewards 2-5 Essences; PvP Weekly Quests. The quest must be completed in the opposite faction's area to get the full benefit of double honor points. Equip Bonus: – Extra damage to demi-human +3%. The tower quests  Rotating Weekly PvP quests Edit. If you PvP before 20, enough to get at least a thousand commendations, get pvp gear from the fleet, its that good. Same if  Arena. Im just bad with auto rifles and hand cannons. Fleet and Nightshade Harbor; 3. Hunt for treasure and rare monsters in Nagrand: Nagrand is full of hidden treasures and some rare elites that can't be soloed (say hi to  That seemed That should get me to Friendly, and once Friendly and 64 you can get a quest introducing you to the Kurenai in Nagrand. 3 Rewards; 4 Notes Complete any 3 PvE, WvW, or PvP Daily Achievements. It a 12 Jan 2012 Take a look at your Mission journal (this defaults to the 'J' key) which may contain in-progress missions which you started but have not finished. Then go to giant's skull in pvp. Consequently, you also cannot gain your rank from Sparring matches. You will be flagged for PvP, and there is no way around this if you want the class mount. There are  22 Aug 2016 Getting to 2 is trivial — you show up, do the tutorial quest, and you reach Rank 2 along with getting 2 skill points. These quests are repeatable as well! If you are  12 Jun 2017 This quest does not have personal spawns, which means you may have to wait for respawns if a fellow Rogue gets to the mark first. Don't be afraid of PvP  18 Jul 2014 One of the main features of Destiny is the player vs player combat. Cannot be trade  6 Jun 2016 The entrance to the crypt is in a PvP zone. 3. After so many Blue  So if hypothetically someone were to make a fully scrolled lv 60 character with a lv 100 mount, they'd still need to get their target from a quest and correct me if I'm wrong but I think the targets can only be 60 and up? If you're under 60 you can't be the target of a pvp quest. You will use this often. The least you'll be able to earn, assuming you login each day, is 5600. 14. I farmed up a whole set from them in the first few weeks and it was relatively easy. If you can, then we have to let you into a secret. Anyone got same problem?? 7 Oct 2017 Can't believe that arrogance. You'll also get all of the honor The “first of the day” bonus only applies once – you can't double dip by doing a random battleground, then do an arena skirmish. Mistrunnerx. Now its just depressing. Then you will either reel in an empty line or something you don't want, curse, and cast it again, about 1,000 times or so, until you get Old Crafty or Old  18 Feb 2017 I played for the first time, being no newbie at these games figured out I need to get those pvp quests for gold (it was episodic, so money was even more important) and proceeded to I can't imagine a eurogamer saw a game with this many minis and dice and thought "wow, this totally suits our playing style! 6 May 2016 Now, this is a natural part of open PvP games, but the core issue is that the heavy reliance on grinding almost forces guilds to contest popular grind spots in a way that begins to feel unnatural. You will see a special icon in your battle  13 Aug 2017 My dragoon valor quest gone then update. Now the Either way, to get non-PvP epics you must have legendary crafting for your class. 1 PvE daily achievements; 2. I cant see anywhere. For each Desert Wolf Baby Card. Player Versus Player (Commonly read as PvP) duties are events where players are not all fighting on the same side. 1, these were hidden quests in the quest log  LocationYou can't get there from here. So should a Quest SPO are have it's F. To allocate XP more fairly for completed group quests, Sheldon introduced a gamified “Peer Review” process in which guild members voted on how much XP each member should receive based on degree of contribution. -Year 3  So when 7. Note: This quest can only be done once a day. -Less than 10% of players did the First Curse quest legit -Less than 1% have done the Chaperone quest as intended -Year 1 thorn was probably close to about 30%, but because Bungie Auto-completed bounties going into Year 2, those that couldn't finish the Crucible part, got a Thorn anyway. When the quest is completed, players will be given a specific costume that represents their faction. 21 Dec 2008 The Wintergrasp dailies are also an excellent source of Honor and some can be done without actually doing any PvP whatsoever, which is a strange new trend in Wrath of the Lich King, Alliance players get this quest from the Tactical Officer Abrahmis, while Horde players get it from Tactical Officer Kilrath. There are no duels in the game and if you wish to fight  *Updated for Legion! Gearing For PvP In World of Warcraft. 2 Gray Secant Missions. I 13 Nov 2016 3 weekly rated PVP quests are automatically being put in the quest log and can't be abandoned. Find out where you need to go and how to unlock PvP in Destiny here! You're not "about to have fun", you're potentially "about to earn more grind". Hidden in Borealis is an underground bar, it is in the bottom of a shop selling antiques. You now can't complete a quest line or achievement without having to do dungeons, mythics, raids and PvP battlegrounds - let alone needing to be in a group/raid/guild to get it done! Most of the rewards are not even worth the time to collect and put up with the time to find/create a group to complete. Structured PvP is now a reality with TERA's battlegrounds! Seize field Players receive a quest to enter the Kumasylum battleground at levels 31, 41, and 51, and level 60 players receive a daily quest to participate. Q. * After the quest  21 Nov 2017 Getting Started. i have a ranger that is level 38 and im grinding to get to 39 now to pick  19 Sep 2017 HOW TO GET THE RAT KING EXOTIC IN DESTINY 2. 19 Sep 2014 Oh, but you can't queue up for a specific encounter on a small scale objective based level (I'm looking at you Brian Wheeler). Misty Woods World PvP; 2. I do not enjoy PvP and, when I must do it, I prefer to have to do as little of it as possible in order to get the rewards being dangl… I am a little surprised that the combination of: Can't pick quest, can't delete quest, maximum number available and never times out. 3 WvW daily achievements. PvP (player vs. Defeat 10 foes in single combat. I created a ticket and the response is as follows: Prior to Patch 7. Only one of these quests is available per week; even though they come from different quest NPCs, you cannot have more than one of these quests at a time. These items come with experience-boosts and other perks that make them ideal for leveling. npc or quest list. The crucible questline and the chaperone first part are the worst. You can find more retired mounts on the Retired Mounts page. The amount of marks and Exp received varies, with winners getting more, and the losing team only receiving 10 of each. player) quests are special quests taking place over several days that pit players directly against one another in the Environment battles, and whilst they are extremely valuable in other areas of the game, players will be unable to earn PvP points from these battles. combinations have 9 attributes. There is no walkthrough for this quest yet. Reward: Huge Bag of . However, you cannot get honor points from killing players that are lower level than you, and players that have 0 honor points. 1 added new PvP mounts that can be obtained through 100% PvE means. other zones. 19 Mar 2017 However you can get the first PvP artifact appearance within 2½ months of just doing the tower world quests every day. This design Right now, all players have to do is slaughter a lot of enemies and pick up whatever they drop. The Free For All, More For Me achievement was added in Patch 7. A rank at the boss nodes. Before you can unlock the Rat King quest,  A list of which missions are dark and which are light can be found here [Meltdown]. 5 Legion Private Server Emerald Nightmare,Order Hall,Artifact Weapons,Rated Battleground,Archaeology,Dragon Soul,Firelands,Armory join now! 17 Mar 2016 However, there are also NPC factions in the game with their own specific faction costumes that also open up PvP. The skills itself can move where you're aiming H for Vanguard quests (accessed after level 13 and used to get extra rewards for pvp activity/dungeons/open world monster hunts etc. The one that made me post this is the start quest for Timbermaw Rep, Timbermaw Ally given by Graze at the start of Felwood just cant be picked, no quest  14 Jan 2018 13 Fighters Guild Bounty Quests; 14 PvP Quests. The place may be in anywhere in the whole server. I'll try to  Elder Scrolls Online does not force you to fight against others and you will not have to visit Ctrodiil in your quests. I know there is some code that changes Questie internal strings for dungeon quests and PVP quests, maybe that is causing this. Leonhard to appear in her chamber 5) Go back to Firelink and realize Leonhard isn't there either, so you can't fix the quest They also competed with other guilds in “PvP” quests (i. The one directly before the level 52 skill quest is "Strangers in a Strange Land": 11 Dec 2017 I believe there were not supposed to be any impossible tasks in the newly released Daily Challenges?! However, we have spent some time making sure 25 Feb 2016 Getting Gear: Gems, Weapons, Accessories, and Upgrades; Soul Shields; Daily Quests: Your Primary Source of Income and Soulstones. - There is a daily limit . These are based around old Warden towers which the opposing faction has taken over - you have to defeat the Captain at the top of the tower and a number of NPCs. As part If you decide to get involved in PvP, all you need to do to join the battle is click the button found inside your passport. At Level 16, players have to complete special quests to join their faction of choice. black desert online on a boat. Hey guys, Changed my home campaign about 3 campaign resets ago, I don't have a guest campaign, and I still haven't got any Cyrodiil quests. i don't want to be forced to to them to get my quests. Is not working, says I don't have a daily quest despite his arena quest, that I can't even do with any character, still on my screen. So if the gear is based on ilvl its YET ANOTHER thing you get punished for if you level your prestige. Nobody can attack you outside of Cyrodiil. Didn't take me long to figure out but it seems like no one  8 Aug 2017 The maximum is a total of 200 after reaching level 20 and completing both of the quests that reward 15 attribute points each. There's an unfortunate possibility that you may die from other players who might be  Examples: 3 Jul 2016 Legion Brings Unified Reset Timers. I've no desire to pvp in any mmorpg so it's kind of annoying to have some useless clutter on the ui prompting you to do so. So that gets rid of the whole lv 60  Patch 7. You can only do one each day. 20 Jul 2017 Although now that we cannot use shirts in PVP Arena, fewer people care about getting one. 1. There are always keeps that  There is a special quest which will allow your character to fight against other players from 35th level. there is a ton of PvP transmog I haven't 1 Aug 2016 That quest in Nagrand where That quest in Nagrand where you aid the little gob Why can't we see the reason why we are kicked from. 1 General Achievements; 7. Currently there is no more 'PvP gear', it's all just gear now. Also give Only honor level 6. When playing Huttball, you can throw it. The following are unavailable in PvP duties. Didn't catch anyone's  5 days ago 2. And to top it off, now,  Is there a way to hide the daily duel quest? Abandoning it only put it back on the quest tracker as "Click here to read the message". This is a Story Line Quest Place and once inside you are put in SPO. The full history is  25 Sep 2016 Get at least 25 giant's coin by killing mobs in pvp. Both tier 14 PvP sets are crafted—you can't buy them from a merchant and they won't drop off any boss. dont bother with pvp quests with low reward. Each room can have a maximum of  23 May 2013 Hawkman is asking me to run Batcave in 2v2 Legends but Batcave is a 1v1 now what do I do will the quest complete if I que the 1v1 or is the Inner Batcave 20 Nov 2016 If you have a faster guild, you should also have this just from opening the 670 glory keys plus the 360 glory you get from the red task. Best Elder Scrolls Online Guides for PvP Are Listed At ESO Universe. This feels like a huge kick in the nuts. 20 Jul 2017 Join PVP and complete killing, assist and obtain victory to get item – Battle Token[斗士的硬币]. PVP. Conquer Online is a popular free to play PVP MMORPG online game with epic classes especially new class Pirate and Ninja, thousands of Quests and the global community of millions players! I've reached level 70 and have prepared the required item, but I can't get promoted in the Job Center, why? 12 Nov 2016 “Jolly Holiday” starts you off on a Tex Mechanica competition to score The Chaperone, an Exotic Shotgun that fires slug rounds as opposed to the usual buckshot. In order to participate in PvP, you must first complete one of the following quests associated with your Grand Company: Spell casting cannot be interrupted by taking damage. 7. 2 PvP daily achievements; 2. 2 is the  24 Dec 2013 Upon reaching level 30, a player can receive a quest from their Grand Company that allows them to access The Wolves Den PVP arena. 2013 , 09:25 AM. PvP is not an obligation and you can enjoy PvE content in other provinces without necessity to protect yourself. 04. I'm finding it difficult in BGs and general world PvP because of resilience rating, but the only way I can get resilience gear is via PvP it seems like such a tough learning curve. You can see a sign written nether shop. While we haven't gotten around to doing a full review of this gun yet, this quick guide will get you on the road to having a Chaperone of your very  I mean if you have 3 party members and you complete a quest every member get the rewards, and add in requeriments party members minimum for quest if you put 2 you need another user for take that mission you know what i mean? and an option for party members pvp on/off Please? awsome resource  25 Aug 2017 Matches in the Sparring Lobby have no effect on your Rank, Rank Points (RP), and neither award nor subtract Arena Points (AP). When you go to pick up the new PVP quests you get a warning that you will be flagged while they are active. 4 World Bosses; 5 Lore Objects/Codex Entries; 6 Rewards. Generally these are competitive events where the goal is for a player or team of players to get kills, complete an objective, or do something else before the opposing players accomplish the same goal. Wow! I never had an açaí or pitaya bowl but this place did justice for a first time experience. The system has changed so many times, and Legion brings yet another change. I cant play the way i like. Well, I've gone pretty far in game so I can make almost any item I want, I'd like you to show me a good build (for wizard) with which I can kill anyone in just a few shots, I can't get out of Mythic division. New Episode Don't forget the PvP options through the PvP Queue. from Official. Mistrunnerx's Avatar. 2 hit these world quests came up every 2 or 3 days and would have gladiator level gear. The quests can be completed while a member of a raid group, and all members of the raid can loot the quest item off of a single body. GoodGuy 2017-06-05 18:18:49 UTC #3. A. Don't believe us? Then you had best go  18 Nov 2014 100 world PvP battle for the island. Difficulty (and its bonuses) do not apply to ranked PvP. Note: Arena mounts are rewarded to top-ranking Arena teams at the end of each Arena season. What happens? Nobody wants to fight because it just means mmoooorreee grrriiinnnnnddd edit: man I can't believe this game  30 Nov 2010 You cast a line and can't go do something more interesting, because the moment you hear a splash, you must click on the bobber or you will lose the fish. 30 Sep 2015 2. Victory Most Honorable. You have to do it for every alt all over again. Starting PvP for the first time can be a little daunting. 1 How do I get there? 2 Gaining Reputation; 3 Missions. Kongregate Cosmos Quest, post your thoughts on the discussion board or read fellow gamers' opinions. It's you to While you have this mode activated you are free to attack any other player if this player is allowed to participate in PvP (40th/35th level). You can't start one quest in the chain before you've finished the other so make you've wrapped with the previous quests first. Have you done the intro to pvp quest from the terminal near elevator to the starter planet shuttles? Until you redo this quest, you cannot get the pvp quests from the pvp terminal. i may be mistaken but isnt the quest to move to Cloying Wastes lvl 39? if so why cant i move there on my wizard. It alllllllllllllll comes back to how much grind you'll have to do to get back where you were before PvP. , “Player vs. In BGs I can't do any damage to my opponents because their resilience is so high, and they slaughter me crit after crit. Right click to trade pvp quests. 8 Sep 2014 To join the Riktus clan, you must be level 38 or higher and begin the quest to become a Guard. You can't simply walk to Cyrodiil though, even though it borders a zone from each Alliance. 11. If you want to make that final thing happen, you'll have to escape back to a  Quest Location: DoomWood Arena Quests Begun From: Dumoose. (As of May 18, 2015, this . The most you should count on in a week is 7000, assuming you get a group quest each day. I send ticket but evertyone know my. As you go down the long palace stairs, just continue forward and you'll get to this note. 1 Battle . 6. Unfortunately, F2P accounts cannot get the full benefit of  Pirates can build housing anywhere in the world, however remember that you will be attackable, and will be unable to attack back unless it is a PvP zone on any There are many community service quests that you can do to lower your infamy, and you will have to get it down to zero before you can rejoin your main faction. Now my twitch streamers that i'm subbed to for twitch rewards aren't getting their twitch quests done because they are doing PVP, so I can't get my subscriber quests. Players can PvP in towns and fields. no way to fıx it . . 3. From there, you'll unlock the starting quest for the Rat King and its subsequent quests. Does this mean that you are flagged until they are  Everything about World Quests in Legion: how to unlock them, the different types, rewards including scaling items, emissaries, and reputation benefits. FK and  30 May 2017 Step 2: If you have the quest completed, you now need to find a note called Adventurers Wanted, located at the temple in front of the palace. To get the other five, you must group up with other players and ask them to share the quest. bgswhatevernow itsjust missed up can't get a normal routine in now. 9 Nov 2017 There will be no questing with PVP on to get the rewards, then finding out the painful way that means you're open to being ganked, and then switching to PVE to continue questing without fear of another player sneaking up on you. If you attack a player who does not have PvP activated, you cannot gain any Merit. com support. 18 Jul 2017 How the “rootless white males” of World of Warcraft once inspired the White House chief  Monster is the World Largest and most Working 4. Raise your reputation with the islands' factions and collect "Artifact Fragments" so you can buy all the PvP gear with an item level of 660. can't say i'm surprised. You can help Neverwinter Wiki by writing one. Now my friend group is split. Well the common theme I  I am absolutely not interested in creating 28 pvp char only for doing daily quests