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Does High quality streaming on spotify make a difference

28 Oct 2014 Streaming music is great, but quality has never been the primary concern for Spotify, Google and the others, but Tidal hopes to change that with CD quality streaming. On mobile, songs automatically play at a lower bitrate of 96 kbps to  17 Jan 2018 In this Apple Music vs. As we said before, Spotify offers three different levels of streaming quality: Normal, High, and Extreme, at 96kbps, 160kbps, and 320kbps, respectively, while Apple Music is streamed at 256 kbps in  3 Apr 2015 - 3 min - Uploaded by Complex NewsWhat actually happened is, Jay Z introduced a new artist-owned streaming music service to the How much of a difference does it make? Audio streaming quality is measured by bitrate (in kilobits per second, or kbps). Given that most people are on the free Spotify tier, YouTube is actually higher sound quality in HD. The company's explanation video is pretty good demonstrating the differences. Should there be an immediate change in the streaming quality, or do I have to wait for  Both of them use external DACs as I do, and, while it is indeed very difficult to identify different sampling rates "by ear", specially from streaming audio, any good DAC will reveal inmediately other problems in sound quality, not related to the bitrate. The steps Spotify has made 3 different bit levels available for the users to enhance their music listening experience. It was so annoying that I eventually gave  6 Dec 2017 Tidal is a superb music streaming service, ideal for anyone with a penchant for hi-fidelity audio. We wanted to find out:  21 Mar 2017 Chances are you've signed up to at least one streaming service—but are you making the most of the best-quality music on offer? Once you've decided how high the fidelity of your music should be, go inside Spotify's mobile apps, tap Your Library, then the settings cog icon—on iOS you need to tap  Streams are in OGG (Ogg Vorbis) at 96 kbps on mobile, 160 kbps for so-called "High" quality on mobile and 320 kbps on mobile and computers for Premium subscribers. Go to “Streaming Quality,” and  20 Nov 2017 For right now, the juggernauts in on-demand music streaming are Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play Music. 14 Dec 2016 After weeks of listening very closely to a bunch of different tracks, here are some tips for making the most of Spotify, both on your desktop and on your phone. Spotify is an online music service giving users the ability to stream music on demand to Sonos using Spotify's unique technology. 31 Oct 2017 So if you are looking for a streaming music program, you want to make sure that you choose one that offers the quality you need. 4 Jan 2018 You should know different bitrate will make a difference in sound quality. 99, which includes everything in the standard (“Premium”) subscription, but streams at CD-quality, “lossless compression”—that's as high-quality as your music is going to get. It provides DRM–protected content from record labels and media companies. If we compare the same in Spotify, it does  Spotify is one of many popular music streaming services available, and its massive library contains a majority of the music that you'll most likely be looking for. 4Mbps. YouTube has always been a go-to, but it can be tiresome I find myself using both streaming services for different reasons. spacious, to my aging ears, whether streamed or listened to on the device. 4 Dec 2017 “Apple Music controls the audio quality that is served to the masses and chooses to not make high quality available, reducing audio quality to between 5 percent and 20 percent of the master I Apple Music and streaming leader Spotify cater to the growing number of people consuming tracks on demand. Swift  1 Apr 2016 Spotify's premium service offers songs encoded using the Ogg Vorbis compression format at 320kps, theoretically offering higher sound quality due to the higher bitrate and less compression. Digital downloads, which we make available through our own website at a very high quality  12 Nov 2015 Unlike Spotify, YouTube Red has hundreds of millions of songs, but no curator. There are a few things to note about music streaming services: they are all different (some sites simply have higher  30 Mar 2016 Streaming services like Tidal really stepped up the quality game, and I am seeing increasingly more people investing in higher quality gear and paying . Sure, Apple Music isn't perfect. I notice a difference, or thought I did, with Spotify when it made the step up. In my previous post, I said that Spotify sounded compressed to me, and I was  16 Jun 2015 The "normal" default Spotify streaming quality on your computer is 160 kbps (kilobits per second), with each "bit" essentially being a "piece" of the song. And because you're streaming smaller music files, it's also a good way to help  22 Jul 2017 Did you know you can use your mobile device as a remote to control your Spotify tunes on a nearby computer, music system, or Smart TV? Since Spotify allows you to quickly in the same Settings area. Since the mid-twentieth century, there has been an ebb and flow of music sources, with . So for now I'll  Why listen to Hi-Res Audio over CDs and MP3s? Change your music experience — hear the difference in sound quality. After you make the switch, notice how much better the song sounds — especially the cymbals, which are usually the surest indicator of the degree to  Pandora is a way for users to discover new music that matches their tastes, while Spotify—even though it offers radio stations, too—is better suited to stream and share music that users already know and love. On desktop, you'll need to  13 Sep 2016 Then there's Tidal's “HiFi” subscription for $19. 30 Jun 2015 Apple confirms Apple Music will stream songs at 256kbps AAC. If none of the latter could break through, what chance does a video-first company have in the streaming music world? More accurately . So unless compressed audio makes your ears hurl themselves out of the window (in which case, sign up to Tidal), we reckon, by a whisker, Spotify's the best streaming music giant around right  5 Aug 2016 A big factor in choosing a service is sound quality. Those recommendations are for mobile. I outgrew Pandora since I did not always appreciate music similar to my tastes, but wanted to listen to specific songs. Rather, the streaming company is testing  3 Mar 2014 Because the numbers are so different it is safe to assume to that these apps all apply their own degree of compression to the music before streaming it. 30 Jun 2014 Dear Lifehacker, You guys often talk about headphones, and some of them are really expensive—like $200 or more. Yes (as Louis Armstrong said) if it sounds good, it is good! 12 Feb 2012 Will most users even be able to tell the difference? access the desktop app's "High Quality" 320 kbps streaming. 20 Nov 2017 Like Napster, Spotify makes its speed recommendations based on three different tiers of quality. The choices are Normal at 96Kbits/sec, High at  8 Feb 2011 What's a music fan to do? You can try this right now, in the video above for Mogwai's “San Pedro” (or any video that was uploaded at a high quality). The bigger streaming services aren't backing 'hi-fi' quality just yet, although Spotify is rumoured to have a high-bitrate offering in the pipeline. 99 Many listeners cannot hear the difference between uncompressed audio files and MP3s, but when it comes to audio quality, the size of the file isn't  13 Sep 2016 Then there's Tidal's “HiFi” subscription for $19. 23 Jan 2018 For instance, it lets you choose your streaming quality over Wi-Fi and Mobile network — Low, Normal, High or Always High. This announcement comes shortly after the release of Deezer's regular streaming service directly  19 Aug 2016 The biggest difference is Pandora:One streams at 192kbps while Spotify Premium streams at 320kbps. High-resolution audio aims to give you CD-like,  We compare the two most popular music streaming services; Spotify and Apple Music, to see which one hits the right notes with our speakers, is good value We compared Spotify's highest 'extreme' quality setting to a lossless service and discovered that while we could hear a difference between the two, it won't make a  19 Jun 2017 TIDAL Premium includes “high quality” at AAC 320 kbps. High quality setting on desktop. Although lossless files obviously offer better quality, there are some drawbacks. The 'high' quality option sounds better (Don't bother switching to 'low' unless you're feeling nostalgic for the days of finding cruddy MP3s deep inside the  10 Jul 2013 Perry does not license Hyperion records through Spotify, although he has embraced digital technology elsewhere. So in Free model, And it increases the bitrate for some songs. Does it compete with Spotify? I'm not so sure. All you  8 Jan 2018 Unlike most major video streaming services, music streaming services often don't make the exact data requirements for audio playback easily Spotify uses Normal, High, and Extreme to separate bitrate quality, with Normal meaning 96kbps, High equating to 160kbps, and Extreme translating to 320kbps. If you reckon it makes no difference, you can check out the short-film The Distortion of Sound, where  2 Aug 2017 With the free version, you are forced to listen in shuffle mode on your phone, which makes Spotify feel no different than Pandora, where you can choose Spotify Premium adds Extreme quality streaming at 320 Kbps, which can make for better, more detailed audio output if you use high-end headphones or  If you have a premium Spotify account, a single preference change and headphone amp/DAC such as Apogee Groove will give you the best streaming sound Combined with high resolution streaming from Spotify Premium, you'll be amazed by the difference in sound quality – the precise stereo image, punchy bass and  Maybe 1% but Spotify against CD was much much higher. I can listen to music in a lossless format. . So just pay $9. 25 May 2017 The amount of data you use while listening is directly linked to the quality of the stream -- i. 21 Jun 2017 While I have apps for Spotify, Apple Radio, iHeartRadio, and Amazon Music on my iPhone, the Pandora app is usually the first one I launch when I want removes the advertising you get with the free service, gives you unlimited skips, lets you repeat songs, and provides a higher-quality feed through the  1 Jul 2015 Much has been made about how Apple Music is poised to revolutionise the streaming industry, particularly when it comes to Spotify - the Swedish service £9. Changing this setting from Automatic (96/160kbps) to  At their amusingly named 'normal' settings, Spotify and Tidal are a bit rubbish, spitting out 96 kbps that's only good for mobile. Though the HiFi option should in theory create a better listening experience, many critics wonder just how many people can tell the difference between  320Kbps (this requires Spotify Premium). 23 Jun 2014 Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services out there, but most of us aren't using it to its full potential. Do you? My Spotify on my work desktop always sounded awful because I was using so much bandwidth doing my actual job, and the quality of the stream 8 Dec 2014 Her . 2 Apr 2015 Still, I see hope for the 10-buck standard quality other option if Tidal delivers enough artist exclusives and superior curation. AirPlay became frustrating, though. (That  16 Jan 2018 Wondering whether you should pay for Spotify Premium or stick to Spotify Free? Check the 6 differences between Spotify Free and Spotify Premium and make the decision later. While you're here, make sure the “High quality streaming” tab is selected (Premium subscribers only). Spotify will also  1 Aug 2017 Read on to find outand the next time you're streaming Spotify, you'll know how much that playlist cost you in data! Normal quality- approximately 96 kbps; High quality- approximately 160 kpbs; Extreme quality- approximately 302 kpbs; Automatic quality- (Spotify's auto-default setting) this option  The Pandora Premium package costs $9. It means you can stream high quality audio without having to worry about your phone or laptop's range to the device, as you might with a purely Bluetooth-driven  1 Jun 2016 Spotify vs SoundCloud, a debate. 4 Jul 2017 The premium subscription comes with ad-free services that include shuffle play, unlimited skips, offline listening and the ability to make playlists. 5 Aug 2017 Yes, absolutely. If you pay the monthly fee for Spotify Premium, you'll get  The difference is obvious to me between normal and high quality streaming or, say, Rdio and Deezer/Spotify HQ, but Spotify and Deezer in high quality So it makes me wonder, does the music I used for the tests sound equally bad in 128kbps and 320kbps or do both companies get 128kbps encoded  19 Jan 2018 In the last few years, hi-res audio has slowly but surely hit the mainstream, thanks to the release of more products, streaming services and even hi-res audio, what do all the different file formats and numbers mean, where can you get these high quality files, and what devices do you need to play it? Where  6 Oct 2017 If you've ever listened to a CD recording of your favourite album next to a stream from Spotify, you may well notice a difference. I have a pair of $20 headphones that I love, and I've always wondered: are those high end ones really worth it? What's so special about expensive headphones that makes them better? 1 Jul 2016 Audiophiles will want to subscribe to Spotify for its higher-quality streaming options. First, most people can't tell the difference between a lossless file and a high quality lossy one. ” The studio master is something Young and his Pono player and music service has embraced  18 Oct 2016 Keep in mind that if you are connecting to Spotify via a cellular network (rather than your Home's Wi-Fi connection for example), then choosing a higher stream quality could potentially cost you a lot more because of the increased data usage. 3 Jun 2015 In addition to a standard streaming service for $9. After the three-month  31 Aug 2017 The exact quality of Deezer HiFi streams are set at a 5x the bitrate at 1,411 kbps, and for audiophiles, this makes a big difference compared to what regular plans through Spotify, Pandora, and the rest offer. 19 Jul 2016 Spotify Streaming I use Spotify's high quality streaming to get access to a huge catalogue of great sounding music. High-fidelity or lossless audio has a significantly higher bitrate of 1,411 kbps. As it stands, there's not that much to choose between iTunes downloads and Spotify streams in terms of quality. e. Your equipment isn't good enough. Paid subscribers also have a “high quality” option of 320 kbps audio on desktop. With the option turned off, Spotify streams music at around 160 Kbps, which is perfectly ideal for everyday listening. These music streaming qualities are also available in the free version. Spotify is a freemium service; basic features are free with advertisements or limitations, while additional features, such as improved streaming quality and music downloads, are offered  It is well-know that Spotify makes its revenues by selling premium streaming subscriptions to users and advertising placements to third parties. It is also To do so, you can get help from iMusic. 17 Nov 2015 When it came to following up its popular and cheap media streaming USB stick, the Chromecast, few expected Google to do what it did. When I go to the preferences panel and toggle the "High quality streaming" button on and off, I can't hear any difference at all in the sound quality. 12 Oct 2015 But then there is the High Dynamic Range setting in the Chromecast Audio's settings. This is This is why Spotify as multi-levels of membership options and is available on a very of different platforms. So the test Here is what I  I'm using a desktop PC and have done many site by side comparisons with Google Play and Spotify. 99 per month. These little known tips can help you use Spotify more efficiently and make you a digital music master. It's a great place to find favorite artists, create and share playlists, and enjoy exclusive live sessions. “Physical sales are down 25% on last year, so we have to find other ways of generating income. Spotify offers users free streaming at 320kbps, which is awesome, as well as an  21 Aug 2014 Is CD hi-res? Perhaps a high-quality MP3? Or does it have to be 24-bit music? For us, hi-res music is the 24-bit studio master - the original recording the artist made, from which all other files and formats are made. In lay terms Thats exactly what I did this morning (delete and re-download), made sure my phone was on the highest quality of streaming and still, it doesnt hold a candle to Spotify. For Normal quality, you need about 96 Kbps; for High quality, you need about 160 kbps; and for Extreme quality, you need about 320 kbps. Today I did more testing at another location with a different computer, 500Mb internet connection and experienced the same results. I still noticed differences in sound quality though. A more notable example comes in the form of pop high-priestess Taylor Swift. Spotify sounds considerably higher quality. However, at 160 kbps in the Ogg format Spotify's free version offers a higher quality sound than Pandora does. Spotify uses three different quality settings for streaming, all in the Ogg Vorbis format. Spotify Premium  Before we discuss the sound quality on offer from Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play and Tidal, I'll provide some important background information: The key way to define the sound quality provided via streaming music apps is to compare the supported bitrate, which is measured in Kbps  31 Mar 2015 And actually, if you really do prefer the higher quality in an A/B test and want to spend another ten bucks or ten Euros for it, great! But if anything, what my “Hifi” experiments taught me was that 320 kbps AAC was what I should demand, because it sounds close enough to lossless as to make no difference. If you have Spotify Premium, you'll see Streaming with Download underneath it. The G3 is a good choice for a service like Tidal, as it can support even higher bitrates than used here, and makes a point of doing so well. I do almost all my listening via Google Play Music** (320 kbps), using the same audio/monitoring I use for recording/production. It usually sounds fine, and lets you enjoy the song with decent sound. It's not lossless audio, but even with compression, 320  21 Jan 2018 But Apple Music and Spotify both use high-enough-quality compression that it's still pleasant. If you have a free account, select the "High" option in the Streaming section to ensure that all music streams at 160 Kbps. when in reality it was uploaded by a teenager from Uruguay to Soundcloud in 96kbps your comment simply does not make any sense what so ever. As it was already clear to me that hardware makes no real difference todays in such price class, except speakers itself have much more influence but they were not changed. Is the sound quality  10 Apr 2016 (I've also compared the same service on different devices. Together . Of course, new . Spotify. By default, the option to listen at higher quality is turned off to make songs stream to you more quickly and to save on resources. The only thing left could be hidden Equalizer settings. The tier is said to be priced at $10 more than Spotify's standard offering, meaning it will come in at $20 per month. Twitter user Cody Kloepfer was given a similar in-app offer but for a different price: an additional US$5/month. But whatever your opinion on that, Tidal as a CD-quality alternative to Spotify and a high-quality rival to Deezer Elite remains a compelling proposition and one thoroughly worthy of your consideration. Spotify classifies Normal Quality as 96 Kbps, High Quality as 160 Kbps, and Extreme as 320 Kbps. If you are This, along with checking the box for enabling high quality audio, were actually things I did immediately after signing up. To do this on iOS: Go to Your Library on the far bottom right, and then hit the gear icon on the upper right for settings. Add in the ability to discover new music and the fact that you won't have to rely on friends to give you suggestions anymore, as well its availability on almost all  That was not always the case, but MOG seems to have gone the way of Spotify and made Facebook a requirement. It is developed by startup Spotify AB in Stockholm, Sweden. Date Updated: 09/19/2016; Setting playback quality for Spotify Hello, I wonder if and also how I can set the quality of the playback for Spotify in my Sonos-system? In Spotify-app for  2 Mar 2017 In other words, CD quality streaming for a monthly fee. 7 Aug 2017 This article addresses those questions and it can apply to SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and any other streaming service that uses a lossy audio-based streaming format. Per this report from The Verge, the Spotify Hifi tier doesn't yet appear to be online and functional. Spotify has Here is what Mac users need to do to get high quality Spotify streaming. 31 Dec 2016 Hello, im thinking of buying spotify premium only because of the high quality streaming option but im wondering if it really makes a big difference? 5 Apr 2017 Can you hear the difference? In March, Spotify briefly A/B tested a new lossless audio version of its streaming service. So does Apple Music users. 8 Dec 2017 Spotify's free, ad-supported tier has long provided users with an easy way to access a giant library of streaming music. Would you pay more for  Thankfully there are ways to make your streaming music app of choice sound better. But I can tell you what we heard. There were so many reliability issues with it! I needed to reboot the Airport Express on a pretty regular basis to get audio to stream to it. ) Ultimately, I don't know the reason for Apple's superior audio quality. Spotify uses three different bitrates: the higher the bitrate you select, the better the quality of the songs. Turn it on with a  13 May 2016 So, how does one go about making this distinction between good and bad sound? Well, let's talk a There are many, many different kinds of audio file formats, and surprisingly some of the most familiar ones are actually not the best quality. Streaming speed/audio quality: There are three quality ratings for streamings, all in the Ogg Vorbis format. In these images and reports below, higher numbers mean higher quality so it would appear that Google's Play Music and MOG have the best quality while  16 Jan 2015 When streaming over Wi-Fi, you are probably not worried about the bandwidth used by this streaming service. If you can't hear the difference between say Spotify and Tidal's FLAC streaming you might have either or all of these three problems -- all of which have to do with the dynamics of the music: 1. I just did some comparission between apple music and spotify (extreme quality) streamed to an apple tv and connected to a onkyo tx-sr608 receiver . And yes, the bitrate of Spotify's "High Quality" mode on the desktop doesn't match the bitrate of its "High Quality" mode on its iOS app. These digits are enough to refuse to use the service. Neil Young's still trying to convince people to part with 400 bucks for oddball triangular music player Pono, which he argues will make your ears But do not entirely dismiss compressed lossy audio. 99 per month, Jay Z's TIDAL offers a HiFi option that delivers high-definition audio for $19. This is the amount of audio data transferred per second so, naturally, a higher kbps results in higher quality music reaching your ears every second. , the higher the quality of the stream, the more data you'll use. I hear them. But have a play around, check out their free one month trial and maybe it's the music streaming service for you. 99 Many listeners cannot hear the difference between uncompressed audio files and MP3s, but when it comes to audio quality, the size of the file isn't  2 Jun 2015 Recently, the rapper Jay Z relaunched the subscription streaming music service Tidal, which includes the option to listen to high-definition audio for $19. In particular, a new batch of high-fidelity streaming services, including Tidal and Deezer, are now competing against companies like Spotify, Google, Apple, and Amazon, which offer standard sound quality in their streaming products. 99 a month to become a Premium member, so you can skip through songs, listen offline and play any track in high-quality audio free from adverts. Despite a few hiccups at The main difference between the two services is that Spotify has a free, ad-supported tier (which has earned the ire of many popular artists) whereas Apple Music does not. That's yet  5 Jul 2012 320 Spotify Premium is a much better listen than the 192 version to my ears, I stream using a Squeezebox via Cambrdidge Audio DACmagic into my main system I stream as high quality as possible but I have a really fat pipe. It allows for the highest quality sound output and it really does make a difference. It allows you  18 Jul 2017 If you have Spotify Free, you'll see the Streaming header with a few different options under it. 99 a month for Spotify you can stream at 320kbps “Extreme quality” for better sounding music. 99 per month, the Premium users will enjoy high quality audio without advertisement. When you turn on the "high quality streaming" option, the stream opens up to 320 kbps. To decrease data consumption of Spotify, you can choose to set a higher caching limit. Get the same High 27 Feb 2014 Staffan Albinsson does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organization that would  4 Jul 2017 Why TIDAL? Quality. 99 a month and gives you 'unlimited skips', no ads, higher audio quality and offline listening for all your stations. Hi,. I can hear a difference, and that's all that matters. Luckily, most major services do allow you to toggle between different stream qualities -- differentiated by the rate of kilobits per second (kbps) -- so you  28 Jun 2017 Vinyl Vs CD Vs Streaming: A history of music sources is a history of ever-evolving technology and ever-lasting love of high fidelity sound. You can get enhanced sound quality if you choose the paid plan. The 2010's has seen vinyl, CDs and streaming battle it out for attention. 31 Jul 2017 Audio quality. This is a setting designed for when connected to higher-end HiFi gear and not just some desktop speakers or dock system. 96kbps is the standard bitrate for mobile, which then jumps to 160kbps for desktop and web player 'standard quality' and 'high quality' on mobile. So I thought I'd be interesting to see if the people on the forum can hear the difference between the free 160Kbps, the premium 320Kbps or this new Hi-Fi lossless settings. Spotify-vs-Google-Play-Music (8) Spotify-vs-Google-Play-Music (9). Podcasts  13 Mar 2017 That move, along with its acquisitions of TicketFly and NextBigSound, was made to reposition Pandora in the streaming space, wooing both artists and . How does Apple Music stack up against the competition? know what to listen for when comparing high-quality audio with low-quality audio, or use headphones that simply aren't good enough to render the subtle differences accurately. Remember that increasing the Sync Quality setting will make  18 Aug 2016 And Spotify never wishes to disappoint its users making it a favourable choice in the market. That's because the quality of the recording on the CD is significantly greater than the compressed stream you get from Spotify. Re: Audio Quality - Google  1 Mar 2017 According to a leaked slide obtained by The Verge, Spotify is planning to introduce a more expensive price tier that offers higher quality lossless audio streaming. That's about Music library: When do you need music? Historically If you've got nice headphones or a discerning ear, you might prefer Spotify Premium for its high quality audio option. You can also share your playlists with friends and then import playlists that other people have made and Spotify arguably does this better than anyone else. This means we have the ability to stream higher quality music. Perhaps I've fallen for a digital placebo? I don't think so, but if I have I don't care, it makes me happy and stirs my soul and isn't that what music is about? Since subscribing to TIDAL, I've found a  24 Sep 2017 What does 'CD quality' mean? CDs may seem like The difference that bitrate actually makes to the listener is a matter of debate among audio experts. Perhaps the company will address that in a future update. I am using an iphone  25 May 2015 The iPad, iPhone and iPod offer support for high-quality audio; but you need to have files that support it. Another service, Tidal, offers lossless music format for streaming; songs are encoded using FLAC at 1. Extreme quality setting on mobile. 23 Dec 2014 Spotify Premium users have the option to enable “high-quality streaming” from the Preferences menu on the desktop, which plays songs at a bitrate of 320 kbps rather than the standard rate of 160 kbps — making everything sound better. Spotify doesn't sound good on any of them. Spotify offers users free streaming at 320kbps, which is awesome, as well as an  2 Jun 2015 Recently, the rapper Jay Z relaunched the subscription streaming music service Tidal, which includes the option to listen to high-definition audio for $19. There are no social features beyond playlist sharing. Whether  Many say the 256 AAC is better than the 320 ogg vobis, but each have different advantages . The process is different on the desktop app, the iOS app, and the Android app. Spotify offers the 96kbps option as normal quality on Mobile, but also offers a high-quality 160kbps with the free version of Spotify. When you pay $9. When I want a wide variety of  11 Dec 2017 Pros: With a library of more than 30 million songs and easy access via most digital platforms, Spotify is popular for good reason. I upgraded to the Spotify Premium Account in large part for the improved audio quality. 1 Back then the gear you had component wise really made a difference. I'm a huge audio  3 Nov 2017 What's the difference between downloading and streaming? If you do the majority of listening in the home setting, then streaming music is worry-free thanks to your broadband connection. Spotify showdown, we compare and contrast the services to help you make the best music streaming decision