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Dot Crosshair Size

△▽. Spoiler: Green. cl_crossahairdot — enables a dot in the middle of a crosshair. Isn't the whole point of this, so people don't have to put tape or a dot on their monitor? Seems a bit arbitrary to be  Welcome to CSGOCrosshairs. Hatton; NiP  21 Aug 2017 Tasselled and self-affrighted Tadeas meows quite pauselessly, but Westbrook preamble her csgo change crosshair dot size. Understanding Those Mils. Crosshair. Disable dot: crosshair-lines. So you go to the Preferences menu and choose Display & Cursors, and sure enough, you've got Normal Brush Tip chosen as your  4 Jan 2015 The second method is to simply insert an image file into the hud. 5 Dec 2017 Best Crosshairs for Each Hero. I prefer a circular Under Painting Cursors, select Full Size Brush Tip. 3:27 PM - 30 May 2017. You can also configure an additional view for small brush size, or the display position for reversed cursor (brush size, sight, single pixel dot). . Top  They are perfect for me, the dot is so clear, I can focus so good in the enemys, 45%lg and 60%rg every game, Im so happy I personally prefer 2 pixel thin crosshair without a dot, 4 pixel gap. This is to make shooting feel more realistic. click on the image above to unlock/lock the crosshair. These numbers change the  27 jul 2013 cl_crosshairthickness to the size of the dot. 46 Likes; Asko Väkeväinen dizzy Tyler Rytis Snorlax Rimos   Most of the games type fps does not allow the customization of the crosshair like h1z1 so stop taking model on the game of **** h1z1 Heres a List Butter cup of Top Games that allow Cross hair Customization: Battlefield (Size , Color) which means with Size Option you can make the dot as small as #22 in  25 Sep 2017 Pick whichever is your preference. If you need me for anything (intervening in a thread, asking questions or anything else), then PM me (be descriptive in your PM, message containing only a link to a thread will be ignored). Crosshair Style: 4. Refresh Rate: 144hz. 0 that inherits the default size from cl_crosshair_size, then have it scalable from like 0. The file you create even numbers in length / height (so: 8x8, 16x16, 32x32, 64x64 etc. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tutorial on how to set up your custom crosshair. Style; Color; Crosshair Outline; Center Dot; Crosshair Transparency; Crosshair Size; Crosshair Gap; Crosshair Thickness; T-shaped Crosshair. 1X - 7X)/Medium (approx. 5. I have 2 canvases (one on the left camera, one on the right) each with a dot rendered in the center. Guide to Red Dot Sights: Part 2 of 5 - Learn about Red Tot Reticles and Sizes. If you are fairly experienced with these crosshairs you  9 Feb 2007 oh yeah, who's the man! Small Crosshair; Counter Strike: Source 1. 16 Oct 2017 Crosshair: Shows a precision reticule. which makes no sense. FFP Mil Ext. 3 (64 bit, EAC off) Not compatible with other dll mods (e. Create a new (transparent) file in any of the programs with ANY size as long as: The file you create is a square. 5-15x NXS only). 1. Show accuracy °Off°. They all regulate thickness, size, dot, drawoutline and its thinkness. 5 Milradian @ 15x, 2 Milradian @ 22x . com. First is the target dot reticle installed on target style crosshairs. 1330. va, Genji, Junkrat, Lucio, Pharah, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Torbjorn & Tracer ×. But you also can range at. at r_mode 8 (1280x1024) it makes a perfect balance between size and visibility of the cross, but its really an individual issue, i say you should try size 16 and then 15, 14, 13, 12, below 10 its  Avatar of Oldrid. Reticle type: dot size 8 with opacity 80. backpack expansion). #71. Senast ändrad av vero; 27 jul, 2013 @ 17:03 Configuration Tutorial. But i can only delete the crosshair. Share: Contents: Developer Console; Changing the Crosshair color and Style; Advanced Crosshair Settings. This mod changes the color and/or size of the melee and ranged crosshairs: Blue. 2. this is what i use. This guide is designed to help you make it easier to customize your crosshair for your playstyle. I went ahead and did this as a  I've always wanted the 1337patsui crosshair with the edges trimmed off to make it into a thin, smaller, symmetrical cross. cl_crosshairsize "5"; cl_crosshairthickness "1";  16 Oct 2017 Creating a crosshair from scratch goes by the same method for all 3 programs. Alpha. 6x if you divide the range estimate in half,  I've always used a dot crosshair, and I heared somewhere the cross crosshair that shows accuracy is the best. Cross. In trying to duplicate the actions two things are different. It's more of a personal  EOTech reticle designs incorporate multiple trajectory points of aim, range-assist scales, and anti-torque or cant visual indicators. Dot Opacity °0°. Dynamic. 50 Milradian. Thickness. 4 years ago from Germany. (can be configured in the settings) v1. A crosshair's appearance can be changed by a few commands. LR Dot 8×; LR Dot 16×; LRC 10×; LRC 12×; LRC 16×; LRC 24×; SR Pro; TMX. 6. Usage: -Hunting. Spoiler:. ▽. 010: New reticle-mode: CROSS . If you've an interest in new or alternative crosshairs, this is the place for you! We've currently gathered a total of 90 professional CS:GO players' crosshair settings from 18 different teams and more will be added regularly. Visningar: 2,173,708. I like to set However, if you find yourself suffering from tunnel vision (losing your peripheral vision because of how easy it is to concentrate on the solid dot) I recommend the next option. Dot Reticle. 6, and Team Fortress 2 in a cheat free environment and compete to win cash and prizes. 5 mils. As for your specific issue, setting cl_legacy_crosshair_scale 1 will fix it. Outline. Of course you can set it less or more like "300" will fill your screen. will post this script later on. 12 Apr 2017 Some choose to rely only a single dot. Let me introduce the dot This dot shows exactly where your bullet will land simple effective beautiful in it's own way. The multiplication sizes dont change it for me either. Youtube Link. cl_crosshairdot can be set to "0" or "1" with "1" enabling a dot in the middle of the crosshair. 004: You can now choose your own wish-size for the  Intro. #21. YES the dot can be changed when ur aiming ur weapon. If I type the outside lines change aswell so it does or doesnt. 25 to 2. png Circle Outline: Gives a circular outline approximating the brush size. I can change the brush size with the bracket keys a Villarroel Verified account @rubinoeu 30 May 2017. Cursor. Size. Often referred to as a floating dot reticle. I'm saying it changes both the dot and crosshair lines. The second style dot reticle, having medium to larger size dots, would be. The command you use to change the size of your crosshair is cl_crosshairsize value. Va, Doomfist, Junkrat, Lucio, Mercy, Pharah, Reinhardt,  I want to change my crosshair to a simple dot and alike 50% transparent (if possible). Is there any way to modify/change the crosshair (eg. EOTech can develop any type of reticle pattern, as opposed to being limited to a single dot. 5 steps to increase/decrease the size. 25 Milradian . 3 Feb 2011 Yes – by placing them on layers with the desired layers with the colors applied to the layers or by overriding the color in the “Properties” palette or Properties panel on the ribbon. Scopes intended for use on  13 Sep 2016 Changes the crosshair (while walking or stand still) into a static dot, not chaning all other crosshair animations. You can add a ring, a cross, or both to the center of the screen in the size, width, and 23 Aug 2017 Hello, the current GUI seems really big and flat, it takes up a lot of space, it would be nice if we had the ability to change the size of the GUI and also the crosshair size, along with the ability to change the crosshair type also, something like a dot / circle and maybe a triangle. If playback doesn't begin  mils in your reticle. Specifies the shape of the cursor when used. Binds. Play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Counter-Strike 1. Playing at 1920x1080 resolution with the crosshair lines being the width of a single pixel easily gets lost against the game world. Since this is a variable power scope and the reticle stays the same size no matter the magnification, it must be set at the 12x index dot to synchronize the mil-dot size for ranging. Preset. Milradian Turrets. 30 May 2010 Not all cross-hair sizes will work the same for everyone, so experiment and find out what feels the most natural to you. Gap. Dot. Increase the value to get a bigger crosshair – you can also use 0. You can also decide whether you prefer a dynamic one that changes when shooting or moving or a static one that remains the same in every situation. Depending on the style you chose, numerous secondary menus should be available. ut is da  29 Sep 2016 cl_crosshaircolor_r - sets the red value in RGB scale cl_crosshaircolor_g - sets the green value in RGB scale cl_crosshairdot - enable or disable the dot in the middle cl_crosshairgap - sets the gap between the lines of the crosshair cl_crosshairsize - sets the size of the crosshair cl_crosshairstyle - toggles  Two style dot reticles are available. Part 1. I'm making the assumption that this is due to my resolution since I've tested this, setting it back to 1024x768. Dot_Reticle Perhaps one of the simplest reticles in the market. But Lawbreakers has really good  [Download this article (PDF)] A MIL-Dot reticle refers to a standard, specific pattern of duplex crosshair reticles with four small 0. Copy link to Tweet; Embed Tweet. Glow is most visible in foggy areas and it was distorting the sight. 50 MILRADIAN. Objective Lens  21 Nov 2015 But with the endless possibilities between color, size, style, etc. Opacity °100°. +. First, understand that the term, "mil-dot" is a misnomer  Can you guys actually change things in the game like left hand Viewmodel support and adjustable crosshair sizes? or do u have to buy all the stuff from the korean version ?? would be nice to know since the only updates are unbalanced weapons and buged… 31 Aug 2012 This command simply changes the lengths/size of the vertical and horizontal lines of the cross hair, use 0 to turn them off. 5 / dot 0 / style 4 rank: LEM / Supreme. More. Spoiler: Red. Default Classic. TR20-2G Features: -Riflescope. -Objective size: 40. cl_crosshairdot "0 or 1". Anyone know how to change the shape from the 4 lines & dot to the three lines configuration? Another type of reticle consists of a crosshair with a dot at the point of intersection. 33 yards x 1000. = = 532 Yards. Crosshair Length °8°. Ana, McCree, Genji, Widowmaker, and Zenyatta. 3-An image that is not a brush appears - it has 4 disconnected dashes in a cross configuration with a small dot in the middle. g. Field tactical, long-range hunting. 2013-12-02 16:40. you are saying it does both but not one. Check this sticky thread for details. cl_crosshairdot x (0/1). Overwatch e. 5 / gap -2 / thickness 0. alpha: red: green: blue: ain't that a lovely color. Window Resolution: 16:9. You can change the dot (cl_crosshairdot #), thickness (cl_crosshairthickness #), gap (cl_crosshairgap #), outline  For wise players :} Style: 3 Size: 3 Gap: 0 Dot: 1 Thickness: 1 Outline: 1 Colour: like a white chocolate Or static without dot. ? Also, is there a way to . Note that "0" will give you a dot crosshair, sizes from "0" - "0. 6 Sep 2012 the "Dot" crosshair is now somewhat largerand partially blurred. The default dot was way to big. The key is to Introduced to the series in CS:GO, the default dynamic crosshair changes size based on movement, stance and shooting. Newton and I will be your Blueprint Genie today! Setup. size: thickness: gap: outline: dot: dynamic: you can enter any numerical value you like, even if the slider doesn't go that far. Center Gap °9°. Whatever your preference, your crosshair is an important tool, and it's worth investing time to find the right one. Pause the game/ goto setting/ select display and then change Weapon Target to "Complex" the size/shape of the crosshair varies with each gun  19 Oct 2016 Please make a feature for the players to edit the crosshair doesnt have to be like csgo where you could edit everything but just like size, thickness, gap, and let the players choose to use circle with dot crosshair or the "cross" crosshair Thanks In advance :) 28 Jan 2013 Implement an optional crosshair dot in the center of the crosshair much like CS:GO ( This would actually guarantee that there is always a central point of focus no matter how big A default cl_crosshair_scale of 1. Is this intended? Anyway to make the dot a tad bigger? 20 Aug 2012 - 59 sec - Uploaded by CSGOcoverageWith these console commands you can get an dotted crosshair in CS:GO in 3 steps. Color °Green°. -Magnification: 3-9. -Housing material: 6061-t6 aluminum, hard coat anodized per mil-a-8265, type iii, class 2 dull and non reflective. Mil-Dot Measurement "Very BEST MIL DOT SIZE" – One mil is the distance from the center of one dot to the center of the next dot. Is there any way I can change it to make it bigger? because at the moment I'm guessing where I am shooting most of the time. The console box allows you to make tons of modifications to your crosshairs. Color. Hatton; NiP  v1. Brush Tool Controlling the Brush Cursor's Appearance Straight from the factory, your brush cursor reflects the size and shape of whatever brush you've chosen, but you can change your TIP If your brush cursor suddenly turns into a microscopic dot inside a crosshair, check your keyboard to see if Caps Lock is turned on. It can have cross hairs that emit from the top, bottom, left, and right of it It came about so that you would know the approximate size and the distance of your target as well as bullet drop. I will first discuss four important crosshair aspects (dynamic vs static, dot vs classic CH, borders,  Specifically I would like to make the crosshair lines thicker. With crosshair dot. The supporting lines are so fine that under certain conditions they have the appearance of disappearing. Move the crosshair around to see how it looks on different surfaces, click to lock it. 7 Apr 2014 Sometimes for fun with more, until 1920x1080, and a size of dot between 22 and 24. 5 Milradian @ 15x (3. Bastion, D. Default. DPI: 1200. 21 Feb 2007 But a little later in your session, you get the Brush tool again, and it no longer displays the size of the currently selected brush tip. Leave the console box by pressing the escape ("ESC") key. Only something clear  cs:go crosshair dot only - posted in Counter Strike: i hear some peopel dont know how to make it a dot if you dont here you go cl_crosshairdot 1 cl_crosshairsize 0 cl_crosshairthinkness 2 if you want the crosshair to be black cl_crosshairusealpha 1 cl_crosshairalpha 500 cl_crosshaircolor 5  This reticle along with the Mil-Dot works well with the optional. The default CROSSHAIR DOT There is also an option to toggle between having a dot in the center of your crosshair or not. Often referred to as a floating dot reti- cle. SELECT YOUR RETICLE. 3" is the change from a DOT to a cross, the lines of the  11 Feb 2004 Have just run a script in which the author is modelling by using a draw size of 1 to move and shape polygons. Third Person Blueprint Project. ½ Mil Dot; 10× ½ Mil Dot IR; 20× ½ Mil Dot IR; Mil Dot; Mil Dot IR. when I try it there is the brush size crosshair along with the red modelling dot. These dots are arranged to allow for range estimation. Mod for A16. jpg. Green Yellow Blue Cyan Custom. Everybody has different preferences and I myself really dislike playing  CS:GO Crosshair Settings and Commands Explained. make it thick or use a custom one) without changing the resolution? ps- can't play with a larger crosshair. Image. FFP Mil. This guide shows you all cl_crosshairdot allows you to enable a dot in the middle of your crosshair. It should be no different than me taking a piece of tape and dotting it with a sharpie and smudge it a bit, but I would rather have a dot to tell me the center of my aim than a circle to say "bullets hit somewhere in here" visually it's easier to put a dot on someone than the current crosshair. Style. cl_crosshairsize 500 cl_crosshairgap -5 cl_crosshairstyle 4 cl_crosshairthickness 0 cl_crosshaircolor 5 cl_crosshaircolor_r 0 cl_crosshaircolor_g 0  res: 1440x1050 crosshair: size 1. Luxembourg squirrl. Video. 1 Apr 2017 Team EnVyUs ScreaM CS:GO Settings, Gear, Setup and Config - Including: Sensitivity, DPI, Resolution, Crosshair, Monitor, Mouse, Mousepad, Keyboard, Headset. Open up you 15 Dec 2015 I'm dabbling in VR using the Cardboard SDK and have a small issue with my crosshair that I hope somebody could help with. × Windowmaker, Honzo, Sombra  29 Jun 2005 Is it possible to change the color or size of the crosshairs fixed in the center of the screen? I'm running 1600 x 1200 and it's sometimes difficult to Commands for setting crosshair properties have changed recently. Crosshair Scale: 0. The perfect crosshair can be very subjective, so we're here to help  cl_crosshairthickness can be set anywhere from "0" to "100" and determines the thickness of the lines on the crosshair. The second style dot reticle, having medium to larger size dots  4 Oct 2013 In Grand Theft Auto 5 and Grand Theft Auto Online, the default reticle for all weapons is a tiny dot that is barely visible against a lot of different backgrounds. Spoiler: Dot crosshair (only changes the melee weapon crosshair). I think there should be options to fully customize your crosshair's size, thickness, gap. The dot is still visible, allows me more hs and a better accuracy on the body of my opponent. If I see one more nicca make a fu*king complaint about this image. Res: 1280x960 Crosshair: cl_crosshair_drawoutline "1" cl_crosshair_outlinethickness "1" cl_crosshairalpha "255" cl_crosshaircolor "5" cl_crosshaircolor_b "255" cl_crosshaircolor_g  22 Jul 2016 I play on a 1080p screen and there are a lot of areas in OW with sight lines long enough for the gray dot crosshair to cover an area slightly larger than the All I'm asking for is an option to make the dot crosshair smaller. Hence, there are no ways to get static crosshairs. cl_crosshairthickness "0 to 100". World BOT Phoenix. 3X - 16X). Yeah I agree, the fact that crosshairs took this long and came out missing crosshair size and thickness options is disappointing. What I want is one that changes the dot size and ONLY the dot size. No. 27 Jul 2013 This is how to get circle crosshair cl_crosshairalpha "255" cl_crosshaircolor "5" cl_crosshaircolor_b "0" cl_crosshaircolor_r "0" cl_crosshaircolor_g "250" cl_crosshairdot "0" cl_crosshairgap "-20" cl_crosshairsize "1" cl_crosshairstyle "2" cl_crosshairusealpha "1" cl_crosshairthickness "2. Clear Embed Visit. 007: New reticle-mode: DOT. This command if set to 1 uses a dot at the center of the crosshair, if set to 0 then it removes the dot. I use the dot also, but have the key F3 mapped to cycle between crosshair sizes. Is there someway to turn the crosshair off and leave the red  26 Sep 2016 Post Colored Crosshairs. View Model: Classic. Thickness °2°. Shopping. Crosshair Size: 1. Standard Crosshairs: Circle, dot, cross, cross with intersection removed; Adjust size of crosshairs; Adjust Opaqueness/Transparency; Color. Crosshair Thickness: 0. Instead, it displays a little crosshair cursor. EOTech reticle reticle in one image. Yeah, custom crosshair should be definitely on the roadmap. 2015-05-04 05:37. took way too long. The vanilla crosshair sucks and is almost  Here's a simple crosshair shader. Players. Red is 68% Green 65% Blue 20% I am playing around with the dot and atm it's Green 300% glow. 15 Oct 2017 Bastion, Ana, D. Info. Obviously, it looks FUGLY to meso I was wondering if it's possible to restore this crosshair to it's size that I remember it to be? Since I'm playing on a resolution of 1600x900, my crosshair is very thin and barely visible even with different colors. 0  The in-games crosshair is big and cumbersome, it's ok if you play it in first person view (when the new patch is eventually released that will allow us to play in 95 degrees FOV, you know, the patch that was supposed to be release at launch) but in third person is just big and odd, seems "cheap" and "lazy",  So I have been playing the game for a few hours now and the one thing that I don't like at all is how small the cross hair dot is. The advantages this method brings are that the size of the crosshair can be changed easily and it can be toggled (turned on or off at will) in a couple ways that text crosshairs can't be. Settings cursor crosshair. This tutorial goes over all of the console commands used to modify the classic crosshair. ) We highly recommend using  5 Aug 2015 hello, so, in gta online i cant change the dot / crosshair size !? I have no trouble to do that for the solo, but whatever the setting 14 May 2017 CROSSHAIR SIZE Next up is the crosshair size. Tap to unmute. Magnification: -Low (approx. This is still a popular reticle with the size of the dot being determined by scope magnification and the anticipated targets. 25 mil diameter dots placed along each axis. Blueprints - How to Create a Custom Cursor - Unreal Engine 4. Dot Size °2°. Laser Sight: -Yes. Type °Crosshairs°. , the task of finding the right one can be daunting. I am using my texture pack, i cha Product description. If the dot was a bit brighter or larger it would work ok, but it just doesn't seem to cut it for some people, including myself. Sensitivity: 1. xx " without the space. 223/308 Marksman 16  Resolution: 2560x1440. 5 MOA); Tactical Dot; Tactical Dot 4×. Crosshair Outline: 1. Upon selecting a submenu, more options on a panel should appear. It features an enclosed circle – a dot, in the center of the reticle. Well, to get started, you must have access to the developer console. png. 009: For the circle you can activate and configure hrule and vrule. Crosshair Dot: 0. Most commonly associated with telescopic sights for aiming firearms, crosshairs are also common in optical instruments used  Hi, is there a command to make the crosshair smaller and make it non-dynamic if you want (the crosshair becomes fixed and doesn't change in size to show spread). Is there a working crosshair addon out there for GMod 13? I found an old thread with Crosshair v3 on this forum but that addon does not appear anywhere in game after putting it in the addons folder. I will list the follow assets used in Tutorial. You get the option for different crosshair shapes, size, and you can even customize the color so it stands out for you. 2" do the same but "0. Players need to be extremely precise with these heroes, making the dot really comfortable and accurate as a reticle. I tried to make one How can I make the X or dot crosshair more opaque? or any for that matter? If that doesn't work try " mutate ace crosshair size x. no they are shit, use Cross it's the best one, but to be honest crosshairs don't matter that much, that's just Placebo effect, you think that with X crosshair you will do better but you end up doing worse or same, 3 best crosshairs IMO are Cross, Dot and Default colored Yellow or Green, size 25. You can edit how much of an outline your crosshair has, put a dot in the middle of it or  Two style dot reticles are available. 30/30 Duplex; 30/30 Center Cross; AMX; AMX IR; L4A Dot; L4A Dot (2. Or an red 2 Aug 2015 - 1 min - Uploaded by Minute ManualHow to Change Crosshair To Dot In CS:GO 2016. One last little pain  Are you planning on adding the ability of choosing a crosshair of our liking? Also an option to be static/dynamic, different sizes, opacity option, color options, only dot/no dot? I believe this is a really important thing for such type of game. The majority of the time it looks fine, but if i get too close to an object it causes my  You can change everything from the colour, thickness, gap and size of your crosshair. Crosshair Colour: Yellow. 5" Latest version of Counter-Strike:Global Offensive Crosshair Generator and other tools. Overall Settings: Very High. it messes up my game badly :/ [Here's a  ProjectYami Laboratories I do not browse the forums regularly anymore. For a DOT without the animations while focussing or something like that, check out: Minimalistic Crosshair HUD Interface My SweetFX Preset improved and now @ NEXUSMODS: Realistic Lights  Crosshairs are most commonly represented as intersecting lines in the shape of a cross, "+", though many variations exist, including dots, posts, circles, scales, chevrons, or a combination of these. Toggle Code View. HOW TO ADJUST COLORS/  9 Oct 2011 cl_crosshairsize, 5, 0 - 12, Size, "0" - "12" is around the limits of the official sliders and a good range. I'm Peter L. Line Size @ 15x and 22x = 1/16 Mil Long with a 1/16. Red 0% Green 100% Blue 0% Update I adjusted the glow back to 200%. edit: I dug into the game files, but all I could find relating to this is the HUD texture for the dot the game has in the place  2-I press option (a small circle within a larger circle with a crosshair appears) then I left click. How do i get drawoutline on dot without getting the black crosshair outside the dot? help Size 2 gap -7 thickness 1 dot 1 style 4 got u fam. See images and learn more. (optional) - if  Post by RAmpaGE » Wed May 30, 2007 8:45. Preview Outline: Gives an outline based on the actual shape of the brush. I don't want any border (inside and outside), nor runny colors and make the crosshair thicker or blurred. How do I change dot size Counter Strike Global. Outline Opacity °100°. Settings cursor small circle. Download DOT crosshair size game downloads from multiple different games and game types. I wish the dot was a little bit bigger. 26 Oct 2015 Originally posted by DespairingSquid: It doesn't. So what about sniping? sniper_tactics1. This video tutorial will show you how to Play around with different sizes until you find one that works best for you. Crosshair size and thickness at “1”. Hey Everyone Whats Up,. It offers a range-assisted scale. go back. Suggested Use. Small circle: Shows a small white dot with a black outline. BUT, To overcome this, I used: smallest opaque crosshair size And, A real large dot ma While using the brush tool on a layer mask of a smart objectI get crosshairs instead of a circle. FOV: 60. The command for it is cl_crosshairdot and  Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me but I swear in beta we could change the size of the full crosshair and not just the dot in the centre. A trained user can measure the range to objects of known size, determine the size of objects at  cross hairs is a yellowish color. For example, high-powered scopes for use on varmints or targets have a very small dot. I looked all over the settings,  Here's the good news: With a mil-dot reticle you can calculate accurate holdovers for ANY cartridge's trajectory. 3. Examples of those menus include crosshair size, thickness, gap, outline, alpha, and dot. Crosshair Gap: 0. While the idea is  22 Oct 2015 CS:GO offers a wide range of possibilities to customize your crosshair. One thing you can't do is have multiple point styles – some point being dots and others being circles with crosshairs… Reply. Best crosshair  Crosshair actually represents the recoil of a gun while firing. 1 Milradian . 20 Jan 2018 Appearance. 2. CS:GO crosshair editor