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Draenei Males Are Finally Badass Next Expansion

YOU GUYS. 18 Oct 2014 One man and his warlock. Draenei were introduced in the Burning Crusade expansion. Sylvanas is so badass. Finally they settled in Azeroth, to seek aid in their battle against the Burning Legion. . We're finally getting housing! Garrisons are  8 Apr 2014 Brought her closer to her male draenei brothers! I'm a 100% Horde player, but maybe when WoD drops I'll finally roll alliance and try out a space goat for the first time :D We all knew this would be a bold move on their part as space goats are pretty well loved, I would love to see a male though. Are the tattoo colours set or do they change with the hair colour like the warpaint does for the Jungle Trolls? TheMetalhead678. at Honor Hold and reads: "In remembrance of the Supreme Allied Commander, Anduin Lothar: A man who would sacrifice everything in the defense of his king, his people, his home… 3 days ago There are few things worse than the way that Blizzard has depicted them as flawless, wonderful good guys that can do no wrong. :) Abou Jump to post. But he was a sore  25 Sep 2017 With Kil'Jaedan finally killed, the Warcraft universe has lost what was probably its dominant diabolical figure. :) Set is Vicious' Gladiator's Pursuit, Draenei hunter Zanbon in Gladiator gear, with an AWSOME looking bow: Vengeful Gladiator's Longbow  11 Apr 2016 Ok so this guys were suppose to be a big selling point and a big part of the expansion, from what we understood we were gonna confront them he had the best introduction with a badass gladiator confrontation, had a good appearance in the Spires of Arak , and was a great first raid boss for WoD, then he  2 Apr 2012 After twelve years since the Lord of Terror was unleashed, it's finally official: Diablo III will be raising hell on May 15. Illidan has, after 15,000 years, finally grown as a person. I'm divided between the manchu beard and full beard. and a fanbase that remains divided on the topic (by comparison, the recently unveiled female Pandaren model for the upcoming Mists of Pandaria expansion has had no such troubles, and  31 Oct 2011 10 posts published by Azuriel during October 2011. Khadgar the wizard, a central character in the Warcraft games, was depicted as an aged man with a flowing white beard in World of Warcraft; until  8 Nov 2013 The action shadows the conversation Illidan has earlier with the Prophet Velen where Illidan says that the Draenei have been using their faith in the Light to . In an act of desperation before his defeat, Kil'jaeden has the ship go to Argus, the home world of the Legion (previously of the Draenei). html And maybe you could try to use parts of Sc2 Warden? They are pretty HD and I think that nicely fits the HoTS model you are using. We're at a stage where we're recruiting top caliber players, polishing the roster for upcoming ulduar. Someone Blizzard just isn't very good at telling stories in WoW since the Cata expansion hit. Wait, what happened to the original idle animation Female Z trolls were supposed to get? 28 Sep 2011 Especially since the last time we saw him, he was being carried off for who knows what nefarious purposes! Maybe the Neptulon conclusion can be the awkward little raid that will be smushed in the downtime between Dragon Soul and the next expansion. Alliance is not really in this patch either, but 7 Apr 2014 It's like the 'The Stone Age meets the Steroid Era in pro baseball' expansion, with a couple of good guys thrown in. I have a hard time imagining that Blizzard will push changes for Goblin or Worgen through anytime soon in either of the next two expansions. 1 Oct 2016 It was to pit players against long dead lore figures like Gul'dan, as well as showing the Draenei civilizations long before the Fel massacres broke them. Draenei Males Are Finally Badass Next Expansion #worldofwarcraft #blizzard #Hearthstone #wow #Warcraft #BlizzardCS #gaming  10 matches The Horde gained Blood Elves, a stereotypically good guy pretty race, and the Alliance gained the Draenei, retconned to resemble the race of demons known as . 271 matches I truly wanted to use Warden Tyrande parts for this, but sadly they are not avilable right now. Thus it should come as no surprise that when I finally logged in to WoW, post-SWTOR BETA weekend, that the first activity on my agenda (and my only activity thus . *And to  Obsidius (H) - 25 man semi-hardcore raiding guild. 27 Apr 2015 After the Heavensward expansion releases this June, the next major update, version 3. Interesting Conversation in stonetalon,bad-ass with a large side of honor, is that stripping of rank removing just what was in Krom'gar's army or is it stripping  6 Apr 2014 If there were Warcraft themed cereals, Thrall O's would be right there on the shelf next to the Tyrande Wheaties. Still need that 5-man Scholo one. (Also  2 Apr 2009 As he discribed, "The character is a female Draenei named Miera, formerly a Paladin. This week Sure, cataclysm starts with 4 raids and six 5-man dungeons and two more revamped old dungeons, but other than that See for . As for those of You mention a Night Elf – Dwarf civil war. My personal opinion about the expansion is that it will be great, despite the few changes what might seem as a letdown to certain people. The next picture  9 Nov 2017 He recognizes he isn't his father, but is inspired by the aura of the sword. First off, I  23 Oct 2011 Take a look at some of the open tournaments coming up in the next days - you can sign up to take part, or simply watch the live streams to get inspired by the players. And that got me . 3 Shadows of Argus patch taking players to the Legion homeworld and reuniting players The Draenei ship the Vindicaar will be base of operations for players, who will be able to unlock teleport pads around Argus to get around the world  13 Nov 2014 Now, I can't be 100 percent exact on the real date I was finally able to log into the game; World of Warcraft had the same launch week teething troubles that most massively-multiplayer . Kobolds and Catacombs has an epic trailer. warden-t4382. the Draenei was a huge retcon - the whole point of Warcraft was that there were totally evil creatures, like the Eredar, who were evil way before Good Guy  2 Nov 2017 And besides, it's pretty obvious to anybody who played Legion who will be the main enemy in next expansion. 18 Apr 2017 There's no good way to say this so I'll say it badly. Artanis is badass. I'll be looking at the bonuses from a Warlock perspective, so no Draenei, Pandaren, Night Elf or Tauren racials. I really do see him as a Paladin by the end of this next expansion. Shaman Transmog SetsMale EnhancementWarcraft Legion. We know Antorus is Legion's last raid play Warcraft's female characters. I think they can make pretty much any class look good. And, perhaps Blizzard wasn't shy on dishing the details of WoW's next expansion, due out sometime in 2014. Not exactly what people would  10 Dec 2011 1,5 week after transmogging finally coming I'm totally bored of tier 6. by comparison. com article: "PC Gamer UK was lucky enough to get the chance to grill Blizzard about the upcoming Cataclsym expansion, and they came away with . They then settled on the Orcish homeworld of Draenor, where after a period of peace, they were brutally murdered during Guldan's corruption of the Orcs. When 6. A great mix I just want to add a warning here though, the gear that dropped in Scarlet Halls during the Mists pre-patch completely changed appearance when the expansion launched. @WTF: I only know the 40k Orks, no idea about the Warcraft Orcs. Our next stop in nostalgia-town is the final killable warlord on the box of WoD (spoilers, we don't kill Durotan or Grommash this expansion – unless  12 Nov 2014 It's been a long time coming, but the major players in Duncan Jones' Warcraft movie were finally announced this week. Cataclysm So how is the presence of the draenei shaping up in the latest expansion? Despite the developer's answer to the question above – that there isn't much about them in the Cataclysm – I have to admit that I've been pleasantly  Next week - all 25-man. I blame this largely on my friends who play lovely lady Draenei. It will feature Battle for Azeroth, World of Warcraft's next expansion was revealed! 6 Allied Races We previewed the Lightforged Draenei and Highmountain Tauren races on the show floor. It's your turn now! . . Like, really, I  Draenei Male Enhancement Shaman Transmog. Both look badass as fuck. com/view/profile/Jimmel1983  From the WoW. Explanation A joke There's nobody on the field bigger than the Ogres, that's why they're the biggest guys on the field. Garona was originally depicted and described as half-orc/half-human, until The Burning Crusade expansion changed her background and appearance to half-orc/half-draenei. For other people they don't care about the lore and just want to get in and play. Warrior T2 DPS! So, I actually love this set of gear, I have for a long time. I wonder if . Finally. xD So I guess the downside of looking how you want to Laeleiweyn- badass draenei hunter. They already said with this announcement that the next xpac ties directly into Warlords, and they said that they already have the ideas for many more expansions. Explore World of Warcraft Pins's board "Draenei" on Pinterest. 9% certain that the next WoW expansion will be announced at BlizzCon 2017. N'zoth / Azshara is basically set for next expansion, unless this is the biggest bait in history by blizz. Nice work, but you'll be sad to hear draenei can't be demon hunters in the new expansion :^(. While somewhat out of their element in Northrend, draenei could still be equally badass. And since Rim did most of the mount grinds this expansion it's only fair Seish finally returned the favor. gnome 1 night elf 0. I started working on addons. Warsong Commanders got nerfed and hard. This Draenei Male Enhance Shaman Transmog Set features Doomhammer & Stonemother artifact weapons. Maybe it's nothing, but to me that seems a bit of a random thing to do, considering how male-dominated WoW has tended to be. split into two- the Man'ari, who serve the Burning Legion and its master, the Dark Titan Sargeras; and the Draenei, who fled under the protection of the  Personajes Femeninos, Diseño De Personajes, Diseño De Personaje Femenino, Dibujos De Personas, Criatura, Draenei Hembra, Criaturas Humanoides, Arte Warcraft, Android . 3. blizzplanet. I get that Worgen aren't exactly werewolves — they're cursed to shapeshift via Druid magic, Goldrinn's essence was poisoned by the Burning Legion during the War of the Ancients, I know. With Alleria returning, we could perhaps see her as a new racial leader of the high elves, and finally get them as playable race. Papajina SON. Theme-wise, it feels really feels like this expansion is going back to Warcraft's roots and, in my humble opinion, it's just what we needed. Suddenly the screen Chris Metzen as well as another influential member of the Dad Crimes crew Dave Kosak, seemed to paint a pretty male-centric vision of Warlords that left many people with a bad taste in their mouth. Yeah it's pretty bullshit that male nightborne can't have the badass metal beard plate thing until they unlock their heritage armour, but the female elves get all kinds of . Yotaan brought up the topic of the next WoW expansion the other day. Id like to see the two events of tyr where he defeated the badass dragon and where he died. WotLK servers (and retail for some) and most of our core players have very high in-depth experience even in the smallest details of the expansion. On this episode of The Instance, eSports is a big deal now for Blizzard. But do they look silly on the horse mounts? http://www. 2 hits next week, one of the features included (for a limited time only!) is a special level 90 version of the classic dungeon Upper Blackrock Spire. tried to corrupt them. He essentially became a  21 Mar 2012 I don't mean this as a WoW-bashing post, and don't encourage you guys to take it that direction in the comments, but have you seen the female Pandaren? App. Male Draenei Warrior with companion pet, Legs! Commission rates on my website at: c. over 5 years ago. Damn shame they can't be shamans, since my main is a Draenei shammy :(. B) Not be annoyed/aggravated/angry over them Back in vanilla you had the hunter epic questline with Rhok'delar and I was wondering if you guys are going to bring that back at all. Highmountain Taurens and Lightforged Draenei are fresh from the last expansion, so are the Nightborne and Void Highelves, but these last two also serves as a way to give horde  15 Sep 2017 Let's discuss our expectations about it :) Setting First and foremost, it's most likely gonna be a sea expansion focused largely on Alliance/Horde clash - and gnome technology of ship/submarine building – in fact, all the process of construction, exploration and all should be supervised by Dun Morogh guys. Wow, someone else that has played Warcraft 1? FYI, you can I really hoped that Garrosh would become a MANN and take the Horde into their badass ways from the past. :-) WoW panel up next! Legion is getting more rare world drops, that will stay relevant through the expansion! (Man, I just looked it up and Titan's Grip doesn't work on Polearms. 31 Jul 2008 It is with great pleasure that I share with you the first real preview of the new hairstyles for male characters in Wrath of the Lich King! Also, that the first batch he sent me was supposed to have the other hairstyles, but that he was having too much fun admiring the Night Elf Mohawk and forgot. Fluffy, cute, badass pandaren? (BTW, they are . 12 Nov 2015 With the cinematic trailer already out, "Legion" seems to be promising big things if that epic short of Varian and Sylvannas says something about the expansion. blizzard has promised changes to Death Knights in the next expansion so that everyone won't leave when they see a death knight in their dungeon group. Blizzcon has a band. Mists of Pandaria did a great job starting that story. Hopefully that imbalance will  Update: For an updated version of this post, please check out the new speculation here at Future Expansions for WoW – Redux. The Worgen lady model is terribad. I put my pally on holidays after we had finished with ICC, but I'm looking forward to getting her going again in the expansion. I bounce on my night elf. This Week in WoW. If this was the  18 Nov 2013 It's moments before Chris Metzen announces the next expansion. 3 Mar 2016 I almost think they should just stat squish every expansion, but I guess you'd have people feeling like they never got any more powerful. 9 Nov 2013 When we heard that World of Warcraft's newest expansion would be called Heroes of Draenor, we took some wild guesses at what it might bring. | See more ideas about Warcraft art, Fantasy art Here's a work commissioned for a upcoming project of Game 4 Glory ([link]). Apparently there have been leaks about the next WoW expansion? It is currently the largest hub of MMO (massive male orgy) game comprised exclusively of fat greasy furries sitting on cumstained lap top armchairs, who "kill" internet . I think it suits a gnome the best, looks like shit on any other alliance class. Peter Whalen of the Hearthstone team and all-around-awesome-person Sean "Day[9]" Plott were on stream to present and talk about the  Tauren and Draenei rogues exist, they're just so good at stealth that even their class selection button is hidden at the character creation screen. Then, a couple years later, “Wrath of the Cow King” becomes the next expansion and everything is cow-themed. 0. He eventually found and gave the task to Illidan Stormrage, a roguish Night Elf and light BDSM enthusiast, now turned to a renegade half-Night Elf, half-demon light BDSM Though they were mostly quiet until the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, the Scourge continued actions to keep their hold on their half of Lordaeron,  11 Dec 2013 I for one would love to see how Anduin and Durak (Thrall's son) interact and how their story is played out in future expansions or possibly…. the next WOW . Screw that. As a result, blizzard has promised changes to Death Knights in the next expansion so that everyone won't leave when they see a death knight in their  4 Aug 2015 It's no big secret or unpopular opinion: ask any World of Warcraft player what they think of the current expansion, Warlords of Draenor, and you won't get a years now, but garrisons were so haphazardly included that I can't imagine the concept will make it to the next story without some major modifications. In the sixty-first World of Warcraft podcast episode, we ask Greatfather Winter what we want for Winter's Veil and what we want is for Sláinte to finally  We take a break from news this Thanksgiving weekend and sit down with Scott and Turpster and talk about the new expansion in terms of lore and character . Paladin armour? Badass. Now Rhok'delar! I never really did much more 40 man raiding other than Onyxia, but I joined a 15 man my guild formed and ran Zul'Gurub with them weekly. It's pretty much a random Draenei Death . and about the cloak I'm still working on it. DARKMOON FAIRE OMG. Especially because I play one and have been hoping for this to happen. And they And they look kinda badass. Clean490 - The Instance: The Spicy Guys, A deep Diablo dive today as we celebrate five years of Diablo III. But still, no canine  Warlords of Draenor sends players to the savage world of Draenor—home of the mighty orcs and haven of the mystic draenei—to fight against and alongside . He knows in his heart… 3:22 He can wield the light and then some. Happy they have plans for them, which is an improvement. Bugamn. Darkmoon Faire ends Sunday PvP week next week - Arena Skirmish and PvP brawl weekly events. 3 Nov 2017 Also, we have an entire book coming out which will explain what happens between expansions. The old And I'm glad I race changed Sanguel from a Belf guy, to the bad ass he is here! :XD: 15 Dec 2015 Question from a guy cosplaying as an Overwatch character lol. )  29 Aug 2017 And find the heroes. and stopped from planet to planet to planet along the way, until finally crash-landing into Draenor (Aka, the Burning Crusade expansion's 'Outlands'. This one is, at least, finally something to really work for "as a guild" instead of as an individual. In two back-to-back Artcraft posts on the official World of Warcraft website, Blizzard's art team showed off two new player models, the female Draenei and the male Tauren. There was an official report that Azshara would NOT be in cataclysm, which means the next expansion will more then likely have her. One of the biggest updates would probably be the Demon Hunter hero class finally debuting in WoW after years of rumors that it will be the next  The Final Badass Civil War Trailer, Starring Your Spectacular New Spider-Man. Its just a matter of  I moved on to Darnassus, the night elf capital, and beyond. "What do you want for the next expansion?" // "For the  29 Aug 2015 Addendum: Yotaan and I might be redecorating the site in the next couple of days, so tell us what you think! The draenei swiftly raises her arm, but instead of a protecting shield like usual, she carries a rather useless tome. 9 Nov 2017 [–]Tenauri 20 points21 points22 points 2 months ago (0 children). I think this works well for both kinds of people. However, as time went on and more notable I grew disillusioned with the Cataclysm expansion, I withdrew from WoW and focused on other things. He reques [SPOILERS] Immersion completely ruined · Scythe of the Unmaker - rare drop from Argus the U I think I found the secret to killing Argus. aiex010. Perro Siberiano, Imagenes Increibles, Hombre Araña, Disfraz De Spiderman, Camisetas De Súper Draenei Males Are Finally Badass Next Expansion #worldofwarcraft #blizzard #Hearthstone #wow #Warcraft #BlizzardCS #gaming. The orc's . In spite of this overarching goal, the Draenei still lead personal lives and pursue  27 Jan 2018 It is still currently the largest hub of MMO (massive male orgy) game comprised exclusively of fat greasy furries sitting on cumstained lap top armchairs, . Genial  Also it seems this upcoming expansion is going to be a rather bland Mists of Pandaria style expansion, focusing on the Horde Versus the Alliance . 6 Aug 2015 World of Warcraft: Legion (Battle for Azeroth is next expansion!) What matters is being, for lack of a better term, bad ass enough and that leaves no room for things like faith or love or beauty, the essential heroic aspects of Tolkienian fantasy. Orcs . 08/29/2017 03:33  Since the only creatures more badass than the legion are the old gods and then the void lords themselves. Finally figured out how to 2 man the first boss with the girlfriend so we have been running that every week trying to get her hunter t2 as well. I ended up leveling my Draenei Mage super fast in BC solely because of how cool I thought he looked. So, after . Things are very male and barbaric and stuff, at any rate. I love her so much you guys [Archive] Page 5 The State-Sanctioned WoW Expansion 6 Thread World of WarCraft Discussion. It's finally here! The first ever Un'Goro card reveal livestream revealed 11 new cards to us from the upcoming expansion. 17 Mar 2017 Journey to Un'Goro Card Reveal Livestream. I'm happy that the Draenei are gonna have something happening for them. Joshua Hobby. How badass would it be if there was a shiny fleet of Draenei out there oh technically thats Protoss. As a people, the Draenei have devoted themselves to preparing for the day when they will join the Army of the Light, when they will finally take the fight back to the Burning Legion and atone for the sins of their Man'ari brethren. com/blog/comments/new-world-of-warcraft-novel-yrel-heart-of-draenor-to-be-written-by-tara-gilesbie) Some exciting news the NDA has finally worn off on to reveal all you guys! I ve been waiting quite a while for the NDA to wear off on this. Maybe  Might want to roll a Demonology Warlock (I don't care that they do less DPS than Afflic. bonus. I don't know about you guys but Qinni is going to look so badass with a new model. 26 Dec 2014 Finally, we have Zanara who wanted a mog that is “quintessentially draenei and also take elements from the new xpac”. 18 Nov 2013 It's moments before Chris Metzen announces the next expansion. The shock of knowing that they were working for evil - inadvertently or  10 Nov 2017 PLEASE Blizzard bring it back as an option in BFA; When people realize how long it's going to take for Classic to release; (fanart) Thundering Onyx Cloud Serpent sculpture; Draenei Males Are Finally Badass Next Expansion; Whether or not you're a fan of Sylvanas, I think we can all agree who the next  16 Sep 2017 - 11 min - Uploaded by NixxiomNext expansion is gonna be a huge hentai fest. World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor - Updated male human animations. that seems to be a draenei mothership like the exodar why would the high king of the alliance sit on a draenei ship with no one but draenei around him? Argus will be the next expansion. Sylvanas and Galywix, Nathanos will take over the Forsaken, and a white peace will be declared, putting an end to the RvB shitfling at least until the next expansion 19 Aug 2014 I may be back for the next expansion, becuase I really am excited about my 150 vanity pets becoming Pokemon. HE'S AN IMPORTANT GUY IS WHAT I AM TRYING TO SAY. do you guys think? Should they bring med'an in for next expansion? I'm of the belief that Blizzard is on the verge of finally writing Med'an out of official canon for good. I found this man in Dalaran one morning. *. With the start of the Cataclysm expansion, Thrall started to take a much more central role in the storyline. I still won't play it. 7 Oct 2017 It is at this point about 99. 12 Oct 2015 Ever since, the two Man'ari leaders have sought vengeance against the Draenei for fleeing from the Legion, and have burned countless worlds to the ground . We've seen lots of it already As covered at BlizzPlanet! (http://www. We didn't get through Sunwell, but we did take down Illidan not long before the next expansion. So when, hot off the heels of another expansion we will get to, Blizzard announced the next expansion would take place in Northrend and finally pit  Dunno if i am the only one who thinks that horse mounts aint scaled proper for male draenei's coz when i mount it up i feel very stupid :D,so is there any other who thinks the same? :D. Matty  Clean507 - Wrynn Body Spray, We take a break from news this Thanksgiving weekend and sit down with Scott and Turpster and talk about the new expansion in terms of . The fel energy would, at the very least, corrupt them beyond recognition into something more like the man'ari (Eredar). ) Finally most of my party rebelled against me and ran off to join a party of Dark Iron dwarves nearby, taking Rosencrantz with them, just as the gas creature overwhelmed us. Oh, and there's ONE (1) female Draenei paladin Champion that we don't know much of anything about. Succeeding where Arthas failed? 3:24 Sylvanas  29 Aug 2011 An expansion and a half later, players constantly refer back to it when criticizing the look of upcoming gear, and even the most unsentimental players OK, so maybe it doesn't say that, but it does say, "I'm a badass priest," and I'm certain that's enough reason for everyone to wear it as soon as they're able. 25 May 2014 This post by Erinys at the Harpy's Nest and this one over at Orcish Army Knife reminded me that this was a thing. Here are what the two new models look like: The original model is on the far left while the others represent the  6 Jul 2015 However, it seems they may be finally arrived at the ability to do an expansion roughly once every year, seeing as players are already at the end of the final He was the sort of badass guy with a cool design to show off on covers, posters, ads, etc. Feast of Winter Veil starts on the 16th. 8 Dec 2017 - 15 minTransmog and armor sets in World of Warcraft battle For Azeroth. I do hope we'll see updated draenei and blood elves sooner rather than later. I don't play any more and man, watching a new expansion come out and _not_ buy it is like an early Christmas for me. 3 Nov 2017 Battle for Azeroth is the next WoW expansion after Legion, revealed during the BlizzCon 2017 opening ceremony. 21 Aug 2012 Can you imagine what this surprise would do to the draenei? They've never known anything but a lifestyle of being the good guys, where they do nothing wrong but are constantly victimized by the Legion or the orcs or the blood elves. 6 Jul 2015 However, it seems they may be finally arrived at the ability  Draenei Males Are Finally Badass Next Expansion #worldofwarcraft #blizzard #Hearthstone #wow #Warcraft #BlizzardCS #gaming. 0. Even if Xe'ra is wrong and we end up fighting Lightforged guys next expansion (because Blizz doesn't do subtle), since when Ilidian has cared about unwilling Hell, the culminating story of the Draenei and the Second War Heroes and The Light and Paladins and Priests ended up being about Ilidian. Last week was pretty busy with lots of new info about the next expansion. The game's next expansion, Warlords of Draenor, is right around the corner and hopefully it won't ruin that relationship. I've always thought Draenei males looked badass. Damn they looking badass. 21 Nov 2010 Then I decided to do something rash, and racechange him into a Draenei male :) . spore. Can't wait to see racial traits next. Our raid leader for today's Antorus run sat on thi. * 20 guild  12 Jul 2016 I will admit to squeeing louder than was possibly appropriate, but the teaser trailer for the upcoming Harbingers series of animated shorts for Legion is . I guess this is the first time I prefer Male Draenei over Female Draenei; Lightforged Female Draenei looks a bit terrifying due those large yellow eyes. I am proud to  29 Aug 2017 World of Warcraft's next massive update goes live today, with the 7. 1, will include various new features, such as the next 24-man raid and Gold Saucer Finally, they showed bits on the new benchmark with a trailer, which you can check out in the above video or download, here. We speak, of course, of World of Warcraft's move to welcome the previous expansion into its base game while it prepares to  21 Apr 2014 New WoW Models. , I want my cool Felguard!), and might do Orc for the +pet dmg. If this was the  19 May 2016 There comes a time in every boy or girl's life where changes start happening. 14 Nov 2013 However, the knowledge that there will be women in Draenor (which we always basically knew because it's a giant planet) does nothing to change the fact that Blizzcon and the website clearly marketed the next expansion as “men doing manly things”, and displayed a lack of sensitivity to acknowledging  19 Dec 2013 And they said in the lore Q&A that Turalyon and Alleria weren't going to be in that expansion. Yes, it might be scary, but it's also exciting because it indicates that an important transition is underway. He has that same badass look and story easy to market. After listening to what Malfurion and Tyrande have You know, I think we forgot  They are commonly referred to as just the Eredar; This could be because, other than the Draenei and Man'ari, there is no evidence of other kinds of Eredar . Strap in for Rag in heroes next week! The Everything,man. It's just such a pleasant change, to read about "changes to classes and professions, etc etc" and: A) Not know what they are. It's just awful. And based on that experience, I do have a wishlist for what I would like to see happen to mages in the game's next expansion, Warlords of Draenor