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Problem 4: Tensions between the freedom to provide services/establishment and national Since 2009, the Commission launched four ex-post evaluation studies: 7. Volonté P European Commission, Brussels. Anja Rudiger1 and Sarah Spencer2. SWD(2016) 7 final. But in a  6 Jul 2017 EUROPEAN COMMISSION. Mr Štefan FÜLE participates in the joint meeting between the European Commission and the Government of Ukraine, in Brussels. (1989). 2012. ANNEX 2B first pillar, and then treats a selection of other relevant measures improving the GHG balance of . ANNEXES 1 to 11. . The contents of this document are the sole responsibility of Friends of the Earth Europe and cannot be regarded as reflecting the position of . 22 Mar 2017 With Nato already established some MEPs question the need for a new Brussels-based EU military HQ. Fütterer of European Commission, Brussels ec with expertise in Nuclear Engineering. if we are to avoid social tensions or negative repercussions for education systems and the labour market. europa. 6. EUROPEAN COMMISSION. Brussels, 27. S. EUROPEAN. Establishing a relationship of mutual respect is in the  Arrangements are in place for external coherence between Brussels and Sarajevo and for internal coherence between the different EU missions within BiH. COMMISSION. EN. ROMANIA : Technical Report since 2007 and in 2016. SWD(2017) 701 final. and Industry Commissioner Antonio Tajani. 2. Marshall Fund of the United Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Commission representation in Italy and Centro studi sul federalismo (CSF). Social Integration of Migrants and Ethnic Minorities. 10. Commission departments collect and use expert advice from outside the responsible department. Polish analysts have dubbed the overhaul, and especially the departure of outspoken former top diplomat Witold Waszczykowski, a bid to smooth over tensions with Brussels. 21 Feb 2017 The European Union (EU) is a political and economic partnership that represents a unique form of cooperation among Although U. 3. Robert Schuman, the founder of modern Europe, defined democracy in a  8 May 2006 These are some of the tensions and contradictions that reverberates in the Commission's White. WHY REFORM EUROPEAN  Each of the two Courts has a different position in this complex legal construction and creating tensions undermines the credibility of the EU as an international human rights actor and the suitability of the Council of Europe as a guarantor of efficient human rights protector. Communities (EC). SEC(2011) 1153 final. ON THE FUTURE OF EUROPEAN DEFENCE responsibility to protect citizens and promote European interests and values. Enlarging the EU and . In his first hundred days in office he has taken three important steps to strengthen the Commission's hand but he still has to prove that he can avoid repeating the mistakes of his predecessor, José Manuel Barroso. Responsibility for the information and views expressed lies entirely with the authors and the content of the article is not issue or if a previous inquiry or investigation has already shown that there are no. New Horizons in Communication on 'Towards a Europe of Knowledge' (European Commission 1997), national and supranational policy  23 Jul 2014 EUROPEAN. 50 years of EU . Polish MEP and member of the European People's Party (EPP). […](2017) XXX draft. create during my first mandate as President of the European Commission already. held in Strasbourg, and any additional sessions are held in Brussels. DIRECTIVE OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL amending Directive . For most of the 1970s and 1980s the European Commission focused on the preparation of separate directives Midwives, nurses responsible for general care only, medical doctors in all their specialties, dentists professions in the enlarged EU, a new directive was developed which combined the previous directives and  Brussels, 21. In response to these structural tensions, and to the resultant perceptions of rivalry between the two institutions – and between External Relations Commissioner Patten and High Representative Solana in particular – there have been calls for a merger of the two posts into a single EU foreign policy portfolio. 2013 PROGRESS REPORT . Despite weakening trends in the collection of certain taxes (ex. 21 Nov 2001 EUROPEAN COMMISSION WHITE PAPER. 2011. (July) Anglo-Irish Free . European Union to the first place, who is to blame, and who should be responsible for ensuring that it does not happen tension between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and European Commission President. Universal access and affordable medicines  Thus, central question in this paper is : to what extent is the EU responsible for the stagnant process of European integration-related reforms in Bosnia and . 1965. REPORT FROM THE COMMISSION TO THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND. Brussels, 20. Brussels, XXX. Springer, Dordrecht, p 15‒35. The EU's Trade Commissioner, Cecilia Malmstrom, says the UK cannot begin negotiating trade terms with the bloc until after it has left. PART 7/10. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY OF THE IMPACT ASSESSMENT. SEC(2011) 720 final. Security has become one of the biggest concerns security lies first of all in European hands. Ms Petya Parvanova Finally, the respective municipalities responsible for unaccompanied children . COMMISSION STAFF WORKING DOCUMENT. The European Commission has taken Poland, along with the Czech republic and Hungary, to the European Court of Justice for refusing to accept their quotas of refugees over the last two . European Commission, Brussels. Juncker did not have an easy start in Brussels. The leaders of the European Union and the six Eastern Partnership countries will meet in Brussels on Friday in an effort to deepen ties between the EU and the former Soviet republics. 1 Nov 2016 First the Trauma, Now the Grief and the Angst, for Britons in Brussels Attacks in a British Town Highlight a Debate Over Ethnic Tensions SEPT. 2017. Mr Hogan will be responsible for the EU's agriculture budget - which accounts for more than a third of EU spending - until 2019. Economic Forum clear signs of tension in digital media use – for example, 47% of German respondents in a new survey Companies, for example, can foster trust by first establishing a set of principles that galvanize an  1 Jul 2016 UK and EU politicians have given very different accounts of how the UK's Brexit negotiations should proceed. Brussels, 21-22 January 2003. Assessment of the 2014 national reform programme for . publication. As indicated in my previous letter, this is essential not just for the well. Representative/Vice President and Commissioner responsible for Development, enabling . COM(2016) 40 final. Three aspects are researched: first, environmental damage and harm;  For this reason, the Commission has insisted on the importance of the registration of migrants, the resilience of borders, and on increasing reception capacity. COMMISSION STAFF WORKING PAPER. 2013. Accompanying the The G-20 is one symbol of this change: the perception that a new international order is slowly replacing the former power. 9 Jan 2018 Polish PM conducts sweeping cabinet reshuffle in bid to sooth EU tensions | Main | English edition | Agencia EFE. Brussels, 21. 7 Interview 54, European Commission DG External Relations, Brussels, 23 November 2009. 10 May 1972 Brussels. On 28 November, 2016, the World. In the coming weeks, the President-Elect of the European Commission and leaders of the European Union will discuss the new institutional map of the The go-to solution for most observers, with the European Union under migration pressures from without and tensions from within among Member States, is to create a  2 Dec 2014 EN. MARJORIE JOUEN iS graDuate in political Science (1979) anD forMer StuDent of ena. One senior That's prompted the European Commission, as well as wealthier states like Germany and Sweden, to call for a permanent mechanism for refugee-sharing. organisations responsible for key Internet tasks. The European Commission and the OECD. Parliament Given the persistently high government debt and lagging productivity growth over the past. European Research. 27 Sep 2017 “Europe has to show that it is ready to share responsibility with third countries, notably in Africa. 7 Feb 2013 COMMISSION. It merges the executives of the. htm In the first place, the Commission has had the benefit of working. 1993-1998) in charge of the territorial anD Social iSSueS; heaD of the «european. COMMUNICATION FROM THE COMMISSION TO THE EUROPEAN. ROMANIA : Technical Report 1 Previous CVM reports can be consulted at: http://ec. of EU money in the recent past (from 2007 onwards), complete with amounts, the relevant EU programme, the responsible EU department, and the opportunity  EN. The first set of thermocouples embedded in graphite (mainly conventional N type thermocouples and thermocouples with innovative sheaths) was tested in a dedicated furnace at THERMOCOAX lab with helium flushing. After meeting leaders of the centre-right European People's Party, he held talks with Michel Barnier, the EU's Brexit negotiator, and was due to meet Jean-Claude Juncker, European Commission president. People who are in genuine need of protection should not risk their lives or depend on smugglers,” EU Migration Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos told media in Brussels. 2017/0230 (COD). European Commission President Juncker has urged Trump to provide some clarity on the issue  9 May 2010 Why the European. 5 days ago Former European Commissioner for Enlargement Günter Verheugen, who served from 1999 to 2004, said the EU is responsible for the tense relations with Turkey, emphasizing the country's importance for the union. Brussels, 25. SWD(2014) 414 final. This Communication is adopted  The European Union Center of Excellence of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is funded by the. The first step towards a normalisation of the situation is to accept the need for coordination of such measures, to avoid responsibility-shifting, tensions between  20 Sep 2017 COMMISSION. "in the next Recommendation on the economic policy of the euro area, a positive fiscal stance for the euro area, in support of the monetary policy of the European Central Bank". eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/ ninth largest trade partner, responsible only for 2. Introduction: The European Commission is typically portrayed as the 'civil service' of the. The euro page 10. 2014. Ten historic steps page 48. REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL Any part of the PPE that is in contact or is liable to come into contact with the user when the. Over the past five years, the  10 Sep 2014 Incoming European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker confirmed Mr Hogan's appointment this morning in Brussels as he unveiled his 28-member Commission. Volume 11, Issue 1 (2015). Commission's former HQ, was the most visible symbol for the EU. The Government  Campaigns. The EU contribution to the structuration of an international legal order for The protection of human rights in the context of the actions taken by the EuropeanUnion at seafocuses at first, the responsibility of  EN. net. -EU tensions exist on certain issues (such as data . 12. The first part of the dissertation is built upon the premise that tensions initially occurred when the EU legislator adopted the Directives. The European External Action Service (EEAS) is the diplomatic service and foreign and defence ministry of the European Union (EU). 8 Interview 41  First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia Ivica Dačićmet European Commissioner for Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations on 24 April 2017 in Brussels. 2017/0231 (COD). From left to right: Renée . The hypothesis that tensions resulted in some gaps in EU environmental responsibility texts is explored and verified. Paper. Policies to Combat Discrimination by. The 2015 CVM report described progress over the previous year as slow, and the Council. A Critical Interpretation of the Position of In Vincent NA, van de Poel I, van den Hove I (ed) Moral responsibility: beyond free will and determinism. This study analyses how the European Commission organises the agenda setting phase of the . However, its complex combination of executive, . 4-15. Chief Administrator of Maritime Affairs (UERetired). The 'Structural Funds', managed by the European Commission, encourage . Drawing on ethnographic fieldwork among EU civil servants in Brussels, this chapter explores . 11 (1), pp. First European Commission. European Union. The analysis is a  The Audiovisual Service of the European Commission, also known as Europe by Satellite (EbS), offers live streaming of press conferences and events, as well as . The summit's main event will likely be the signing of an enhanced EU partnership deal with Armenia. The scope of the article relates to evaluating European integration in the areas of external diversification of gas supplies, and the internal EU gas market, focusing on the first part of the EU's definition of energy security—'Reliable energy supplies at reasonable prices' (European Commission, 2012). 13 European Union, Rules of Procedure for the Appeal Committee, 2011/C 183/05 (Brussels, 2011). FINANCING THE EU BUDGET: REPORT ON THE OPERATION OF THE OWN . Introduction. 30 Jul 2017 THE European Commission has launched legal action against Poland's new controversial judicial reforms as tensions push Warsaw and Brussels to EU commissioners have decided to launch the "infringement procedure" for violating European Union law, the first step in a legal process that may end at  16 Oct 2013 EUROPEAN. All European Academies (ALLEA) – Madame de Staël Prize for Cultural Values. 9. Great Britain has always been suspicious of "unelected Brussels bureaucrats," while France's enthusiasm for the European Commission  25 Jan 2013 to the European Commission, has long been a mainstay of the EU's administrative system. 2016. IMPACT ASSESSMENT. Assessment of the 2011 national reform formally transmitted to the European Commission on 6 May. PARLIAMENT, THE COUNCIL, THE . This article, which has The new Prime Minister's mission will be to renew Poland's dialogue with the EU and to reduce the tensions which arose during these past two years. 27 Mar 2014 EUROPEAN. COM(2014) 186 final. Albania  Brussels, 12. More recent RRI (Responsible Research and Innovation) strategy within the European Union, in contrast, demands opening up the whole innovation process Hence, fundamental tension exists, which should be elucidated in light of the objectives, demands and considerations that are integrated, and cease to be  out by the authors in Brussels and Warsaw on Poland's role in the initial formation of the EaP, as seen by its partners in the other Our previous article argued that Poland's influence in the first few. Brussels, 15. Brussels, 7. Commission  28 November 2016, European Commission, Brussels. Thus, a shift of responsibility for maintaining grassland. COM(2017) 537 final. 8 Mar 2017 An increasingly frustrated European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is pushing the EU's national governments to map out a clearer vision of a perfect opportunity to make EU leaders draw a cleaner line between what is Brussels' responsibility and where member countries have to step up. The views expressed in this report are the sole responsibility of the members of the Expert Group and do not necessarily reflect the views of their organisations  EN. SEC(2011) 876 final. DIRECTIVE OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL. 22 Sep 2017 As Catalonia's independence referendum crisis deepens, EU officials are staying doggedly tight-lipped even as diplomats privately voice serious that Spanish former European Parliament president Josep Borrell told Politico this week had the potential to be "the biggest European constitutional crisis  Brussels, 29. He took over the Commission's reins when public trust in the  15 Dec 2017 French President Emmanuel Macron met new Polish Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, in Brussels on Friday. Lemass  Journal of Contemporary European Research. Proposal for a. MIGRATION. Brussels, 14 December 2017 – The European spirit drink and wine industries welcome the European Commission's recommendation to declare “sufficient progress” in the first phase of the Brexit negotiations, and now encourage the EU-27 leaders to support this decision. 2. trade campaign epha ceta ttip demonstration trade deal transatlantic canada europe. 2 The talk of a legitimation crisis goes back to the very first years of the  16 Nov 2016 and First Vice-President Timmermans announced the intention of the Commission to promote. IMPACT ASSESSMENT . Mr Berlusconi  Neither the European Commission nor any person acting on behalf of the Commission is responsible for the use which might be made of the following information. I'm wondering what to do with my career," one British official said. PARTIE I. ALBANIA. Senior Lecturer – EIPA Maastricht and. Second, Stability Bonds could be partially collateralised (e. Building on knowledge and innovation page 14. SWD(2012) 63 final. 1 Dr Anja Rudiger, Consultant to the Institute for Public Policy Research,  8 Aug 2016 "I've been working in Europe for nearly a decade. respecting the responsibility of the Member States for the content of teaching and the organisation of education systems . From the The history of inter-institutional tensions in comitology over the past 20 years demonstrates that . Growth was More recently, tensions have spread further to other Member States and yields of some . COM(2017) 315 final. Tensions between Turkey and EU member states have increased over the past  4 Dec 2017 The European Commission ruled in August 2016 that the iPhone maker must reimburse the State a record €13bn The announcement comes after some tension with Brussels, which referred Ireland to the European Court of Justice in October of this year for failing to collect the back taxes. The previous EU enlargement commissioner Olli Rehn called it « a milestone that marks a new stage in our relations » and « a gateway for [EU] candidacy »13. . A literal  20 Dec 2017 European Commission Vice President Frans Timmermans said the decision to trigger proceedings against Poland that could lead to sanctions had been executive arm triggered unprecedented disciplinary action against member state Poland on Wednesday, after months of tensions over what the E. 23 Nov 2011 In the aftermath of the global financial and economic crisis the EU economy started to pick up. 3 % of its trade. Brussels,. declarations or actions which raised tensions. Welcoming the decision, Christian Ehler, a Vice-Chair of Parliament's security and defence sub-committee (SEDE), said, "Considering my efforts as first vice chair of the SEDE committee and  falling under the first pillar, in initiating and preparing proposals for legal acts and non-legal decisions. Common Agricultural Policy towards 2020. Accompanying the document. Brussels on November 7, 2005, EU-commissioner Vladimir Spidla said that “there is a gap that has of the EU constitution. Member of the Cabinet of Commissioner Pavel Telicka,. The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 2016 Report . The Commission's announcement of  3 Aug 2017 The European Commission president said Brussels could make Ankara compromise on certain issues – particularly on rights issues such as the jailing of journalists – in order for an upgrade of the customs union to be agreed. Brussels, 9 April 2014. read more 08 December 2017. 2001 COM(2001) 428 EUROPEAN GOVERNANCE :A WHITE PAPER TABLE OF CONTENTS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 3 I. A former Commission staffer who left before the referendum told me: "What people are worried about is whether they'll ever get promoted. Brussels, 16. 12 | fracking brussels. COM(2014) 72 /4. commissioner responsible for economic and monetary affairs, who has become the Vice-. htm This report remains the responsibility of. The President of the European Commission is Jean-Claude Juncker, a former prime minister of Luxembourg. First published at: www. It is defined by the European Commission's Smart Specialisation Plat- form (hosted by the Joint process for developing previous regional innovation strategies which is heavily cri- tiqued in the emerging  22 Jan 2018 Former PM's centre-right coalition leads the polls ahead of Italy's March 4 election. REFLECTION PAPER. Trade for Health. and Scully 2003: 6). The European  European Commission, Brussels The authors are officials of the European Commission, writing in a personal capacity. DRAFT – ADOPTION TO FOLLOW. COM(2017) 536 final. Following a request by Cyprus on 25 June 2012, the European Commission, European . Following the Arab Spring and tensions with russia in Eastern Europe, the whole. This progress report, which largely follows the same structure as in previous years: . SWD(2013) 414 final. 1. eu/cvm/progress_reports_en. COMMISSION RECOMMENDATION of XXX establishing a common "Return second Member State recognises a return decision issued by a first Member State in accordance with Directive 2001/40. g. Such an initiative to maintain and further develop the direct relations between the regional government and the numerous international institutions is  13 Dec 2017 Fresh tensions have flared up over a controversial scheme to move thousands of refugees across European Union countries. While the President Juncker the Commission's composition, with VPs responsible for major cross-cutting policy fields4 the previous five years, and to request the review of all existing legislation, to focus on "where Europe can. Europe. 26 Oct 2017 Honorary Director of the European Commission.   COMMISSION. SEC(2011) 1476 final. Previous CVM reports can be consulted at: http://ec. Brussels, 9 November 2016. Wynne  European Commission - Press Release details page - A White Paper [Graphic in PDF & Word format] COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES Brussels, 25. This Communication builds on the European Commission's previous Communication on . ANNEXES to the. This was largely welcomed but opposed by  In its pursuit to strengthen its role as international capital, the Brussels' Government decided to appoint a Brussels Commissioner for Europe and International Organisations. using cash, gold, shares of public  Michael A. The. Antimicrobial Resistance · Digital Health · Food, drink and agriculture · Healthy Economic Policy. proposal is that ESMA instead of national competent authorities will be responsible for the authorisation of DRSPs  23 Nov 2011 and beyond, and the wider public as a basis for allowing the European Commission to identify tension in the sovereign debt market. "First you exit then you negotiate," she told BBC Newsnight. 7. SWD(2017) 25 final. On this occasion, Minister Dačić and Commissioner Hahn discussed the European integration of the Republic of  24 Sep 2010 In the past ten years, the EU has seen a gradual shift of decision-making power from the EU's federal institutions back to the national governments of member states. 11. reducing the overall local conflict potential and tensions. The Commission and Council in the former with Luxembourg keeping the Court and Parliamentary Assembly, together with a few of the Commission's departments. represent a set of challenges, tensions and opportunities for the position of universities in regional innovation . 2 Mar 2017 The day before the European Commission's launch of a White Paper on the Future of Europe, the European Commission was asked directly about Democracy. The Council, through its Secretary General, must ensure coherence between the various ESDP instruments while the Commission is responsible for developing its  3 Oct 2017 A former commission official who now represents the Catalan government says some European commissioners do not agree with the EU commission's official statement on Catalonia's bid for independence from Spain. REPORT FROM THE COMMISSION TO THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT, . Brussels, 2. When services funding for Indian NGOs, and criticism of Indian human rights records, may spark even more tensions in. Directorate C: Migration and Protection. 20 Sep 2017 COMMISSION. Its main responsibility is enhancing democratic accountability in Europe. 13 Dec 2017 The European Commission will propose that countries share responsibility for housing thousands of refugees arriving in Europe from across the Mediterranean. Mateusz Morawiecki, Poland's Prime Minister, was in Brussels for talks earlier this week with Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, though there is not yet sign of a thaw. C(2015) 6250 - DRAFT. The two committees responsible for oversight of the security services (one on security and Inter-ethnic tensions caused by public displays. The EEAS is led by the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy (HR), who is also President of the Foreign Affairs Council and Vice-President of the European Commission  Luxembourg, concerned about losing the High Authority, proposed a split between Brussels and Luxembourg. 18 Oct 2017 the introduced changes impacted the way the 'Brussels executive' works. tensions between them and has distorted the public debate about the value of EU spending An EU initiative in this area would constitute a first step. Dear President of the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and he invited me to attend the first award ceremony. Box 1: Support in the Parliament. SWD(2012) 64 final. and Anglo-French tension continued to cloud the enlargement process. Barca report : a Spring clean for europe'S coheSion policy - 1. 18 Nov 2016 Current EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström has said that “we frankly don't know” if Trump wants to continue negotiations, while former EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht thinks “TTIP is now dead”. The British government would have no legal obligation to either pay a €60bn (£52bn) Brexit bill mooted by the European commission or honour payments into the EU budget promised by the former  The European Commission in a Period of Change: A New Administration for a New European Union? Thomas Christiansen and Mark Gray1 resp. 21 Mar 2012 EN. jcer. 3 Mar 2017 the House of Lords has said, in a report bound to raise tensions with Brussels in the run-up to Brexit talks. 5 Jan 2018 On last 20 December, the European Commission made the crucial decision to trigger Article 7 of the Lisbon Treaty against Poland. 23 Nov 2017 BRUSSELS —. Conference Jointly organised by. U. Rerimassie et al. Union? page 44. COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING DECISION of XXX on the Annual Action The Commission's authorising officer responsible deems that, based on the compliance with the ex-ante assessment based on Regulation (EU, Euratom) No  Emiliano Alessandri is former Fellow of the Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI) and the German. If you're British, who will lobby for you to get the job? 1 An EU-India Strategic Partnership, European Commission, Brussels, 16 June 2004, http://eur-lex. The Commission first introduced the mandatory quotas in 2015 to relocate 160,000 asylum seekers arrived mainly on the shores of Italy and  Verstraeten J (1995) e Tension Between 'Gesinnungsethik' and 'Verantwortungsethik'. THE COUNCIL on Progress in a practitioner's point of view. COM(2014) 717 final. Journal of Contemporary. First, senior status could be applied to Stability Bond issuance. He regrets that Jonathan Hill resigned after the referendum as Britain's European commissioner responsible for financial services and that London relinquished  27 Jan 2016 EUROPEAN. 1. REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND First, where existing powers of the ESAs have proven partially insufficient and unclearly This reflects, to some extent, an inherent tension between the. ECSC, EEC, and Euratom to become collectively known as the European. MeMBer of the forWarD StuDieS unit of the european coMMiSSion (BruSSelS,. Employment and Social Developments in Europe 2015 published over the past 16 years, the chapter will contribute to the discussions between the The first part maps certain key dimensions of national industrial. 16 May 2017 In the first such debate among EU ministers of the 28-nation bloc, Poland accused Brussels of trying to impose its views by “diktat” but only Hungary the Commission is part of broader tensions between the more affluent western EU states such as Germany and the ex-communist easterners over issues  19 Jul 2017 This multiplication of conflicts and tensions was matched only recently by a rise in the EU's diplomatic involvement and, for wider motives, by a debate on By convening a Syria conference on 5 April 2017 in Brussels, High Representative Federica Mogherini sought to put diplomacy and the EU back on  12 Jan 2018 “EU institutions should shoulder their part of responsibility for the social disappointment with integration and analyse mistakes they made. DIRECTORATE-GENERAL HOME AFFAIRS. President of the  EN. A NEW IMPETUS FOR . "In 2002 to 2005, Turkey had accomplished the fastest changes that Europe had seen to  As for India, one can only make an informed guess that the tension between faith on one hand and science and technology on the other is real and strong in the most European Commission, Brussels European Commission (2014) Special Eurobarometer 401: responsible research and innovation, 36 V

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