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Steven Wilson Why Im Making Pop Music Now

His latest is an exploration of  8 Feb 2015 Steven Wilson, to those who know him, is probably best known as the Grammy nominated creative force behind the trailblazing, modern day progressive rock band Porcupine Tree. . It's not what I do best probably, but now and then something will pop out and I'll say, 'You know what? That's pop and I'm proud of it and it's completely me. SW: Yeah. is coming back to do some shows in Europe later this month, playing many @blackfieldband songs - I'm planning to come down to the London show on the 21st, so see you there! 18 Aug 2017 Steven Wilson has released his new solo album To The Bone today. If you look at, I mean, I've been making records for a long time now, 25 years or something. Steven Wilson goes pop! 17 hours ago. Pretentious, overblown, and all the better for it. Truely the best song by Steven Wilson ❤❤Mnew. I have new admiration for the likes of Abba, The Beatles and Tears For Fears now. That concert may . I've always In an interview you mentioned that you don't make music for the iPod, that music should be a physical media, which in and of itself enhances the musical experience. 4 Nov 2017 I'm not interested in being a prog rock artist, I'm not interested in being a metal artist, I'm not interested in being a pop artist or a dance artist, I'm just interested in making Steven Wilson music, and so… I don't think too hard about “Oh, I shouldn't put that together with this”, you know? It's something very  29 Aug 2017 While Wilson's work as a musician and producer, solo or in Porcupine Tree, has always been ingrained with pop music sensibilities, To The Bone exaggerates this aspect until it explodes into a contrived exercise in style. “You cannot be progressive in this modern age. This is an album that . stevenwilsonhq. And classical  21 Mar 2009 Until now, Steven Wilson has led a life of musical schizophrenia. And if you look at, across the whole kind of range of records I've made, I've made Ambient  20 Sep 2010 Steven Wilson: I don't think it's ever really gone away, but there certainly is now a reembracing of ambitious, album-orientated rock music. In 1986, Steven Wilson launched two projects: "No Man is an Island (Except the Isle of Man)" (a fusion of synth-pop and progressive rock, which would later be shortened to . “Although Caroline exist within the Universal Music Group, their flexible label services model allows me to remain creatively independent, while at the same time providing the 'muscle' that being with a major organisation brings. His music is complex, has long songs and values musicianship. We had the great pleasure to talk with a tremendously talented and intelligent person: Steven Wilson. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. 1 Mar 2015 Wilson wrote the songs from a female perspective, finding inspiration for the concept and story in the fascinating case of Joyce Carol Vincent — an attractive Cannot. And art requires you to devote time and your undivided attention to understand the  18 Jun 2015 Steven Wilson has rarely been one to take inspiration from the most obvious place. Here's a short clip from the amazing new animation Jess Cope​ has created to accompany the song People Who Eat Darkness. A song that, when it plays, I have to stop whatever I'm doing and just listen to it. 2 Jul 2015 I've been on the road now for four months with this band. 23 Aug 2017 But now the genre that refused to die is back on top with Steven Wilson, the “king of prog rock”, on course to score his first ever number one. When I started out making music, I never really planned to be a frontman – I didn't even want to be a singer! I wanted to be a record producer; I wanted to write and make music – I didn't want to perform it, I didn't even want to  23 Nov 2007 So right now, Opeth are in the studio making a new record and they'll be on tour early next year, at the time when I'm probably going to have a break. To The Bone, the fifth studio album by the cult London musician, is top of the Official UK Albums Chart, according to a midweek update. Its placement within the album is well done - the  17 Sep 2012 Look closer at Wilson's extracurricular activities, and you'll see work that encompass everything from krautrock (IEM) to ambient music (Bass On a series of two-song CD releases called Cover Versions, he's paid homage to the likes of ABBA and Prince, among others, and his reverence to the pop form is  5 Apr 2017 Although Caroline exist within the Universal Music Group, their philosophy allows me to remain creatively independent, while at the same time providing the “muscle” that being with a major organisation brings. 26 Jan 1970 Listen to songs from the album Chicago II (Steven Wilson Remix), including "Movin' In (Steven Wilson Remix)", "The Road (Steven Wilson Remix)", "Poem for the Chicago II vaulted into the Top Ten in its second week on the Billboard chart, even before its first single, "Make Me Smile," hit the Hot 100. If you take those two things  One of the most eclectic and prolific artists in rock music, Steve Wilson comes to the Hall as one of only 8 UK dates as part of a massive global tour to coincide with the August A gloriously dynamic modernist pop record as imagined by the UK's biggest underground artist, To The Bone is released August 18th via Caroline  Pop music is such a well-established form. Sign up now to receive FREE STEEM! 7 Sep 2017 To quote The Daily Telegraph, Steven Wilson is probably the most successful musician you have never heard of. Phew, eight songs to go. , and features more of a nod to progressive pop music. I've never really thought of myself as being stuck in a genre. One name that does deserve a place on the list, however truncated one might make it, is Steven Wilson, the ex-Porcupine Tree frontman now unveiling his fifth solo album, To the Bone, which is also his first on a major  2 Sep 2016 Steven Wilson: Yeah, it's almost 18 months now since this current album cycle began and I think it's kind of testament to how much fun it's been and how well it's worked that we're still doing it – that my band are still together and we're still out there touring. What followed was a pre-release period, almost over now, where prog fans put themselves to the test of attempting to double guess, analyse and assess a record that hadn't been released, creating the sort of furore that fuels the 'all publicity is  This Pin was discovered by Juan Martinez. 18 Aug 2017 People have to redefine what they think about what kind of musician I am, or what they might have decided I am. 6 Dec 2016 Steven Wilson is no stranger to metal, though he's never made a proper metal album by himself. Posted: Nov 03, 2017 12:48 I love some of the lyrics on To the Bone and find them insightful, almost profound for pop music. about the record I'm working on now that makes it different to all the other records that I've made if you understand what I mean. Hand. 29 Aug 2017 Steven Wilson talks with PopMatters about a restored love for adventurous pop, the challenges of writing a simple song, and the role of a musician in In a brief making-of documentary video for Porcupine Tree's 2005 album Deadwing, frontman Steven Wilson opens a gate and walks down a slim alley to  1 Aug 2017 Despite his claim that his new album is more pop than prog, Steven Wilson has long struggled to break into the mainstream. But why? We join Wilson to discuss his place in modern music. Here's an artist that was absolutely a mainstream pop musician, but, at the same time, making extraordinary experimental music. 24 Aug 2017 “The most successful British musician most people have never heard of,” declare the posters for Steven Wilson's new album. I've always thought of myself as a Pop artist. iamsterdam. I dont think Steven Wilson is underrated at all. The songwriter and And thematically it's about as far from the banal pop music seeping its way through our consumer driven society as you can get. V 1 Comment VoteE. I'm holding out for the Wilson-mixed 5. com Music. The Steven Wilson 'To The Bone Tour' has begun! . But as So I think in a very perverse way sad music becomes a music that makes you feel happy, or at least less alone in the world. Most of the tracks owe their genesis to his love for straightforward pop music. The group, which Wilson founded as a joke in 1987 while in college, included members of  3 May 2016 The founder of British prog rock greats Porcupine Tree and friend to Aviv Geffen and Ninet muses on his solo career, his 'second home' Tel Aviv and the death of rock. No no no no . Provide some insight into the  11 Aug 2017 I've never thought of it as being particularly inaccessible music," English singer-songwriter and producer Steven Wilson ponders. . Most incredible guitar solo everM+1. After ten Porcupine Tree albums, Wilson turn to solo career in 2010, shooting his mothe 4 Aug 2017 Now, to someone unschooled in prog, it doesn't sound much like a pop album, in the contemporary sense – it sounds like an artful modern rock album It's not that he dislikes prog, or is ashamed of prog – you don't set about remixing the King Crimson catalogue, or make the music he does, if you feel that  https://www. I'm thankful that there are musicians who don't know their own limitations and try to make music as big as planets. I think that is something which I really miss  3 Feb 2016 For as long as he's been making music, Steven Wilson has been foregoing industry trends in favor of his own creative experiments. https://www. ) Steven-Wilson So Little Steven van Wilson is riding pret-ty high right now. One of the things that makes your music consistently interesting is that even though you have that distinctive sense of melody – you know a Steven Wilson song And I'm 50 this year – in some respects I feel I should be able to slow down now. In some ways, yes he has, yet he's still prog as fuck. I go to the studio when I need to write music and I sit down and work very hard, 6-8 straight hours a day for a few weeks trying to create new material that  5 Apr 2017 steven wilson. Cannot. He just is not part of that main stream industry created by the producers of mainstream music industry(or simply pop). Curiously, the comeback The worst mistake Steven Wilson's To The Bone makes is following after Hand Cannot Erase. “However, very occasionally, I can write something that clocks in at under 15  8 May 2017 Catchy song. But I'm  7 Mar 2013 Now I'm not saying these two categories don't intersect; quite the opposite, there's loads of music that falls easily into both. The music, often reduced to a mimicry of 80s progressive and art pop tropes - from  To the Bone, an Album by Steven Wilson. This is all great pop music, as far as I'm concerned. They may be right. SW's albums are always well-sequenced and structured, so as I have been saying pages back when the first single hit, I think it will make more "sense"  I think I just became more confident, and I'm happier now doing what I'm doing than I was before. Genres: Art Rock, Pop Rock. com. "Miserable music makes me happy, and conversely, happy music makes me fucking miserable. Erase. His 2015 album Hand. I'm proud of all my solo records, because in a way I think they're all distinctly different. “Refuge” is the This review actually went through many changes and additions because I am that passionate about Steven Wilson's music. “I love Daft Punk for example,  16 Aug 2017 Defying the confines of genre classification, Wilson has dabbled in various styles of music and is set to return with perhaps his most Pop sensible album to date, entitled I think largely for me, it's been something that has formed the foundation of the musician that I am today and the solo records that I make. Of course, if we are going to make a god out of a guitarist and producer, Wilson's no dummy, clearly, so he pretty well always includes a “pop song” for potential radio play, such as “Lazarus” and “Postcard”. In my mind this is what ABBA and Electric Light Orchestra would sound like as produced by  2 Jan 2017 “One of the things that is interesting is that if you look at the history of pop or rock music, most create their best work in the first 10 years of their career. “This makes it a perfect home for me, and I'm happy to now be  3 Mar 2015 Talk Talk were initially a 'New Romantics' band who went on to make sophisticated pop music and then ventured into avant-garde rock on their fabulous last two spacefreak is online now . That, for me What is most responsible for confining popular music to the three-minute pop song over the last 25 years is those two things. Featured peformers: Steven Wilson (producer, music, vocals), Paul Stacey (co-producer, engineer), Keith Prior (assistant engineer), Tim Young  Steven Wilson: From Prog to Pop sort of. But Wilson himself is clearly not a fan of the classification. I'm a big fan of electronic music, I listen a lot to a lot of electronic music. Therein lies the irony. L. I am trying to put together a Steven Wilson 'pop' playlist (including Porcupine tree etc). He's more likely to take inspiration from everywhere: psychedelia, extreme metal, ambient meditations, intelligent dance music, vintage progressive rock, jazz fusion and industrial cacophony have all been touched on in his  Steven Wilson in Milan 2013 Now there's not to say I'm that person, I mean of course there is something in my life I'm not happy about, nor I can't say I'm completely happy about everything. Topic: Steven Wilson - "Why I'm Making Pop Music Now" Posted: July 03 2017 at 08:51. And the last thing you want to to So i'm still very curious and passionate about discovering music I'm not familiar with. 365K likes. 3 Oct 2016 From release: Visionary musician, Steven Wilson, who has changed the direction of rock music is set to tour Australia and New Zealand in October 2016. Get a $50 Amazon. songkick. Wilson . ' The trajectory of Steven Wilson's career, since stepping away from his longtime band Porcupine Tree to go  5 Sep 2017 Indeed, little which might truly be regarded as 'prog rock' can be heard on Steven's current smash hit album, To The Bone. New album 'To The Bone' out now! Steven Wilson 'To The Bone' tour trailer filmed by @cspotlight at our recent production rehearsals! . 7 Sep 2017 Strange things are afoot in the music world right now, because as of this writing, Steven Wilson's much anticipated new album To The Bone is sitting at the The next album I scored was Lightbulb Sun, and through those two albums, I began to view Wilson at a pop savant dressed up in prog-clothing. Make it stop. com Gift Card instantly upon approval for the Amazon Rewards Visa Card Apply now A gloriously dynamic modernist pop record as imagined by the UK s biggest underground artist, To The Bone is Steven Wilson's hat-tip to the hugely ambitious  24 Aug 2017 I believe the net result of Wilson's foray into pop influences is favorably comparable with the likes of Kate Bush and David Bowie. Released August 18, 2017 on (catalog no. It is in my view not just a great listen but also very important social commentary. CAROL016CD; CD). I'm not a fan of Dream Theater but I am a big fan of them as musicians and it was great to be able to give Jordan the opportunity just to play in a different context, just piano. “I think of the album as progressive pop rather than progressive rock,” he remarked. It's great to be able to bring this show to Australia for  Leya's voice is a marvel of sophisticated allure, and her impeccably arranged music makes for a rari- fied soundscape of wooden flutes, bass clarinet, . It's 2015 now, as musicians  22 Nov 2013 Steven Wilson: I'm not sure if “need” is the right word, since in the end the music has to stand on its own anyway. Steven Wilson is notorious for listening to everything from the most delicate pop to the most brutal noise. But I also  4 May 2016 Coming in Greece for the first time with his solo band, Steven Wilson talked to us about his influences, what he considers progressive in music, his creative process as well as all the difficulties that professional Very good, i'm in Italy in Florence right now, and i'm very happy since it's a great place to be. Just look at David Bowie who is now regarded as one of the great innovators of popular  1 Aug 2017 I'm sort of paraphrasing a quote from Naomi Campbell there, I like the way that, to me, it seems to describe how I view Steven Wilson and his music. This makes it a perfect home for me, and I'm happy to now be label mates with  Steven Wilson - To The Bone - Amazon. You can tell by browsing  16 Mar 2015 I'm better now, though. But some of the lyrics are a Now - that is a segue!! Pink Floyd  22 Jun 2015 Steven Wilson is generally considered a progressive rock musician. G: Yes you have your  Uncut magazine stated "Wilson's fifth solo LP is a lush and ambitious piece of progressive pop music. Rated #163 in the best albums of 2017. As if vocally supporting the violent occupation of Palestine and attacking more conscientious artists he made a career cribbing weren't enough, settler colonial sympathizer Steven Wilson goes pop, releases new pop single. I look at my career and I wrote a lot of not very good songs in my twenties, I started to be a good artist in my thirties and now, in the latter half of my forties, I'm  CRITIC'S CHOICE (*) : New releases, regardless of potential chart action, which the reviewer highly recommends because of their musical merit. Hitting on some heavy influences, including Peter Gabriel, Depeche Mode, Bends-era Radiohead, and Todd Rundgren's electronic ballads, this insistently melodic, 11-song set is an old-school, sum-of-its parts experience". Go and listen to his music now. He is a part of that elite group who create art(Pink Floyd and Led Zepplin). So difficult to choose from this list. “The songs were  If you like progressive rock and haven't heard of Steven Wilson 1. 28 Apr 2013 “I think it's fair to say that I'm probably not really known for my three-minute pop songs,” the English singer and multi-instrumentalist Steven Wilson said from the stage of the Best Buy Theater during his concert there on Friday night. 18 Aug 2017 This is Pop music. The singer-songwriter and guitarist . 5 Jul 2017 “I like some classic stuff, Prince and that kind of stuff, but modern pop seems to be so influenced by American R&B, which is the sound I'm not particularly thrilled about, almost to the complete detriment of any influence from rock pop music that it doesn't really appeal to me. "I think that the most important thing for me is to always feel like I'm evolving as a musician and as an artist, and I think it's very important to confront the expectations of the existing audience. I wonder if things are about to change a little bit, because the world that these mainstream pop stars have ignored for a long time has now come to them. 2 Deform to Form a Star. is an epic journey through  17 Aug 2017 Musically speaking, I'm in a different place to where I was when I was making my earlier records – obviously – so this record reflects closest where my musical passions right now lie. “I think what's different here is the emphasis on melodic songwriting and the pop sensibility in my music,” Wilson admitted to Digital Trends. There are always some people who are disappointed with the way I direct things, with the way I make my music, and there will  7 Nov 2016 The mastermind behind diverse musical projects including Storm Corrosion, a duo with Opeth's Mikael Åkerfeldt, and the dream-pop group No Man, Wilson is best known as the leader of the band Porcupine Tree. It Like A Man (3:30) PRODUCER: Steven Wilson WRITERS: Wilson, Bownes PUBLISHER: Hit & Run 550 Music/Epic/One Little Indian 5907 (c/o Sony) (cassette single) Red-hot  17 Aug 2017 STEVEN – The simple answer is that I really love when that happens because it tells me that I'm doing the right thing! When I look back at some of the worlds greatest artists and that includes beyond the world of music. com/en/see/music/pop/steven-wilson‎ 16 Aug 2017 PROGRESSIVE POP FOR PURE PEOPLE: Steven Wilson . "The times have changed, unfortunately, and my music, which might have had a very large audience in the '80s is now seen as being on the fringes of the mainstream. Ever since the 1990s, Wilson has built a reputation for himself as a multi-talented songwriter, musician and producer who has  16 Aug 2017 An epic duet (with Ninet Tayeb) about despair, co-dependency and redemption that makes Peter Gabriel's “Don't Give Up” sound half-cooked. As evidenced by sophisticated fare like the sleek "I'm Not Giving You Up," she has come a long way from the earthy belter  A description of tropes appearing in Steven Wilson. But now I'm confident to forget all that. But I welcome that. of half a century! I'm not sure where the time went, but it seems I've been making records for nearly 30 years now, which seems crazy to me. There are some artists  31 Jul 2017 I really debated whether I should bother doing it. westslope (BC desert). The debut track from  And steven wilson too. This is the official facebook page for UK musician Steven Wilson. With a career spanning twenty-five years and mutiple different bands, Steven Wilson is one of the most exciting musicians around. I've realized how difficult it is to make something seem so effortless. Decades after the likes of Yes,  POP. I've been a fan of “Nowhere Now” is actually a good pop song which probably should have been a minute longer. Now onto the marmite song on the album, Permanating is either a wonderful piece of modern, driving pop music, Mr Wilson's homage to ABBA and E. Jess' work I'm not sure where the time went, but it seems I've been making and releasing records. Since now  9 May 2017 Steven Wilson, one of progressive rock's most prolific artists — best known for Porcupine Tree — is on the verge of releasing his fifth solo album. MPc: Now that you mention that, it makes me think, you know, Ninet Tayeb had a great vocal appearance on your album, but, gosh, maybe you should have asked Kate Bush! [laughs]. thow shall not diss The Wilson {#Naughty}. So in that sense, the current record is always going to be the one closest to any artists' heart, I think. What's interesting is that there's a particular kind of pop music which is very smart and very deep, very sophisticated. And if there's anyone who can make the transition work for them, it's Steven Wilson. Steven, how are you doing today? I'm very good. And I also  This is absolutely pretentious drivel. http://www. “There was never a question for  26 Jul 2017 To me, pop is The Beatles, Abba, Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, Radiohead. So, you  The musician and record producer's initial stint with Porcupine Tree, as well as his various side projects – ranging from the art-pop of Blackfield and the dark atmospherics of Storm Corrosion – are evidence of his 'I'm ambivalent about that term – I don't call myself that, I make “Wilson Wilson music” as far as I'm concerned. musician Ninet Tayeb, each one taking responsibility for half of the song, while on Song of I, Sophie Hunger's voice is weaved between, above and below Steven's, creating a trip hop masterpiece  25 Aug 2017 Plus there are a further nine new entries on this week's Official Albums Chart, including Sherlocks, Chase & Status and Coasts. Grace For Drowning was an evil  18 Aug 2017 Steven Wilson - To the Bone review: Pop goes the corn, pop goes the bubble wrap, pop goes Steven Wilson. Porcupine Tree dreamweaver Steven Wilson thinks big as always on album five, a spacious head-trip with toe-curling flights of uber-muso  15 Aug 2017 Oh Steven – bet you wished you'd never opened your mouth. It's hard to avoid falling into those kinds of lyrical traps Thompson refers to. 23 Jun 2015 “It's one of the great ironies that I'm making a record like this about an age at a time when people don't have the attention to listen to the record,” he says Wilson noting a special kinship with a man whose entire life has been spent devoted to the “naive” dream of doing something magical with pop music. 22 Aug 2017 Wilson alternated between the two projects, acting as both musician and later also as the producer of Porcupine Tree, a role that he also pursued for . This makes it a perfect home for me, and I'm happy to now be label mates with some of the most  Artists' Choice: Steven Wilson from Porcupine Tree. The British composer/producer/multi-instrumentalist step foot in the glitzy Eighties as an adolescent with obscure, neo progressive rock projects, and persisted through rock's  All the latest official news from Steven Wilson surrounding his various projects and activities. I appreciate that with every solo album Steven Wilson has evolved as a musician. Some people take music very seriously and the creative process does take a lot of work, but music itself should I saw stills of the filming that had some outdoor scenes, so I'm wondering if there is another version of this. steevc 69 in music. An excerpt from Steven: "One of them is a grand conceptual album, and the other one is just a bunch of pop songs. ▻ GLORIA ESTEFAN Greatest Hits, Volume 2 PRODUCERS: various Epic 05396 Estefan's endurance as a consistently high-quality performer is affirmed on her second compilation of hit singles. O or  4 Feb 2016 Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree fame recently spoke with Greg Prato at Songfacts. Because they tend to be styles of music which don't work within the traditional 3-4 minute pop song form. 27 Feb 2015 I've always admired the great pop art form. Steven Wilson. Just look at rock bands like Sonic Youth that use abstract art concepts in their music but still make rock music with traditional structures and occasionally catchy choruses. Despite this, Wilson has been the subject of much backfire, particularly on the assumption that he is  11 May 2017 Steven Wilson has recently announced the details of his fifth solo album, To The Bone, which is set to be released on August 18, 2017. You are doing it wrong and 2. various So So Def/Zomba SSCD-67584 (CD promo) Anthony Hamilton strikes a direct hit on the third single from his popular debut album, "Comin' From Where I'm From. For this latest Overall, I am not completely enamored with this song, but I think it could grow on me, and could make a lot more sense in the broader context of the album. I'm very satisfied. The single, Permanating, is unashamedly euphoric pop – inspired by ELO and Abba – which, ironically, has upset some fans for not being prog enough. steven-wilson-tour. This website caters to  The bleak progressive prince has gone pop. 12 Jun 2013 HIT CHANNEL EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: June 2013. com/artists/486397-steven-wilson‎ 5 May 2017 Although Caroline exist within the Universal Music Group, their flexible label services model allows me to remain creatively independent, while at the same time providing the “muscle” that being with a major organisation brings. Best known Some days I wake up and want to make pop music. I wanted to make a pop record that had that level of sophistication,  Steven Wilson's fifth solo album 'To The Bone', featuring the singles 'Pariah', 'Permanating', 'Song of I' and 'Refuge' is out now! 30 Jun 2017 - 4 min - Uploaded by Steven Wilson'Permanating' represents a departure from the rest of the album and the more melancholic 18 Aug 2017 Metacritic Music Reviews, To the Bone by Steven Wilson, The fifth full-length solo release for the British progressive pop artist features guest appearances from I'm tired of weakness Tired of my feet of clay I'm tired of days to come I'm tired of yesterday And all the worn-out Things that I ever said Now it's. 1 super-duper walletbuster special anniversary extra adjectives edition. Too much candy can make someone diabetic, but a little is perfectly fine in moderation. The Second Annual Report, Throbbing Gristle The first time I heard this record the hairs on the back of my  29 Aug 2017 There's really only one big hit from this time, being “I've Got To Get A Message To You,” and easier targets are avoided, as are the huge hits from the 1970s. 15 Aug 2017 Steven Wilson is capable of producing a great pop album, but this sure as hell isn't it. "Now, I'm realistic, I don't expect everyone to like this new record and it may be that  Gabriel Genesis is meatier and requires some digestion to enjoy, while Collins Genesis is like candy: sweet and easily enjoyed by all. 1 Jul 2017 Steven Wilson comments: "'Permanating' represents a departure from the rest of the album and the more melancholic material I'm known for in that it's probably the most joyous piece of pure pop I've ever recorded. “There's no such thing”, he argues. Lazarus, piano lessons, four chords, perfect life etc. While sounding like neither, he tackles tougher topics than an average, modern chart hit and fuses a compelling musical depth with his undeniable hooks. His debut solo effort, Insurgentes, essentially sounded like another Porcupine Tree album. Back in August 2013 I interviewed Steven Wilson for the (sadly now defunct) Prog Zone Magazine, to promote his upcoming Australian tour of The Raven Refused to Sing (And Other Stories). M+2. 3 Jul 2017 "I think that's a very healthy thing. This record, titled To the Bone, follows 2015's outstanding effort Hand. But I'm  11 Aug 2017 I've never thought of it as being particularly inaccessible music," English singer-songwriter and producer Steven Wilson ponders. 1 Aug 2017 Erase 's title track and Perfect Life are both heavily pop-influenced, and Blackfield (a musical collaboration between Steven Wilson and Israeli musician Aviv Geffen) is considered by some to be entirely pop