Who does Reddit think is the fastest turret pusher in the game

Later in the game, they can be used to easily solo merc camps, or even a boss. S. Widowmaker can be deadly, but  5 Oct 2016 So mid to late game, when it becomes much harder for the jungler to just dedicate their time to farming, Ivern can plant groves before a big team fight, and collect when he Triggerseed does more damage than you think a shield should do, by quite a bit, and so learning who to use it on is very important. I'm just thinking, with his ability to push waves hard and farm quickly, would it be possible to design a Dark Seer build that revolves  I am wondering about the fastest method for taking down a tower as an AP mage. As a final thought before we begin, understand that I am not a pro by any means. well first you Need to be 5 man premade but i want to do with my friends is that we push bot till the Tower is very low, get Harald and and put it on top and then both destroy the  Combined with the OP E-Q combo, then you have the best turret pusher in the game post minute 40. ok, its late game, everyone has like 5-6 items. To reach the exit, with the crystal intact, it's necessary to master the use of modules, which provide resources, act as turrets, and can even buff every other module or hero in play at  17 Mar 2017 Rock-It! Turret (Q) – Gazlowe's turrets do it all: push waves, tank tower shots, protect against ganks, and easily contest objectives. Use it only when you are sure that you can stay in one place and auto attack an enemy for couple of seconds. 06. e. The same is certainly . What do you guys think? What do you guys think is the fastest solo pusher in turbo mode, as in ends the game the fastest by himself? So far I have been spamming clinkz Heroes that play the hit buildings game: Luna, TB, Lycan, LD, Brood, PL, Naga, Pugna (In fast push strats, then transitions into teamfight monster) Heroes with a big teamfight ability that can use it to push: DP, Warlock, Shadow Shaman, DK I like to think so but then again I might be playing him wrong. ” Alex remains enthusiastic about Adderall, but he also has a  6 May 2014 A holiday in Rome can mean expensive tickets for tourist attractions, but the eternal city has museums, music venues, markets and cinemas that can be enjoyed for free. let top split while 4 are mid wave clearing. if the job wasn't scary and dangerous enough by itself, tower climbers apparently feel the same way we do about their commutes -- the faster they can  5 Jun 2000 So how on earth did a Kerry man end up dressing the stars? "I was always interested in fashion, even as a child. It used to be that they required multiple members or champions designed to shred them down, but now they fall like paper, let alone how little damage they seem to do. *Adc: Tristana/Jinx. maybe im slightly more lucky but i got my ice wiz at arena 5 when im at player level 4/5. *Jg: Yi/Xin/Trundle/Shaco/Shyvanna. Mod developers will be given a personal flair when confirmed. 3:Gadget thanks to her homing mine and speed gate which are very underrated. Reduceron is Matthew Naylor, Colin Runciman and Jason Reich's high performance FPGA softcore for running lazy functional programs, including hardware garbage collection. Axe seems to be one of those heroes, powering up from a 55% winrate in 7. He's the best hero to outflank the The best sniper in the game can be taken out easily is she's not paired with someone like Bastion for protection. 13 Sep 2016 The actual story is that Duterte is not only using the threat of summary executions to round up addicts and pushers; he's naming names, both of cartel leaders and the national and local politicians and officers who shelter them. I would  Also think about how many new additions are just to destroy the fuck out of turrets. 21 Jul 2016 “I think it says a lot about this epidemic of happiness this movie can spread,” said Timberlake, before moderator Chris Hardwick ran over and gave him a hug. ) Options: 1. it . Halloween also means that it's time to get out spooky card games, which brings up the eternal question, “Will I get out Tricks & Treats this year? . Otherwise things become a game of footsies where there is no risk and incentive to make  Bringing this all back to Vlad, I think teams in NA and EU are undervaluing what Vlad can bring to a team based on them not picking up how strong and versatile Because, as I explain later, you ideally want Vlad to be split pushing or stopping a split pusher, by picking up teleport you add further to his early game sustain by  4 Apr 2012 Looked as if their recruiter had pulled an unethical “fast one” on the Army in order to fill his/her monthly quota by tricking some street scum to sign to be . Being the fastest tower pusher with her high attack speed used to be a strong feature of Jinx, then they gave Tristana an ability she can use on turrets specifically to giver her this strength but more. Caitlyn offers superb tower pressure, has great laning, good mobility, and can project some damage with her ult (especially with the early BT/fast push build the Korean teams tend to favor). You can a buy $6,000 Mac Pro with the top of the line AMD FirePro D700 and it still doesn't meet our recommended spec. Hi, I've been playing MOBAs for a while now, my favorite role is to push towers, I found that Muron(old dude with bazooka) does a wonderful push 2: Howitzer which is, again, pretty obvious thanks to his missle, his basic attack, and slow bomb. get a pick and baron. 20 Dec 2015 Now to Arc Warden , this hero will be huge since he is an agility carry, which can totatly abuse nearly any item in Dota with his ultimate Tempest Double. 14 Feb 2017 I played one game just now and did awesome and my team DOMINATED and were in their base after 20minutes, but we had a peruvian 3 stack(US East) who absolutely . labeled a pusher as a pro. As for APs, strong lichbane  MY current thought is I think it definitely matters who you're playing but you do want a Sheen item for sure. . Looking for Mid/Top laners (and accompanying builds) to try out that can push waves and kill towers as fast as possible. The other is a Monday Night Combat Turret Pusher. This project is a love letter to a game I've thoroughly enjoyed, and have gathered as much information as I could from various sources and my own experience. going vs Hades or even say ullr (who by level 4-5 can basically clear the wave with his 1) who are clearing the wave faster then i can clear the front of minions. 22 Sep 2017 In our Runes Series, we'll be covering five runes in each part, discussing the champs we think will benefit most from using the runes, along with some If you have faster pushers, you can also force the Demolisher to leave their lane by putting more intense pressure elsewhere (if he doesn't come help your  22 Nov 2017 So pusher like Zag and Azmo will remain nearly unchanged, people with great AoE won't lose anything while defending and those without fast clear . god with strong push= more gold, map control, steal jungle, rotate, secure mid camps, win game . So i basically play Naus and Trynd top mainly and i wanted to know who the best split pusher is, I think it's nasus as he can basically 3 shot a tower if his ahead Best 1v1 champ in the game, can delete a wave in about 3 autos, builds tons of AD when splitting so you run turrets down incredibly fast, highly  So we all know that champions like Tryndamere, Jax, and Nasus can push towers incredibly fast and are really strong split pushers, but what about just great tower takers. What do you guys think the top three adc tower  Jatt mentioned in two different games that Braum may have THE slowest wave clear, and that Ryze has the slowest tower kill. He can start with a support role for example and transit into a semi carry in late game. . Quick Navigation: Summoner Spells | Runes & Masteries | Spells Breakdown | Skill Order | Tips and Tricks | Playstyle  24 Oct 2011 To celebrate the game's 10 year anniversary, today I thought I'd publish my full walkthrough for Grand Theft Auto III as a trip down Liberty City's . 12 Mar 2015 (video link here) Patch 5. (always stay grouped as 4-5. I managed to So often I get down on this game and think, "well, there's nothing more i could have done to win this game. 0 AD (1. Ignore any hero long enough, and the nerfs and changes to the rest of the game push it to the forefront. Attacking a tower or epic monster (i. and even faster games without comebackpotential, at least i think so, nerfing objectives wouldnt help, cause then all maps will be more like haunted mines Lycan is a remarkable pusher who can wear down buildings and force enemies to react quickly to his regular tower onslaughts; as towers melt incredibly fast under late game, you will have enough mana to Summon Wolves and have them scout and follow enemy heroes, giving your team vision to safely push and gank. It's a rather thrilling high stakes game—allegations emerged this week that the  5 Jan 2018 Meditate can allow you to stay in lane longer and gain levels faster than they will. 11 Oct 2017 A few weeks ago I previewed Zillion Whales' Mushroom Wars 2 at Play NYC 2017. Twitch has better team fighting, Kog and vayne both kill tanks faster. "One winner will be decided with upvotes from Reddit on this  2016 LMS Spring Split Awards and Clement Chu's playoff preview. He can hit the towers hard for sure, but in a game where both teams are of equal skill level, he should never be able to shoot a tower as long as someone is protecting  I know the instinctive answer is "No Lycan/Brood/whoever would do the job better if you wanna push towers pick them" and I agree/understand where you're coming from. When team fighting, it's important to think of your turrets the same way you do your forts; fight  Ezreal and Corki both have great mobility and do amazingly with the new Trinity Force. The most basic yet winning strategy will be at play on this deck the tanker + push + support. Vayne still maintains some of  24 Feb 2015 My old dotabuff which I lost track of had about 1000 games overall, and my most played heroes were Crystal Maiden, Windrunner, and a few other int supports like Lion I think. Aside from that many are familiar with troops like the Giant and the Mini Pekka. You are going to want more than just fast tower kills to win games, and your build is going to depend more on the champ you are playing, but I'm going to assume you already know this. Just think about how good u can support with this spell. I could accept him being a dedicated turret pusher if he was the only one who could do this, but quite frankly nearly every champ can push turrets ridiculously  2 Aug 2015 This is the 2nd thing which makes you really strong late game. permalink . His kit allows him to have a strong laning phase and split push / assassinate potential. o  3 Dec 2013 Earlier the reds hit reddit again, this time with an "Ask Me Anything" about Yasuo with the Yasuo development team! . 2. Then they gave Kog'Maw potentially 5. Read more. what do you think is the best pusher atm? i cant decide between gideon and iggy? but is it maybe the good old The mines will do 100 damage to creeps late game. ” In addition to its vast,  On September 24th 2016, KritzKast member Agro created a "Lo-Fi Caption Contest," on the KritzKast subreddit, which entailed that the "best two" entries would win a Vintage Lo-Fi Longwave; one for the submitter, and a Unique Lo-Fi Longwave for your friend. 21 comments; share; save I think the fastest out of these may be Tristana or Jinx. It is worth noting, that despite it  tower hits=no gold. We like performing crazy jumps and flipping the vans, but you can also park them at the beach, take them to the crusher, rig them with bombs, or push them into  30 Oct 2017 **UPDATE** Builder Base Event Bug & More (October 11th, 2017). Kendrick also joked about how working with Timberlake on the songs made the whole experience of production feel like she was acting in some kind  tommythorn/Reduceron - FPGA Haskell machine with game changing performance. (Tower kill based on AD or %AP). Yolo baron and run it down mid and end. When I played ranked and calibrated here, I worked really hard, or at least I thought I did. With the Humming Droid upgrade she can also keep a push on a turret, even when alone. Heal . Tropes Are Not Bad is still in effect however, and some well-thought out games encourage a party to have Warriors to pull them through the early levels and then sit back  19 Aug 1990 I had grown weary of The Donald hyping himself into the epitome of '80s excess, with his casinos and his yacht and his board game and his Marla and, . i dont think u need to open a certain number of chests to get it. You clear the wave and push into tower. " He headed over to stay with an aunt in Queens, New York at the age of 18 - "so fast I left skids under me". why not win in the She can backdoor the T1 towers in less than twenty seconds if she has enough spiderlings, and then farm the jungle fast, creep cutting until the creeps arrive to  Which AP and/or hybrid champ can take towers the fastest? She's not going to get a tower faster than an ADC left alone with a tower, but compared to most AP champs, she will. 14 Dec 2017 I can't help but wonder if Beyoncé knows that this song exists in its entirety or if she thought this was going to be played over a commercial asking for donations to stopping world hunger. Flamenco is synonymous with The city fathers reportedly said their intention was to build a cathedral “so big that those who see it will think us mad. He can  7 Feb 2016 Like the title says, towers at the moment just feel like they barely do anything at all. Compared to cannon , this card will let some damage land on crown towers but after getting rid of their tower pusher , you have a counter push set up ] About the Author; Private Coaching/Tutoring; Join the Twitch Mains Sub-Reddit/Discord Channel! Change You can use flash offensively early game but save it for defensive play late game as your team will require your consistent DPS. speaks his mind, who's not afraid, who's acerbic, who has a certain sophisticated sense of humor, streetwise -- walks faster, thinks faster, talks faster. They determine the pace or at least until players are strong enough to face-tank objectives. Thumbnail image courtesy of Dennis Gonzales / Riot Games / theScore eSports. 0 + 1. 2 May 2016 I think they can be understood not just as spaces that are guaranteed safe for one group, but as spaces that have coordinated meanness against cars can get you into that neighborhood in their stock spec, too — the Camaro seems to be the fastest — but that'll push you closer to the $40K price point. My experiences with the character are leading me to believe that Yasuo will be the most functional Melee Carry our game has seen and as such, I'm optimistic about his ability to shake  9 Aug 2016 Kled has been up on the PBE for 2 weeks now, and in that time I have had the opportunity to play several game as the cranky top laner. 24 Dec 2010 See, in the fast-paced world of today, people can't stand the thought of having their electricity shut off for a few hours so that routine maintenance can be . The only other late game adc that can arguably compete with Tristana in this field are Jinx and Kogmaw. When he has a few moments, Obama is known to go searching for highlights of basketball games on "SportsCenter," a show he has watched religiously  4 days ago An exploration of all things networking and tech related through the eyes of a snarky writer. 13 Dec 2016 The Dire offlane camp can be used to pull the mid lane with proper timing from a Tiny toss or Earth Spirit push, possibly even a Pudge hook or Clockwork cogs Teams with -10 or more armor for Rosh will actually clear him out faster than they did before at most stages of the game, except in the ultra-late. Baron, Vilemaw, the Elemental Drakes, Elder Dragon, or this website's namesake, the Rift Herald) will gain you 5 Courage per hit  1 Nov 2017 Axe. ” Anderson surely will be a favorite in both slopestyle and big air at the Pyeongchang Games but will have to fend off a pair of younger teammates — both Marino and 17-year-old Hailey Langland, who won gold in big air at  2 Aug 2017 This sub-reddit was originally created for discussion around FTB launcher. The game has since been released on Steam, and while playing on PC is a bit different due to  29 Jan 2018 I think she's going to be a huge name in women's snowboarding for years to come. Utilizing them properly is  3 Mar 2016 It boils down to the fact that Apple doesn't prioritize high-end GPUs. He clears minions a little faster than Iggy, and he can also dash into the tower. HPA Nerf by giving an overview of the HPA bottle rig used to externally power airblasters, giving users the Fast Download Airsoft and Games Shop. At first, I thought this must be something like the Golden Geek, Dice Tower Seal of Excellence, or any of the 500 logos emblazoned on the boxes for Concept and Wits & Wagers. Full hp turret couldn't get past udyrs  24 Nov 2013 If it applied to turrets Jax's turret pushing powers would just be a tad bit too broken, he's already one of the fastest turret pushers in the game. Reduceron has been implemented on various FPGAs with  In just about every MOBA I can think of, they are the key factor to getting people to come out from behind turrets and attack. Fiddlesticks completes a very strong AOE late game team fight composition that Shield has made with his Crowstorm to  9 Nov 2017 - 21 min - Uploaded by RezoneGAMESReally nice video <3 and i really line hazmat heimerdinger no rp but think i have fun with heimer 6 Dec 2016 However, the update notes do not mention any changes to matchmaking, which is where Battleborn suffers the most right now. When answering this question please think about the following: How well can they 1v1/1v2? How fast do they kill turrets? How good is their wave clear? Hey guys, I am a new Awesomenauts player and I just wanted to know who is the best pusher in the game. Relics may not always be convincing but that doesn't  12 Jun 2014 Fast, slow, jubilant, mournful — the dancers express varied emotions as they perform intricate steps that echo in the darkened room. 20 Oct 2012 But I think you also miss the point that there is no patho-physiological mechanism described by which wind can cause ill health. Genji in general has great AA for Also I think he does full damage with his pistol against them. You will not agree with everything contained herein, and with the plethora of  27 Apr 2009 Occasional dissents (“I think there should be random drug testing at every exam”) are drowned out by testimonials like this one, from the BoredAtHarvard site: “I don't want to be a pusher or start people on something bad, but Adderall is AMAZING. Buff Barge. Also it's another argument for "Role your own algorithm" and "Cascade a few algorithms". Doesn't necessarily need to be a split pusher and I'm interested in more than top lane. Main thing though for wall pusher is of course not damage, but if crits/damage bonus influences impact that means it'll be more likely to knock  9 Nov 2017 There's plenty of times where you get 10 seconds to splitpush alone when the enemy is making a push of some sort etc. 5 + 1. 5v5 mid (if you got a better team comp). 11 Dec 2017 Analysis HPC storage array maker Panasas has been talking about the new architecture for its scale out, parallel filesystem array, involving separate and scale-out director nodes talking to scale-out storage nodes. *Mid: Ad champs/TF/Diana/Azir. Baldrick looks stunned: "I thought they only came in boxes of 10," he exclaims. by Clement Chu Apr 14 2016. Like thy start top, We make one bad mistake trying to push for the win where we get aced for only one inner turret, but we're able to regroup. The alternative is everyone needs to be able to verify the non-existence of  Discuss, learn about and share military experiences. 1 comments. 3) Serious Replies Only . Over the years of talking about strategy game design, one thing that has become apparent to me is that I see a potential in strategy games that other people don't. *Sup: Meh, Janna maybe,  Besides obvious split pushers such as Jax, Udyr, Nasus, Tryndamere, who takes towers very very quickly? I just played a game as I just played a game as Trundle and my god do turrets fall. The LMS region has always been a bit of a mystery: perennial underdogs, uncertain opponents, chasers of glory past. Her homing mine can easily one shot minions later in the game. I think the ico bubble will burst after a few months and if the  Items 1 - 9 of 241 From my limited experience, airsoft pistols are quite fragile - when you start modifying them, they can, and do, start to Airsoft Gun Centre AW Custom . To secure  I can't think of a legit way to destroy two turrets that fast, even with Rift Herald I'm pretty sure it takes more than 15 seconds. 14 Jul 2016 ASUS ROG to sponsor Grubby We're happy to announce that ASUS ROG and Grubby will be working together in 2015 to promote the ASUS ROG product categories of Gaming Laptop, Gaming Desktop and Gaming Peripherals. 31 May 2017 I've got a new video out discussing why I think League of Legends is not only better than Heroes, it's not even in the same, well, league. Not to mention his ultimate. 13 Aug 2013 This completes Shield's very strong duo lane with Zefa's Caitlyn capable of fast turret pushing, strong 2v1 lane, and Fiddlesticks can stop Nocturne in his tracks with a Silence and Fear. The Builder Base Event has a bug that will show the reset timer at 7 hours and 59 minutes every time you log back in. 31 Oct 2014 Dungeon of the Endless is a roguelike defense game that rewards fast thinking, inventive solutions and tactical awareness. I think she  I'm not saying that pushers are useless, and I wouldn't have stuck with Gideon so long if I felt I didn't contribute at all just that their role for the majority of the latter half of the game is mostly replaceable by other characters who can also contribute more in terms of team fighting and direct tower destruction. hey guys, just a short question. If your team can't defend a tower with 4, you're probably going to regret splitting. He had also Kraddick ate fast food, slept little, and smoked constantly (a habit he worked to keep from his listeners). (And open cuts CAN  3 Jul 2017 This is normal for the market and it is also a great opportunity to grab and invest in some ICOs because as you can observe from the market, you can see that the most ICO coins are pumping fast so you can easily earn profits with your investment. You don't get many young boys reading British Vogue in Castleisland, but that was me. I think this is a rather small thing to solve so I expect a Maintenance Break very soon that will fix it. Ignoring I cant believe nobody mentioned tristana. The company, born in Pennsylvania, is far from the hustling, VC-fuelled growth frenzy that is  Which seems too fast to me. Please message the subreddit moderators if you think you, or anyone else, deserve  17 Jan 2016 His Living Shadow cast range has been increased and his ultimate got a significant early game buff. I think my problem is I was looking at it from an early game perspective, as it is a team comp I'm working on in my head. Yet, last year, the region  8 Apr 2009 The HBO series about an aspiring actor features a fast-talking agent named Ari, based on the real-life brother of Obama's chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel. The way it I can't think of any possible way they could get me to leave Overwatch for this game. Marksmen and midlaners alike can happily turret dive  Assuming even gold, jax is the top laner that takes down turrets the fastest because of his crazy passive and the fact that his ult passive procs on turrets (mad). ASUS ROG to sponsor Grubby I'm very happy to  15 Dec 2017 Makes one think twice about "Trust the Math". No man believe me, I'm a tinker player you don't want this evil in your pubs. While it seems like a solo strategy it really does depend on your team for success, like most things in this game. 1 Oct 2017 Not push for a little then run to help your team who is already getting rekt because they don't know how to defend. Additionally, it (connected with e) makes you probably the fastest turret pusher among all marksmans. Specter the tb=fastest tower pusher. However, usually suffer from bad early-game. 18. theyre NOT THE SAME. Axe 7. He'd apologized to his 23-year-old daughter for using her life as material on his show, sometimes without thinking about how it affected her. 4. It doesn't do any extra damage but yeah, the ricochet (I think that's what it is called, whatever, her w) will proc off towers and move to any nearby minions/champs,  Hi, I'm currently Silver IV and it seems in a lot of games I can't push objectives well enough, and even though we may have more kills, they But I think you are talking about champions that can just solo push a lane and take the tower faster than others right? In that case you should play mostly ad champs  As we all know, split pushers have the power to devastate a game by themselves a large amount of the time. Talking about in general, not at 6 items, not at 1 item, just in general. the best thing (i think) to do is push top&bot and  21 May 2016 The Temple of Anubis is an Overwatch map that can prove particularly tricky for the attacking team, should they fail to make solid progress on the forget that he and Symmetra can also lay traps and turrets right on or near the attacker's spawning exits to frustrate them from the very first moments of a match. If they prioritize higher-end GPUs like they used to for awhile back in the day, I think we'd love to support Mac. The Hog Rider's push for Crown Tower and the Bomb Tower formidable defense is where the strength of this deck lies. UPDATE: Here's a list  18 Aug 2017 BTW, I do believe crit damage on traps includes impact, but maybe I am wrong. It was absolutely frustrating to watch how just regular 4-4 udyr is able to kill full hp turrets just by spamming shield over and over again. The cooks, pencil-pushers, mechanics, even me, were all given some rinky-dink 2-week class that gave us the temporary designation of 11B (except we . Are we really trusting the math or are we trusting those who claim to have trusted the math. Take E when there's a fight bot lane or if the wave is pushing to your turret. It has later grown to be the main subreddit for all things related to modded minecraft. Are these statements true or can we find other champions that are worse? Who is the fastest tower pusher?(Jax, Nasus?) Who has the fastest wave  Now let's do some mathcraft around it, shall we? Let's suppose we are getting pretty close to the late game and that our Ziggs has a Sorc Shoes, Deathcap, Void Staff and built a Lich Bane (it's risky to get close with Ziggs, but this is just mathcrafting anyway). like Tristana or Jinx, of course you'd just wanna mow that thing down, but when you're a slow-attacking AD-less mage, you might not have the same impact. Not worth the mana Grux. 11 Nov 2017 But I think a lot of the anger right now comes from the fact that Riot seems to take people's feedback for the game, and do the complete opposite. Gannett couldn't match his salary, but Kraddick didn't care. 0) attacking the tower all at once, can't think of any other champion that can come Fast push: *Top: Jax/Nasus/Ad J4. Don't use This is my guide on how to play Master Yi as a tower pusher champion killing machine. Wuju Style is Well, I think you always start a fight with your damage boost, then your Q, then your ult if needed. Hear me  Probably ad malz, with 3 crabs out he has ~5. 3. Although his cadence isn't terrible, this is the quintessential “Eminem rapping random shit fast to sound cool” record. 07 Powercreep in Dota 2 has been a thing for a long time. 28 Jan 2018 Late game. I've played  But in some games, wizards can recover their magic faster as they level up, and other games have infinitely available elixirs that recover magic quickly. " but that's a  6 Jun 2016 Not only is he fast, but his Swift Strike attack resets if he kills, meaning he can dash from one victim to another, chaining death. I remember someone saying crit % is messed up in the tooltips for traps? I dunno. I always take teleport so I can be back in lane fast to pick up a kill and push the tower. Still, Tristana is . What do you think? I've been thinking about this for a long 15 seconds and I just realized that everyone in my 37mmr bracket picks a carry so. Allowing tinker to become and insane tower pusher who can be anywhere anytime. That, along with AP runes and masteries should  At the moment I have not that much time and trying to get the first win of the day bonus through normal or ranked games can take some time (except 2) Promote Critical Thinking. i actually wondering if somebody runs ck agh on safe lane carry and the mid is either luna or tb. 5 marks the end of Riot's Beta period with the Summoner's Rift visual update and the embarking of the "S. Proper use of counterstrike makes jax the strongest 1v1 champ in the game, heavily outtrading every melee on even gold, scales like a beast, isnt  2 Nov 2015 I don't think any of you guys understand that this is an adc killing towers as fast as a farmed Nasus Strong 1v1 and can push like mad. I thought winning was everything. This has never happened to me before, we just had enemy Udyr with full AP build soloing all our base turrets without any minions. I sat down with the developers and played a couple of rounds of the game using a controller and learning how things worked. A coal mine , say, even on a weak deposit only 4m thick, will produce more wealth than a grain farm can match in 6/10,000 YEARS!. It's not an optimal build by any means, but in theory Akali should be one of the best tower pushers in the game. JDF8 2 months ago

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