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https://etherdelta. I doubt etherdelta would ever want to steal your money, so something else must have happened. Thx  Category. com/register?referrer=korneix https://da An etherdelta arbitrage bot written in Python3. Strategies to arbitrage these opportunities can be codeified as keepers - automated bots which can detect and trade inefficienies across Dai Core, Oasis and USD exchanges. in  25 Sep 2017 The DBET ICO hasn't even completed yet and Ether Delta has already listed them since they are an ERC20 token. As one would expect, these exchanges also create arbitrage opportunities. Chciałem sprzedać tokeny na giełdzie etherdelta. Smart-Exchange. Etherdelta is a decentralized trading platform that allows the users to trade Ether and other Ethereum-based tokens. 1 Agree  Eth connect on etherdelta - JSNIP4 Live Stream - Ethconnect - Looks VERY Scammy. Freatures of the bot: Windows Desktop Application - works on Windowes Computers as well as Windows Servers; adding and remvoving ETH account directly in bot possible; adjusting Gas-price directly in bot  22 Dec 2017 (Source: techcrunch. The documentation for the API is here:https://github. io/issues/320 … pic. The above address is the smart contract for BTCMACROECON tokens, the official token for http://bitcoinmacroeconomics. Here Are The Exact Directions From Their Reddit…Visit EtherDelta  You will not need to register in here. I think bot authors would love this exchange as there are highly malicious trading strategies that would yield insane profits if you know what you're doing. com khesarimovie. Exchanges: Kucoin, Cryptopia, EtherDelta, LiveCoin. And more than ever, I am excited to write this because my answer to above  With so many scam sites, phishing sites and spam bots flooding everything and everyone, you can't afford NOT to be paranoid. I'll help you to set it up on a VPS. com domain to a malicious server hosting a copy of their  Bright Coin Official. As of now it is unidirectional and only trades between Etherdelta and Bittrex: they share approximately twenty eth/token pairs. I am looking for an programming expert in crypto and blockchains who can develop a "bot" for Etherdelta - Exchange! The bot should be able to do automatic buy and sell orders. A bridge between the Bitcoin blockchain & Ethereum smart contracts. The cause of failed arbitrage attempts was a failure to post our  Decentralized cryptocurrency trading is the future, and the first exchange to take an initial jab at it is Etherdelta. piebeyb: Junior Mod Junior Mod: Posts: 753: Joined: Thu Sep 24, 2015 4:51 am; Donate BTC of your choice to 1EsWXN3VcBb2rRenMBYd4V3WTfiZxaaiK3  27 Jan 2018 Anonymous (ID: p0gE+fnP) 01/27/18(Sat)03:11:01 No. Decentralized exchanges, such as EtherDelta and Radex, typically have larger spreads, which is perfect for market making. io/#_register?mwr=5946-32459d51 https://ethconnect. Exchange service. Xyber 13 3 месяца назад +2 Information about upcoming EtherDelta Token EDT events: hard fork, release, airdrop, meetup, conference. Shapeshift Bot. unixcoin. github. Each can be a separate  29 Dec 2017 and organizations that remain in power due to voter fraud. EtherDelta example bots. Ok so in my previous article I have introduced EtherDelta and I have explained there why it's the safest exchange… by profitgenerator. I'm working on a bot for trading tokens on the EtherDelta exchange in Python. Have written the logic for an Etherdelta bot in PHP but need some help in getting the bot to complete transactions (ie. 7th Dec 2017. Market cap: $18 million 29 Sep 2017 EtherDelta is a decentralized peer-to-peer exchange, that puts its focus on trading Ethereum tokens. 2. Tierion, TNT, EtherDelta, 27/08/17, 28/07/17, 0,000704, 0,000249, +182. Country. Contracts to transfer Ether to Bitcoin. Price AnalysisRegulationICO NewsEvents. I straight away googled it for this news and . net/ref/festxhttp://wake. Please try again in a moment. com. net/ref/korneix http://wake. EtherDelta is a decentralized exchange that is only for Ethereum and Ethereum based tokens. Crypto Flower The Crypto Investor using your videos or are you this too? :D, btw whats here for giveaway? its btc? or other adress needed?`:D. Total supply Total supply 21,000,000 21,000,000 2. I go over how to put money on EtherDelta and how to buy and sell ERC20 tokens on there. Czy ktoś może mi wytłumaczyć po kolei co mam zrobić? Założyłem tam konto. . ubiqsmart. Read my explanation of arbitrage if you're unfamiliar with the topic. >>6983508 etherdelta bot picks this shit up so you'll have to go and ask the chink exchange owners for your shit back rofl. io/Account/RegistrationBitcoin Growth Bot Pre-ICO opening December 1 at 10 am EST on the Waves exchange. 2nd Nov 2017. Binary on EtherDelta!Davor exchange is open!Unix coin selling  2 Dec 2017 ICO - Trade Token HitBTC & Etherdelta Approved. J'ai rentré la quantité de Tokens dans la mauvaise case du coup j'ai acheté 0. From EtherDelta on 2018-02-07 01:20:19 UTC. Almost 4k down the drain for No. Log in or register to post comments  7 Apr 2017 Cryptocurrency exchanges are the convenient gateway to buying and selling bitcoin and other cryptos. Irene Sunshine. 18 Aug 2017 BTCMACROECON (BME) tokens traded on Decentrex, Oasis, and Etherdelta — Giveaway with proof of trading. that made people cheer. Categories. but thats a given for any waves token. I just saw this on XRL. PackManBrainlure. You can buy NIO on EtherDelta now which is a decentralized crypto trading exchange. com/Lrk24NIV6R Coin spectator is an automated news aggregation service. The Maker system provides various opportunities for profit which help to maintain market equilibrium. Make sure to verify contract address before pacing order. mdI've already implemented all the GET calls for obtaining market data, I just need help with the POST request for placing new orders. I show how to begin using Etherdelta for trading Veritaseum and other Ethereum based tokens. Please be aware of Malware wallets, etc. Get link; Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Google+; Email; Other Apps. Anonymous (ID: p0gE+fnP) 01/27/18(Sat)03:13:04  be careful with bitcoin growth bot: read this review from the icoreview website:hi there. Money in New Cryptoeconomics. The project's CEO is Petr Orlov, a mathematician and a supporter of the free internet with a strong technical background which includes creating torrent related solutions, browser gaming and trading bots. 0 users have voted. com/r/ fucktoken In List of supported exchanges: Bit2C BitBay Bitfinex bitFlyer bitFlyerFX BitMarket Bitso BitSquare Bitstamp Bittrex Bleutrade BTC38 BTCC BTCE BTCMarkets BTER BTCXIndia CCEDK Cexio Coinbase CoinCheck Coinfloor Coinone Coinse Coinsetter Cryptopia Cryptsy EtherDelta EthexIndia Gatecoin Gemini HitBTC Huobi  New exchanges like HitBTC and EtherDelta. Gold Reward Updates. I know a few weeks ago there was a bunch of slack-bots trying to divert people to a fake version of MyEtherWallet. Join until it's too late. ABOUT. Название токена: Bounty. Autonomous and  17 Lip 2017 Próbował ktoś napisać bota do EtherDelta który nie tyle wystawiałby oferty co realizował już istniejące? Z tego widzę to sprawdzanie tam aktualnych ofert jest banalnie proste bo wystarczy pytać HTTP GET. Price in ICO. We are working on adding to Bitcoin  23 Jan 2018 Are you interested in cryptocurrency trading? But don't have time for full-time trading? Are you not as good at chart's analysis? If your answer to any of the above question is YES, I think you will be interested in this write-up. Share  Bitcoin Growth Bot Waves, Davor, Binary on EtherDelta, EthConnect Lending, GRX, FRZ, OAC, UNX, CRDNC. — EtherDelta (@etherdelta) December 20, 2017  29 Aug 2017 ITT: We post EtherDelta fuckups. take care of the part that Metamask usually does). Source Link : Crypto Exchange EtherDelta Warns Users of “Malicious Attacks” · Bitcoin News · Why Don't Investors Spend Their Cryptocurrency. Alleged  Ubiq ANN Bot · @ubiqannbot. 3260964. Q3 2019. 6 May 2017 Related ÐApps. Tiny job for the right person (someone who has done this before). Swap 20. Many websites can help you create an Ethereum wallet, though for this tutorial we advise using MyEtherWallet due to how simple and secure it is. Australia. It's an ambitious project that wants to be a decentralized banking and financing platform for Ethereum. io/blob/master/docs/API. 22 USD EBTC BTCMoon 1. EtherDelta Token EDT rate. theres a gazillion of those that are priced at 10 cents or less. tt/2zxrRBw. Quoted by: >>3261002. Our preliminary numbers suggest that out of 12 orders sent, 7 (or 58. Is the EtherDelta API insufficient… 6 Dec 2017 - 21 min18 days ago. As soon as the order  21 Dec 2017 Cryptocurrency exchange EtherDelta, announced it suffered a security breach in a series of tweets posted online last night. @GoogleCat. net/ref/laskovhttp://wake. Following things should be integrated into bot: - minimum and maximum bid - selection of coin - max amount to spend 13 Aug 2017 We designed a simple trading bot that would monitor EtherDelta's order books for arbitrage opportunities and send orders exploiting them to the blockchain. An ERC-20 token exchange platform. Binary on EtherDelta! Davor exchange is open! Unix coin selling fast. com; The launch of internal HRC exchange. bitcoingrowthbot. Save them or write them down somewhere. com) Another day, another hack in the crypto world. Taking advantage of these “gaps” between bitcoin prices can be quite difficult, especially when things need to be done  https://www. etherdelta. Copyright © CryptoPanic. Quote · Postby moowax » Fri Nov 10, 2017 2:50 pm. io/#_reghttps://ethconnect. Etherdelta. com/register?refhttps://davor. They plan to continually improve their bot, thus increasing its performance. The script runs until you cancel it. Phase 2. com  Q4 2017. >> Anonymous (ID: p0gE+fnP) 01/27/18(Sat)03:13:04 No. Launching of BULLISH trading bots, Online Marketplace Launch, more partnerships,BULLISH credit cards etc. TwitterFacebookGitHubRedditBitcoinTalkMediumTelegramWWW · Report · About Team Milestones Financial Ratings White paper. The top one was: How is it in your interest to share this? Won't all arbitrage  13 Nov 2017 So you decided not to use the EtherDelta API, and instead went directly to etherscan? Is that right? I was hoping you could elaborate on this part a little more. Trilok Arya. Maybe you made a  Sugar tokens will provide this same discount to users when accessing our innovative services on the exchange, including: accounting, Trading Bots, and artificial Sugar Bots are the future of crypto trading and another unique feature of our exchange. EtherDelta is particularly notable for its selection of alt coins (from ICOs) which are often listed on its site before they hit  Gimmer is a crypto trading bot platform for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. >>OP is there a bot to catch these fuckups automatically and instantly? . Clearpoll The Problem: Online polls are trolled and overrun by bots. btcrelay. Boo multi-thousand dollar learning experiences. Sugar Exchange now trading on: coin-exchange. K-Crypt; Bitcoin Growth Bot Waves, Davor, Binary On Etherdelta 4 Jan 2018 What he did was swap the two values and the transaction went through because EtherDelta does not have any foolproof safeguards in place to protect people from erroneous orders or typos. Contribute to bots development by creating an account on GitHub. co/NnqU5Er4rj DNS server. so i would hate to see people lose their money. 46%, ETH  Etherdelta Exchange, Volume, Pairs | Cryptocurrency Data Analytics. com/#BTCM-ETH. 1 post • Page 1 of 1. Token. User avatar. com/#FUCK-ETH https://fucktoken. Advertise API Bots About Contact Terms. 18 Sep 2017 - 5 min - Uploaded by Fuck Tokenhttps://etherdelta. FUCK Tokens are stored in Ethereum wallets because they're a subtoken and run on the same blockchain. EtherDelta is particularly notable for its selection of alt coins (from ICOs) which are often listed  31 Oct 2017 Later I found out that the UI on EtherDelta was misleading and this was causing fat finger errors, in the example before due to the amount and price field being . Why would I. Hi Purchased some Bitcoin growth bot Tokens,,,,,, but i cannot see them in my wallet. Share your tx ID so someone here can at least try and track. Well, frankly speaking it was not; I and my team just researched more than 600 coins/tokens listed officially on EtherDelta. You set the tokens you'd like to buy/sell, you set the price points. Символ  https://www. Joined May 2015  Let's also suppose that you're trading EOS/ETH on EtherDelta. com/register?referrer=korneix http://da 20 Jan 2018 High Reward Coin developed a bot to do their trading, as humans have emotions and moods. io with 6 comments. The launch of HRC trading on etherdelta. It's expected that developers and operators will  5 Dec 2017 http://www. Hooray best practices. 8 ETH -- build a multi-token market maker bot => https://github. 4 months ago. It didn't get any points, but it did receive two comments. so may not Tweet all launches. Any thoughts about listing there? Not to diminish Marcie´s efforts but, imo, the best sales pitch for XAI will be a strong and sustained performance by the trading bots. Czy posiadane tokeny mam przelać na to nowe konto, które utworzyłem w etherdelta? Now available at Etherdelta soon more exchanges coming with higher price. twitter. Mercatox Upcoming Decentrex 22 Dec 2017 Yesterday evening, cryptocurrency exchange EtherDelta sent out a series of tweets warning its users not to use the site. io/#0x22a3B451d60A72388a37c97Bc517E44ad76A50F7-ETH. wss://socket. I like Etherdelta. Show all Hot! Trending Bullish Bearish Important LOL Saved. The Fix: Blockchain technology with mobile user verification will enable clear polling results. net/ref/festx http://wake. ai called AuroraDAO. Coin Value, Tokenization for Community Marketing. Thanks a lot  21 Dec 2017 Yesterday evening, crypto exchange EtherDelta sent out a series of tweets warning users not to use their site, as it has been compromised by hackers. Grid Singularity. For this In this case, if your bot keeps running, you'll end up buying all the BTC that's available on the exchange with your dollars. 2018 Q1. Exchanges, Immediately become available on EtherDelta after token sale. 6984039. How to use EtherDelta. I've already made 500$ today , and the PPT price is increasing again, it… by profitgenerator. Images and text owned by  Монета торгуется на бирже EtherDelta https://etherdelta. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Can't retrieve data. The attack appears to have been mitigated within a few hours, and the proper EtherDelta site restored, but anyone who interacted with the fake site  great workCTzanMMbFwrdAEDHp7WSszajrstjHmTutw. 28 Sep 2017 What is the Etherdelta hacker had sat on this vunerability and done a massive haul. The traders can take their pick in case they prefer trading with other users. Oalend Coin Exchange and Lending December 4! Credence Coin  @SomethingNew no. ENT. 001 IXT pour 10Ether! Je suis un gros tocard mais bon l'important c'est de se sentir trader! - Topic Je viens de perdre 2500$ sur EtherDelta du 17-09-2017 17:00:42 sur les forums de jeuxvideo. Bright Coin is an erc_20 token that serves as a subscription token to access our chart prediction bot. Airdrops and Presale, ICO begins, Reward plans for Hodlers, Listing on Mercatox, Etherdelta, Coinexchange. 23 Jan 2018 It was like looking for a needle in a haystack, searching for a hidden gem. Here you can become rich. there's no inherent value in the fact that a waves or ERC20 token is going to be tradable on the exchange,  Join the benjaCoin ICO pre-sale August 1, 2017 and bring radical transparency to online display advertising. Investors who lend into 20/03/2018. Fast EtherDelta trading bot which implements any trading strategy on the exchange, from market making and arbitrage to spoofing and technical indicator based strategies and anything in between. Possible maintenance. AirDrop. io development by creating an account on GitHub. Comparison Recently today EBTC price = 0. To start, you will need a little amount (minimum 0. com Join Cryptopy's Block on Telegram:  21 Dec 2017 Users who visited the actual EtherDelta site in the afternoon (ET time) Wednesday were served a partially functional but still quite convincing version of the site. 28 Sep 2017 Plus a review of the EtherDelta smart contract's coding and security. Exchanger EtherDelta EtherDelta. Summary: it's EtherDelta is a somewhat decentralised cryptocurrency exchange. Many people are having difficulties trading on this exchange, and for those I have made this  3 Dec 2017 I have developed an Etherdelta Bot! andybody interested ? contact me in telegram @tobiasfeil. 02 USD. up. Hey again,. Created 2 months ago in etherdelta/etherdelta. All copyrights belong to their respective owners. Hi, It would be really cool to have HitBTC and EtherDelta added to the supported exchanges. International Launch of BULLISH Wallet, Trading bot testing begins. @iluvmen @idontknow. com/etherdelta/etherdelta. 03. Token supply, 1 248 964. just like trading ERC20 tokens in etherdelta. because this bitcoin growth bot is starting to receive quite a lot attention, and i think theres alot of people thats gonna put their money here. 001 Ethereum) on your EtherDelta Wallet to pay transaction fees. This time EtherDelta, a popular exchange for buying cryptocurrencies, has suspended its service after it was apparently hit by an attacker. 1 ETH = 500-750 ENT. That means that it earns money from trading the difference between prices on two (or more) exchanges. You guys are fucking niggers. ibigrave. Some logic is involved to try and filter out spam. com/register?referrer=festx https:/ 29 Aug 2017 Name, Ticker Symbol, Exchange, Listing Date, ICO Closing Date, Start Trading Price, ICO Price, Change since ICO, Currency. KRK coin, Ethereum based blockchain. ) If you already own Gunbot, but don't have a license for Binance  13 Nov 2017 An etherdelta arbitrage bot written in Python3 http://ift. If you're interested in a bot but don't know what strategy you'd like to implement, I can recommend one for you based on your  20 Dec 2017 Another day, another hack in the crypto world. Energy data exchange platform. right off the bat, i hope i'm wrong with my rating. EtherDelta is reporting that they believe their DNS server has been compromised by a hack, and the unknown assailant has creat 18 Nov 2017 Now, for what i remember i only used my private key on myetherwallet and on etherdeltais it possible that i have beeen phished? I've never been phished in my . so lol yea if it pleases you,  I am telling you EtherDelta is a goldmine. The users are free to use their funds and are responsible for everything related to their funds. String. THERE HAS TO BE A BOT THAT IS LURKING ETHERDELTA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA  Crypto traders can spend 16 hours a day running technical analysis or spend thousands of dollars for central-ized algorithm bots that are limited. 6984001. Bitcoin growth waves davor binary etherdelta ethconnect lending crdnc alert hptokens fundraising platform registering news binarycoin important announcement January 2018. ***CLICK HERE TO LEARN ABOUT HOW TO GET STARTED WITH BITCOIN***  4 Jan 2018Paul Barrett - Alexander Technique 3 месяца назад. EtherDelta Website: https://etherdelta. The exchange said it believed hackers managed to take over control over its DNS server and redirected the etherdelta. ICO end. December 02, 2017. 819 likes. Bitcointalk new coin announcements. PRO version · API · Advertise  6 Oct 2017 Details. Forza Lending December 7, Exchange December 10. We Will Work On Building An Easy To Follow Step By Step Guide Also In The Future. Информация о токене: Блокчейн: Ethereum blockchain. We are investigating this issue right now – in the meantime please DONOT use the current site. It's still question if Etherdelta I think we are missing some basic protocols here to run order books on say Tor, i2p, Zeronet etc and a your bot on bitmessage looks after the transaction and escrow. Dostałem adres i klucz prywatny. **What did we found out?** That every second project  ANÁLISIS DEL MERCADO DE CRIPTOMONEDAS, DATOS DE LA WEB BOT PARTE 2 AQUÍ ESTA LA SEGUNDA PARTE DEL Now I saw an article on Steemit where someone posted the news of hack and how the hacker is selling the tokens at half the price on etherdelta. Yet in a month, I had full control of assets that didn't exist the previous month, I used a trading platform and I created my own trading bot. 9 Nov 2017 It is an arbitrage bot. ICO start. 0xf77089f2F00fca83501705b711Cbb10a0De77628. New Funded Issue for @etherdelta worth 0. Below I give the IDEX exchange a review. AUTONIO is the first decentralized . Ale z realizacją jest problem bo po to jest jakoś magicznie zakodowane. 1 ENT = 3. PHP preferred but Python may be considered too. 21 Dec 2017 Dear users, we have reason to believe that there had been malicious attacks that temporarily gained access to @etherdelta https://t. tt/2zBAitj Submitted November 13, 2017 at 07:19AM } via reddit http://ift. Etherdelta is an Ethereum-based exchange, and is known for it's wide assortment and early listing of (ERC20) crypto's. Contribute to etherdelta. EtherDelta is really cool with super 0 % fees. Więc szukałem sobie  11 Dec 2017 https://www. This is a blog dedicated to crypto currency miners and traders of Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH) and other altcoins. Alright user, you've inspired me to create a bot. EtherDelta is not monitored and any one add any token so what I observed that lot of scam and duplicate coins with same Symbol Name on other platform is being launch, Also people are launching fake coin and and using trading and market maker bot. Is there any possibility that  1280 Bitcoin Growth Bot Waves, Davor, Binary on EtherDelta, EthConnect Lending, GRX, FRZ, OAC, UNX, CRDNC - YouTube, 720 Bitcoin Growth Bot Waves, Davor, Binary on EtherDelta, EthConnect Lending, GRX, FRZ, OAC, UNX, CRDNC - YouTube, 11 Jan 2018 If you're not botting it already, add it to your Gunbot on your favorite exchange(s) wherever it's supported (at time of this writing, this was HitBTC and EtherDelta, so Gunbot doesn't run on those… so Binance is your only chance to bot this coin. Токен: ERC20-Token. You address and the private key will be given to you directly. If the trading pool can  19 Jan 2018 A couple weeks back I wrote about a project launching through Wings. It seems like this API operates on WSS protocol rather than HTTPS. Binary on EtherDelta!Davor exchange is open!Unix coin selling fastGold Reward Updates  9 Dec 2017 https://www. I show how to open and Bitcoin Growth Bot Waves, Davor, Binary on EtherDelta, EthConnect Lending, GRX, FRZ, OAC, UNX, CRDNC  20 Nov 2017 Trading Bot Development - Little Automation - Interface for Cross Platform Trading Kind of development: New program from scratch Num. Listing on  Bitcoin Growth Bot Waves, Davor, Binary On Etherdelta, Ethconnect Lending, Grx, Frz, Oac, Unx, Crdnc - Search Khesarimovie. 12 Jan 2017 Bitcoin Growth Bot Pre-ICO opening December 1 at 10 am EST on the Waves exchange. A blockchain rollback would rollback THE ENTIRE BLOCKCHAIN AND EVERYONE'S TRANSACTIONS. io/#_register?mwr=5946-32459d51 http://ethconnect. Taking part in an expedition to the interior of the Earth. etherdelta  24 Nov 2017 trade-able on the exchange. Show All. com/. Here's a diagram to illustrate how it works: I'm not the  As he says himself, there is nothing new in an arbitrage bot, so unless he is offering something to the community, who here should care about a poorly described proprietary code base? His post is pretty much vacuous, except as a promotional piece to his blog and to his services. Make sure to follow the instructions closely - you should finish with  I recently open sourced a bitcoin arbitrage bot written in ruby. 7 Sep 2017 These are most used Crypto-asset trading platforms Coinbase Coinbase is the world's most popular way to buy and Discover. After putting the project on Github, I posted it to Hacker News. Could you please try a web socket client library like ws with below URL. Every transaction you do will cost a bit of Ethereum (usually  EtherDelta Token price and historical price chart (EDT/USD) Software development firm specializing in smart contract development and crypto currency application development and integration. Methnerd. Minable. Submitted by newsbot on Mon, 11/13/2017 - 10:47am. Easy to issue tokens (based on KRK). Адрес контракта : 0x22a3B451d60A72388a37c97Bc517E44ad76A50F7. 3%) succeeded. So, after burning an obscene amount of gas due to failed testing on mainnet, I decided I'm broke enough to try and develop my bot in a proper testing environment. And one of its products is IDEX, its decentralized exchange. Easy to understand smart contracts (Semantic smart contracts). There are also bots on ED that are specifically designed to capitalize on mistakes such as this. of modules: Not Sure Description of every module: I want to build a bot that can buy and sell at certain levels that I set and can integrate with Tradingview, Etherdelta,  6 Jan 2018 Most People Do Not Need A Guide But Even Experienced Crypto People Sometimes Need A Refresher Course When Using A New Or Different Platform. com http://reddit. SOLUTION