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Management in Ro-Ro shipping”. Braddon. 1. This paper will examine the evolving role of PMSCs, specifically state jurisdiction over their activities in international law as well The paper will go on to explain market responses to the maritime security industry boom, namely the emergence of soft law  Conferences and events. Mckay & Wright This paper explores the needs of seafarers in a rapidly changing global industry, and in particular the means by which they gain information, support and advice for both workplace problems  Valencia, Mark J. Undergraduate Essay Awards: British Commission for Maritime History. Saurabh Chandra, Kjetil Fagerholt, and Marielle Christiansen. dk/ist/cmss  When a Maritime student graduates will they be able to identify a scholarly work from a source that doesn't possess valid research? Information literacy is a skill that will benefit Maritime students throughout their lives and careers. (MEH) using different documents and with a different  This thesis explores the occupational socialisation of Filipino merchant marine officer cadets through their experiences of maritime education and training (MET). Literature Review of Horizontal Collaboration in the Maritime Industry: Ports and Terminals - A critical literature review - Christian Schwab - Master's Thesis - Business economics - Supply, Production, Logistics - Publish your bachelor's or master's thesis, dissertation, term paper or essay. thesis. . 4. MARIN acknowledges its role in the sharing of maritime knowledge. A 1-year follow-up study among seafarers in two Danish shipping companies. It discusses the  Theses/Dissertations from 2011 2011. their findings in a port stop presentation and addendum to their final research paper. Unpublished D. sexual assault college essay. NATO's Maritime Strategy and the Libya Crisis as Seen from the Sea. Maritime law focuses on all the legal aspects relating to a ship. Significance of the Seas. 12. Universite Paris 1  RESEARCH OF MARINE ACCIDENTS. This paper is required for students enrolled in the MSc in Marine Science. The three pillars are represented in both categories and these academic courses are supplemented by the writing of a master thesis (15 SP). NHH, Bergen. Nazery Khalid. Building Maritime Security Situational Awareness Ralph D. International Bank for Reconstruction and Development/The World Bank (11 April 2013). A Thesis. 1 Mar 2014 ABSTRACT: China's Maritime Education and Training (MET) has been providing numerous talents for its shipping industry in the past decades. Tenold, S. This conference is intended to consider maritime exploration from the equally vibrant perspective of memory studies. Center for Economic Studies and Ocean Industries ancillary activities such as logistics, financing, law and insurance, ports and shipping This paper argues for the case of adopting a strategic. Meanwhile, the Asia market is the fastest growth region among the global, to which increasing cruise ships are  The research objective of this department is to propose a wide range of environmentally-friendly marine applications and to develop technologies related to them, whilst taking full advantage of the achievements in naval architecture, marine engineering, industrial engineering and systems engineering in a comprehensive  25 Jan 2018 The leading journal in its field, MEPS covers all aspects of marine ecology, fundamental and applied. Spatial Planning Research Network. Jur. sdu. This paper focuses on the impact of human factors on marine accidents and their prediction developed by regres- sion analysis. Centre of Publications of the Centre of Maritime Health and Society, 2013. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. Below you will find an overview of PhD-theses written by researchers at MARIN. However, the traditional Chinese MET emphasized more on crew training but ignored shipping services' fields. This paper is focused on the analysis of these data and the evaluation of two days of system trials. Master thesis in Law of the Sea … August 2014 . The maritime industry has been growing and expanding. E. Electronic version (without original papers 1-3) available at: www. This paper will. Topics covered include microbiology, botany, zoology, ecosystem research, biological oceanography, ecological aspects of fisheries and aquaculture, pollution, environmental protection, conservation, and  23 Dec 2017 THE PIRATES of SOMALIA: Ending the Threat, Rebuilding a Nation. The International Maritime Research Center in the Graduate School of Maritime Sciences and Faculty of Maritime Sciences, Kobe University, is an advanced maritime education and research organization. “Illegal Immigration, Human Trafficking, and Organized Crime”, United Nations University, Discussion Paper O. Maritime accounts for approximately 90% of trade in the world today. Prizes of £75. 2. Imprint. JMR is published quarterly and the issues-whether ordinary or monographic-include both theoretical and empirical approaches to topics of current interest in line  Dorset Marine and Coastal Topic Paper Series 2011. •. Photo credit: UK Ministry Defence via flickr. To this end, this paper has presented the basis of a routing scheme that  Huxley, Tim, “Brunei's defence policy and military expenditure,” Working Paper no. PDF · An Analysis of a Management Case: Green Hill Beach Development of the Rhode Island Coastal Zone, John R. The forecast of new scenarios about the shipping  Research Essay The research essay component of the thesis is crucial because it expresses the master and academic purpose maritime or related to the master work. 10,. "2012 Underwater Archaeology Field Training Course. Marine Environmental Research publishes original research papers on chemical, physical, and biological interactions in the oceans and coastal waters. Due largely to their presence around Poole Harbour and in Weymouth and Portland, marine  This research was conducted to determine the values inherent among students in relating associating there values to John B. We therefore offer a selection of doctoral theses, approved by Delft University of Technology. Index of higher education theses, predominantly of North American universities and colleges. THROUGH THE PRISM OF HUMAN FACTORS. CBS Maritime's research is organized into a number of interacting projects with a common reference to the dual relationship between “maritime industry dynamics” and “increasing global integration”, but each with their own outline and sub-projects. . It aims to promote and enhance the research and extension activities of the Institution and is responsible for supporting the management, administration and development of  Therefore, they would in particular like to encourage social scientists whose research concerns, for example, shipping and shipboard life, mineral exploration and exploration, land reclamation, oilrig crews, maritime and coastal tourism, ocean and coastal environmentalism and so on to contribute papers. Academic and Professional Writing For SUNY Maritime College Admission Essay  30 Jun 2014 Seafarer welfare research is a component of maritime research, as part of the shipping industry. Below are examples of the central questions being addressed. 11. The current trends are analyzed for the industry, showing that this industry is still young and has great potential to boom. 24 Sep 2015 The purpose of this thesis is to explore Finnish maritime personnel's conceptions of safety management and its (in Finland that is the Finnish Transport Safety Agency), classification societies and maritime industry organisations are taken into account (EC, No 336/2006). Next, an overview of the current maritime profile of India is presented followed by a comparative  Articles and Papers Published articles covering technologies, solutions and design concepts from Eco Marine Power. Find out 4 areas maritime education and research should consider without fail. You can download some of them by clicking on the title. Prizes. D. Sea Spirit along with the Norwegian gas tanker collided head on causing a spill of about 8000Tons of oil. I will also explain the . Get Resume Writing Tips along with Essay, Cover Letter or Resume. This study was initiated by gathering data from freshmen of  This paper was prepared by James J. Contains links to international e-theses collections. Some full-text. 14 Dec 2011 Research Paper on Maritime Technology and Environmental Regulations 1-0: Introduction Two vessels collided on august 1990 near Gibraltar in Spain resulting in a sea disaster and oil spill. This report will focus on the importance of research in liner shipping operations and management because container  Abstract. 6 Structure of the thesis. 3 Objectives and research questions. Research Associates, the United States, as a contribution to the OECD/ITF Global Forum on Transport and Environment in a Globalising World that will be held 10-12 November 2008 in Guadalajara, Mexico. February 6, 2018 @ 5:36 pm. Journal of Advances in Management Research. It involves a year-long field or lab-based independent research project, culminating in a major Thesis proposal. You will find more  However, these documents do not show us how to classify marine accidents in either the research processes or the results of the studies. (1984). It also explains how maritime strategy helps harness the benefits of various elements of maritime power. 2 (2013): 206-229. , “Regional Maritime Regime Building: Prospects in Northeast and Southeast Asia”, 31, Ocean Development and International Law, 3, 2000. 2 VTS as service to the maritime community. Theses 2017  Free maritime papers, essays, and research papers. Chinese economic impact is studied under the two major headings: the effective use of non-living and living resources. Examples of articles of the TFA that may benefit from and help to achieve SDGs. This major course assignment and the associated research process are specifically designed to complement the similar type of work students undertake in Marine Environmental History. Ji Guoxing, “Maritime jurisdiction in the three China Seas,” Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation Policy Paper no. studied regions, Denmark, Norway and Singapore presenting very interesting examples. Whichever one of the three topics was chosen, it should focus on naval architecture,  15 May 2015 of training and assessment is to ensure that maritime personnel receive adequate training so TRAINING EFFECTIVENESS IN MARITIME TRANSPORT. This working paper was published in conjunction with the joint research project “Piracy and Maritime. A maturity essay must be written in connection  This page contains links to papers and presentations about maritime law, admiralty practice and jurisdiction, shipping law, marine law, marine insurance and carriage of goods and passengers. Sustainable fisheries (inshore and staff, has funded the preparation of three joint research papers and funded and co-hosted three KOSOPFF meetings in USP and one in Noumea. ) PDF · Empowering the seafarer : manpower solution of the shipping industry, Inderveer Solanki. So, we attempt to build up the classifying standards of marine accidents for international commercial harbors in our country. Marine & Maritime Industries. This thesis studies the maritime sector of India, specifically using China as a basis for comparison. Corbett and James Winebrake, Energy and Environmental. ProQuest Dissertations & Theses (Dissertation Abstracts). com Sample  Finally this thesis will conclude with some observations and . Brooke SMITH-WINDSOR (March 2013) Research Paper n 90, NATO Defense  The Office for Research and Extension Services (ORES) is under the Academic Department headed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA). Agardy. “Combined Fleet Deployment and Inventory. The Centre for Maritime Archaeology provides a focus for maritime archaeological research at the University of Southampton. Addison Brown Prize Awarded annually or biannually for the best student essay on a subject related to private international law or maritime law. September  19 Jul 2017 Research lines. The Maritime Labour Convention 2006  Beginning graduate school is overwhelming. PDF · On the Management of Blue Marlin and White Marlin in the Atlantic: Implications for Foreign Longlining and Domestic Sportsfishing, Tundi M. Norway's interwar tanker expansion: A reappraisal. Maritime disputes over underwater resources and territorial claims risk undermining stability and peace around the globe. 5 Limitations. AREAS OF RESEARCH he main aim of research into waterborne transport has been to help policy-makers and to provide . For articles published in Maritime Policy & Management (MPM) in the period 2001 to 2012, the most frequent topics addressed include shipping performance/management and shipping finance. 2 Background. 9. Examples of incidents and accidents related to communication problems in open seas or under pilotage indicate the need to consider language and  PhD Thesis. Lulu Hjarnø. Photo: UiO. The companies that have been pioneers in this industry include  The Review of Maritime Transport is a recurrent publication prepared by the UNCTAD secretariat since 1968 with the aim of fostering the transparency of maritime markets and analysing relevant developments. Find out more from our FAQs page. Thesis On Maritime Education. Journal of Ecosystem & Ecography, Journal of Biodiversity, Bioprospecting and Development, International Journal Focusing on Marine Genomics, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Marine Bioengineering and Biotechnology , Journal of Marine Biology , Journal of Maritime Studies, Journal of Marine Science: Research  MARITIME PAPERS. § § § § Types of port congestion § Causes of port congestion § Positive impacts of port congestion § Negative impacts of port congestion § Solutions to the port congestion problem § Intermodal transport development and port  IMLI offers a Research Degree programme leading to the award of the Degree of Magister Juris (M. Most papers concerning the QCSP neglect several  1. Over the past years, the maritime industry has been growing and expanding. Maritime Economics & Logistics offers authors of accepted primary research papers the option to publish their articles with immediate open access upon publication. His publications appeared in the Journal of Accounting Auditing and Finance, Abacus, The British Account Review, Managerial Finance, Maritime Policy & Management. Wired: The industry wall; consolidates all maritime activities into one  8 Mar 2012 the global markets. This paper outlines the features of an automated decision support system (DSS) developed to optimize the logistics of maritime transportation for a large c. ) in International Maritime Law. For a complete list of databases for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, please see Search Tools. We are experts with more than 10 years of experience. for specialization in a certain aspect of the maritime world. Governments play a . (Maritime Education & Training, Myanmar. They are available for download in PDF format. Law section of the proposal should identify a specific question that law to and law the proposed artwork, that requires outside research, and that can be  Open access option for authors. For articles published in Maritime Policy & Management (MPM) in the period 2001 to 2012, the most frequent topics addressed include shipping performance/management  16 Nov 2017 Thesis. Research aims at quantifying the relative importance of atmospheric and oceanic processes in controlling climate variability and climate change on a large range of timescales: from monthly, through decadal, to centennial and millennial timescales. We maintain a strong focus on modeling the complex atmosphere-ocean  17 Jun 2004 MARITIME SAFETY. Presentations will focus on the history, poetics, and material and visual culture of exploration, exploring how these have changed over the  20 Dec 2011 Research work on maritime law is the traditional main area at the Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law and today the main area for the Maritime Department. Marine management (Law of the Sea, ocean governance and policy, economics and management);. 22 Jun 2017 Logan wrote her thesis, titled, “Human-Machine Teaming at Sea: A Model for Unmanned Maritime Systems and the Use of Force,” while getting her LLM at The Judge Advocate General's Legal Center and School (TJAGLCS). The journal serves as a forum for new information on biology, chemistry, and toxicology and syntheses that advance understanding of marine environmental Read more. Health promotion intervention in the maritime setting. Engineering Village (Compendex). examples of good or bad performance are easier to detect. Any factual or editorial . 23 Nov 2017 <span class=”result__type”>PDF</span> Maritime Management students 2011 – Theseus Maritime Management students 2011 Title: Maritime Management students 2011 The subscriber of the thesis is interested if the new maritime manage- Sample Thesis Essay – 10176 Words – studymode. The presentation must be held prior to submitting the thesis, or at least the date for it needs to set before-hand. Here are the titles of some of the theses done so far at the Nordic Master of Maritime Engineering. Her research interests include applied modeling, simulation and AI techniques as applied to industrial problem solving with particular focus on the logistics of the  Thesis & Papers: Connects academia and maritime companies, consolidates maritime thesis and papers into one industry knowledge hub. PUBLICATIONS IN CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS. The Norwegian Maritime Code is central to the study of Maritime Law. SmartComp Research Report No 3, October 2013 . The maritime transport emits around 1000 Mt of CO2 per year about 2,5% of global GHG emissions (3rd IMO GHG study). On Engineering Village platform, Compendex (Engineering Index) provides  The CD's introduction provides a list of other bibliographies and collections of legal theses and dissertations. paper or thesis on a particular topic, use the HOLLIS Classic Expanded Search Screen and search for title words Harvard Law School Thesis and your topic . 13. Stimson examines the history, law, and political dynamics in maritime disputes to identify solutions to reduce regional tensions. Williams. Analysis and design Bjørnefjorden floating cable-stayed bridge subjected to large ship collisions and extreme environmental loads (Boya Wang). Marine biologist study all kinds of animals and plant life in many different glasses of water, so you will have no problem finding the research to help you with your research paper topic. Thiele April 2012; Strengthening Philippine Maritime Labor: Toward a Research Agenda By Maragtas S. 9 Jan 2018 Australian university e-theses search portal in locating higher degree theses. Discussion Paper 36/06. Heather is an active member of the Irish Sea Maritime Forum and the European Marine. This paper aims to conduct a review on cruise shipping and the cruise shipping industry. This paper firstly redefines the concept of MET from  Abstract. Jimenez; Executive Order No. ) in International Maritime Law and the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. Marine biology is a specific field of science, so you should be careful when choosing a title for your research paper. Dissertations must be awarded first class marks to be eligible. Participants were asked to rank-order a set of 48 statements, which represent a range of occupational, organisational and work-related issues that they faced  Problems facing the Nigerian port and possible solutions to solving the identified problems. 5. academy maritime Mass admissions essay. Authors: Prof Reza Ziarati, Zakirul Bhuiyan, German de Melo and Heikki Koivisto. The forecast of new scenarios about the shipping  3 Jan 2018 M. (2006). No. 2 Mar 2017 New publication in RGSL Research Papers series by RGSL Alumni Sandra Lielbarde “Concept of seafarer before and after the Maritime Labour Convention 2016: Comparative analysis of the legal effects of defining legal concepts in the shape of legal terminology”. It is one of the nineteen research centres of the University of Nantes specialised in marine and coastal legal studies, grouped within the Institute University Sea and  MARI 495 Research Proposal. For articles  The thesis is the final project of the MEL MSc and it combines various aspects of the programme with our students' own expertise. JOURNAL OF MARITIME RESEARCH (JMR) publishes original research papers in English analysing the maritime sector international, national, regional or local. 23 Mar 2015 Liner shipping lines offer regular schedules, publishing in advance their calls at ports. There is no paper aimed at this issue up to the present. Materials · Pavements · Maintenance & Preservation · Operations & Traffic Management · Security & Emergencies · Administration & Management · Data & Information Technology · Education & Training · Finance · History · Law · Policy · Research · Transportation (general) · Freight Transportation · Passenger Transportation. The master thesis is a written essay about a maritime or transport oriented subject, wherein the student proves that he can  Integration of Multivariate MetOcean, Ocean Circulation, and Trajectory Modeling Data with Static Geographic Information Systems for Better Marine Resources Management and Protection During Coastal Oil Spill Response – A Case Study and Gap Analysis on Northeastern Gulf of Mexico Tidal Inlets, Richard Ray  Have we met? Technologies, topics, dreams – events with DLR in the winter term 2017 · Transient analysis of reversible solid oxide cell (rSOC) systems. Comparing and analyzing information is central to creating a meaningful research paper. BOUNDED BY APTOS AND ALVISO, CALIFORNIA, 1850-1950. 1 The shipping domain and Vessel Traffic Service (VTS). 7. Undergraduate degrees open you to a range of potential jobs; conversely, graduate degrees put you on a specific track. Outline of thesis. Consequently, this paper presents the critical milestones of providing information technology solutions to ship fleet management such as data acquisition, modelling, shipboard integration, verification, etc. Lacson Foundation Maritime University core values and applying these values as students, future seafarers and citizens of the world. Regarding earlier research on the maritime sector developments at a global level, some studies have been conducted  Prizes and fellowships in naval and maritime history. Admission to the programme is contingent on having a supervisor and a research  12 Sep 2016 Maritime Cyber Security USCG/University Research Initiative-November 16, 2016 ***Invitation Only Event*** Date/Location November 16, 2016 9:25-9:45am Setting the Stage: Summary of Phase I white papers by AMU and Rutgers: Daniel Benjamin, American Military University, and Dennis Egan, . It is based on the scientific literature and the situation on the ground as of October 2010. Awarded for project work or final year undergraduate dissertations in the broad field of maritime history. Jack If the page is blank, please go to our http version here. Vreÿ, Francois. There have been few others like Mahan,  1 day ago Picture is worth a thousand words essay global warming and climate change essay message, cat day 11 analysis essay reflective essay on person centred care plagiarism in research paper. 75 THE MARITIME SHIPPING INDUSTRY OF THE GEOGRAPHIC REGION. " . Examples of the mandatory rules  Involving Stakeholders in the Celtic Sea Ecosystem), and has presented papers at several research conferences on the subject of stakeholder engagement in Marine Spatial Planning. Food Security, Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry, Marine, Maritime and Inland Water Research and the Bioeconomy - The EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. In this master thesis, research on the topic of double cycling in the quay crane scheduling problem (QCSP) is presented. He reviewed papers for, among others, the European Journal of Operational Research and Managerial Finance. ABSTRACT. Despite the rapid technological development of ships and the presence of legislative  26 Jan 2018 Search for journal articles, conference papers, and research reports in these databases. A third general mode in ocean shipping, industrial shipping, is acknowledged in Ronen (1982). La Marine marchande grecque dans la marine marchande mondiale: Les enjeux recents. 30 Mar 2017 International study: Chalmers a top maritime university · The maritime education and research provided at Chalmers University of Technology is of the highest international standard, according to the first global study undertaken in the field. Marine and Maritime Industries range from boat building and marine equipment manufacture to marine research and international communications. Vol. Presented to. 166, Canberra: Research School of Pacific Studies, Australian National University, 1988. Terrorism as a Challenge for  The paper highlights the significance of the oceans in different aspects of human activity before clarifying the concepts of maritime power and strategy. Throughout the past years remarkable work has been done and theses with a grade high enough are published in the university library. From pen to paper : a study of the dissertation as a tool for communicating students' understanding and creative abilities in the maritime social science context, Nang Arm Seng. Vallega, Aldaberto. See the list below and pick an idea. Graduate programs are not simply continuations of undergraduate degrees, but an introduction into academia- it is a process of acculturation. This essay has been submitted by a law student. Course paper / final thesis  2 Nov 2017 The Maritime and Oceanic Law Centre (CDMO) of the Law faculty of Nantes has been created by Prof. 2 Why study the VTS? 9. Never-ending growth in worldwide maritime container transportation automatically entails several container terminal optimisation questions. The Faculty of the Department of mother, who graciously read my paper after every revision and stayed up many late nights with me while I was writing. DR ANA RITA LYNCE Ana Rita Lynce is  The commercial codes provide no information except the claimed capability of their services, while most research papers tend to deal with theoretical aspects of optimization algorithms whose application for practical ship navigation is generally unclear. ENHANCING MARITIME SUPPORT SERVICES IN MALAYSIA : A STRATEGIC APPROACH. Amante; Diaspora of Filipino Seafarers: A Look at the Flag of Convenience System by Evi L. Thanopoulou, H. The prizes and awards may be made for a paper based on a students thesis, provided the final manuscript has been accepted by the Papers Committee of the be made by the Council upon recommendation of the Awards Committee based only on nominations by the Papers Committee of the Society, Marine Technology  Marine Biology is the study of the life in the sea; this is not limited just to the animals but also the plant life that lives in the water. 19, October 1995. International cooperation in education and research are important for Japan's maritime industry and for international  Discussion paper 20/05. 10. There is no  Students of electrical or mechanical engineering or a maritime subject may submit their master's or bachelor's thesis, or another paper, if it is written within the study period and covers one of the following topics: safer; smarter or; greener. 21 Jul 2016 Maritime industry is doing its best to keep up with the pace of the changing technology and environmental regulations. This thesis will examine in its first part, the international aspects of the maritime security effective implementation in CARICOM States taking account of the special vulnerabilities of CARICOM States as Small Island Developing States (SIDS). Paper presented in the IAME 2015  and Security Studies at the Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy in Hamburg. 13 Nov 2013 The purpose of this paper is to review and analyze maritime transportation academic research. A seminar presentation must be given on the topic of the master's thesis, please check the details from your supervising professor or the degree programme office. the advantage of OR/MS techniques comply with the focused problems. 2003/72, 2003. V. Her article creates a model for unmanned maritime systems (UMS) and the use of  Simon O. 20 Dec 2017 Request (PDF) | Maritime transportat | The purpose of this paper is to review and analyze maritime transportation academic research. Emmanuel du Pontavice in 1970. A. Simplifies connecting students with companies and vice versa, including topics for master and bachelor thesis. in a continuous maritime research concept. 4 Appended papers. Exploration and Memory: Call for papers. The first chapter will be about human reliability. Topics For further information regarding our R&D Projects please see Research & Development. 1 The organisational frame of the VTS. Lucas. Research Fellow. 40 points (full year)

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