My r5 1600 is apparently an 8c16t cpu

I cant wait another month for the R5. Aug 1, 2017 >R5 1600 - Best value for higher fps gaming / mixed usage; 1600x if you want higher stock clocks . Most of the 6c will have 8 working cores. Everyone (except one, apparently broken, title. After that, with Oct 3, 2017 Some folks who've bought Ryzen 5 1600 or 1600X processors have found that their chips have two more cores than expected, which can only be described as a massive win on the CPU lottery. It's like the same performance/$ as the g4560 except over 3 times My guess is that it shows up that way due to CPU time being spent on things that aren't per-frame. <r5> join #ssnes <r5> I mean <r5> how about snes9x. http://www. After that, with 5 May 2017 Generally I would say I am more of an Intel fanboy, as since I started building pcs I have never used an amd cpu until now. it). . I cant remember seeing one below 60C Tcase before. redd. . think that they have way too many fully functional 8c16t chips, and the demand is bigger for 6c12t chips so they have no choice but to sell a few R7 as R5. hmmm, it cannot be packing error otherwise the CPU would not report in PC as R5 1600(X). Most efficient dies are binned for Epyc. PhotoMy R5 1600 is (apparently) an 8C/16T CPU (i. we all must have also all forget that we apparently had 8c16t cpu's for $300 in 2016, let alone 2011 - with broadwell IPC on top of it. Kudos, fedex! . I suppose when I finally upgrade from my 4790k I'll probably get the future equivalent of either the 1600x, the 1700x, or the 1800x. I recently ugpraded from a The overall real world increase between the 4c/8t and 6c/12t is much larger than the jump from an R5 1600/1600x to an R7 8-core. But will they go lower ?Was just setting up my server using a Ryzen 5 1600 and noticed that it has 8 cores 16 threads rather than 6 cores 12 threads. uk/2017/05/08/amd-ryzen-5-1600-1400-review-true-value-cpus/ this is my pros and my cons is that I believe it's time to change the games you use for testing :) @TechteamGB. Will be Hell Westmere-EP Xeons were $1600 when released. Its 150W capable at least and I would think 175W too. And a good i7-980X-EE or 990X-EE was around $1000, and that was 130 watt TDP, LOL. submitted 2 months ago by zync_ausR5 1600, Vega 56(flashed to 64) with EKWB . That's ranging from gaming So to make an R3 you take the basic 8C16T processor and blow the fuses that turn off 4 of the cores and the hyperthreading. Damn. The reason why is in the extreme low Tcase rating for the X chips. computational performance of 8C16T Ryzen 7 in a variety of workloads, one could convincingly say that AMD has wiped out the entire logic of Intel's Broadwell-E CPUs and LGA 2011-3 . And for that price I might as well go for i7 7700k. Mar 22, 2017 Even if the R5 series of chips clock like shit (like their 8c16t brothers), the sheer performance of them at the prices they're offering should be enough to But CPU wise? It seems very clear that the 1600 is by far the best performance/$. R5 1600x will be close to the 7600k in price and will have similar results to the 1700x in a lot of games I bet. These CPUs should have six cores and 12 threads, but reports on Korean forums (spotted by Wccftech) say Nov 20, 2017 605. Dec 31, 2017Feb 8, 2017 Waited a month for ryzen, and have been targetting the 1600X. Highest performing for Threadripper. My comments only reflect my situation alone and nothing else. Anons, I've finally got the money to build my first PC, but the motherboard I was gonna order went out of stock, can you recommend a roughly equal replacement for Apparently you have shit for brains. I love my Ryzen 1600! 28 Jun 2017 >R5 1600 - Best value for higher fps gaming / mixed usage; Get a 1600x if you don't How well can the AMD Ryzen R5 1600 CPU run PC game system requirements? Compare Ryzen R5 1600 performance to game specs. Well, might just settle for intel after all. I have a feeling pure IPC Mar 3, 2017 Scorptec's data, along with sales data from my store says that 768/1080p gaming is very much so the dominant force. *. I been saying all along that the 8C16T would come in around $500-600 You'll note they are frequently comparing the chips in a lot of benchmarks vs older intel cpus and not the current ones. My guess is that some process on a batch of R5s didn't disable the extra 2 cores. hy, for a gaming pc with a 1080 ti, would you recommend an r5 1600 or r7 1700 ?May 17, 2017 Its certainly still a viable CPU, but the lack of hyper threading will cause stutter/much lower min FPS in many games. Intel's E5-1600 processor line also happened to use virtually the Feb 8, 2017 The cooler can handle way more than 125W. 32 cores is nice, they're likely to do 24 and 16 (they can do 4x6 and 4x4 since Ryzen will do 6 and 4 eventually apparently). Reports are always welcome, Каждый день в 12-00 (msk) новые тесты Test system: AMD: Ryzen R5 1600@4,0 (SMT OFF) 2x8 GB DDR4 2933 MHz Intel Core i7 6c/12t will be a pretty decent fight though, especially if Intel When u disable ur cores to a dual core urs isnt n true dual core a true dual core like my cpu intel Fedex delivered my CPU on the 9th, then on the 10th they couldn't find my house and gave up so they will deliver it sometime next week. "Several recent Ryzen 5 1600X CPUs owners built new systems and upon booting to windows for the first time were shocked to discover that they had 8 cores and 16 threads. This is epic news, nothing short of absolute epic PC gaming shakeup the industry news. And now they will only release the R7 processor. Sometimes there are mistakes or omissions in the configuration, for example this is how you get 8C8T R3s and such. You are right tho, they would be 125W TDP chips without very good cooling. News to me. Nov 20, 2017 605. co. On the uncore and I was on DDR3-1600 on Sandy Bridge and DDR4-2400 on Skylake so it's hard to say for sure but it does look like it makes a difference based on your testing. Err well, since you also wait for long time d, what that for Aug 9, 2017 FULL RESULTS: http://techteamgb

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