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#if __BYTE_ORDER != __BIG_ENDIAN. . Discussions: 802. I will configure OSCAM to do the bad stuff in the evening and check if it actually does still work if I delay the answer for 1 second. I got as far as scanning for channels then went to bed. 0 replies | 2 view(s). 3,60€ per month. i believe nothing "serious"  10 Mar 2017 I would say that this does happen usually most Aprils that Sky seem to make changes, and this may mean a few weeks of disruptions. Currently programmers at Oscam are working hard on this to see if they can crack what they have done and this is NOT  31 Mar 2016 I'm currently descrambling various Sky UK channels in combination with OSCAM. Sometimes, the “hackers” find a work around and the channels reappear. Oscam EMU Web Info Port:  Der Oscam Config Creator ermöglicht das Erzeugen von Oscam + Mgcamd Configs innerhalb wenigen Sekunden. OSCAM CONF for SKY UK caid 0963 34. Messages: 3,171. 3,90€ per month. All ready to go :). org. Sky UK channels are available on IPTV with SD and HD. tmp = ((tmp << 8) & 0xff00) | ((tmp >> 8) & 0x00ff);. Cyfrowy Polsat. NC+. I would say best thing is to not worry, and just wait for the clever people to fix it. Cam Ports & Passwords CCcam Web Info port: 16001. Cache-EX function enable us to exchange cache that is created in OScam. Příspěvky: 22. Edit: uploaded v3 - changes : + better auth implementation + fixed a warning (username variable) + now using a better way to to store er->  6 Oct 2012 Putty – http://www. Oscam Web Info Port: 8888. £0. on there saying private mgcamd fix with proof. return;. guys confirm from germany. chiark. This worked Card 0 Mar 31 10:21:57 receiver MUMUDVB[12252]: Info: Main: Channel "Sky Sports 1" is now highly scrambled (97% of scrambled packets). gif. Overigens, ik gebruik OsCam ook gewoon voor de NL kanalen,  Satellite Installation. hopefully oscam tries now more then 2 times. Uživatel. Discussion on how to configure oscam for Sky UK CAID 0963 & 0960 here. Xtrend. In the meantime, there are some other versions of some of these channels on other frequencies that may still be open. CCcam Web Info port: 16001. tvip's Avatar. Messages: –. 25 Oct 2014 -413,15 +413,15 @@ static void swap_lb(unsigned char *buff, int32_t len). server file fixed that! Now i was ready to tidy up the channels- i found a bouquet on http://www. 0,14€ per day. Username: root. Another reason to switch from ACAMD is  9 Nov 2017 Hi guys. This is a channel list only. RSS  Belo w uses Oscam only. oscam. cfg C: a nd F: lines into Oscam readable however it doesn't fix them  Here is a premade firmware package based on Gemini 4. IPK :idea: CCcam 2. The coding uses any existing cccam shares you have converted to work with Oscam. Kan niet alles posten, is te veel tekst helaas. Disney channel & 1. Installed Skins MetrixHD (with seasonal addon) output_uNBlva. dvbapi P: 0963:000000:051A #"Sky Digital (UK) - Sky Sports F1". . openA. 10 x64, with multics r 77 (Core I5, 8 Go RAM, Sky uk hd card sharing. Not all canalsat channels can be opened with CCcam plugin and from now on you need to shift to OScam if you want all Canalsat channels to work. thanks ;). Ook probeert BSkyB bij cardsharing veel gebruikte emulatoren als cccam en oscam buitenspel te  please i am going nuts. TV Forum - openA. I suspect that as such you will have noticed that you have this strange problem where the TV 8 Jan 2016 This change has meant the loss of Sky Italia channel on cardsharing systems. Read the rest  10 Apr 2013 Re: Nds/Skyuk rolling out their new card pairing method. P3T3s Latest: Looking for CSP or Proxy OSCAM, sly UK (0963) and VM lines (no cache) P3T3s, Jan 25, 2018. Edit Vld - vlozena v. Can someone who has a Sky UK local card please test this. I have a problem. some people have gotten firmware updates, and when those boxes with firmware update paired with the card (if it already was paired, nothing happened, i believe) have problems getting those cards working in oscam. Cam Ports & Passwords. Discussions: –. Latest: Sky dish installation Anth1, Jan 21, 2018 Zgemma-UK Customer Support. OScam Developers they no more provide a fix since long time for many packages closed in last years, all pairing packages working in dark are with private  Since 2 months ago skyuk started closing channels on CS, but IPTV service was not affected by this as it`s just video broadcasting so no complications like CCcam. the one you configured is for sky with CAID 093 what about the package  After much researching on AVForums and other similar places I've finally managed to get my Win8 / DVB / Oscam / Acamd / Omnikey 3121 setup and there are other more efficient settings that I could use, but these worked for me without too much fuss so in the immortal words: If it ain't broken, don't fix it. On this step you will be able to set oscam like a daemon which will be started when the system boots, set a fixed IP address and update oscam to a newer version. server [reader] label = lower card enable = 1 protocol = internal device = /dev/sci0 caid = 096A:000000 # 0963 is Sky UK. We are sorry and hope that we will be able to find a solution in the near future and resume the SkyUK package. server. Or is the beginning of the end of Sky UK cardsharing…we shall know if more channels disappear from these system  /trunk/, Fix Sky Italy little-endian problem. Password: vuplus-images. The rest of the contents of the following files are # out so they are not in cluded as they are not used. jpg bhd. 517, 2931d 10h, dingo35, /trunk/, Fix NDS/Videoguard2 reported to work on Sky Italy 83, 3114d 22h, smurzch2, /trunk/, Add BoxID reader configuration, and the "new" Sky UK ATR. 0,13€ per day. The channels affected are. [reader] EDIT: This is apperantly fixed in latest versions of OScam (here is. 11213 - Oscam r11213 feeds in PowerVU (c) Russian audio track - ALL INCLUSIVE free test keys. UK | Sky Atlantic UK | Sky Cinema Crime & Thriller UK | Sky Living UK UK | Sky Movies Action UK | Sky Movies Comedy UK | Sky Movies Drama UK | Sky Movies Family *Do you know you can monitor your Oscam/CCcam with a script so it won't ever go off and will always be running??* *It's helps to make  1 Aug 2017 As of the 28th of March 2017 channels have started dropping off, this is something that Sky themselves have implemented and will soon effect everything from IPTV to KODI and Firesticks. Then apt-get install  28 juni 2015 Behalve voor de sky UK zenders dan. 9 Aug 2017 I HAVE xtream pro officiel v2 i have German French Italian portugal swiss belgique afrcain arabic spain usa albaine beinsport OSN sky it sky uk more then 1500 channels Full packages oscam for exchange only for serious peer waiting your active reader. net/projects/dreamboxedit/)  UK | Sky Arts 1. Priority: Normal, Due date: . Год назад. com, with variety of options, rated among the best in Europe and Africa. for(i = 0; i < len / 2; i++). But so far no luck. If not specified, it will be try to get from the  23 May 2014 Sky's new pairing doesn't introduce any significant differences to the existing NDS data, that data is still encrypted so only a genuine card can decrypt it, but what it does do is add an additional layer of encryption between the box/card to prevent their cards from being used in card servers like oscam or  Aspirant lid; fix; Leden; 9 berichten. vuplus-images spinner. 0,12€ per day. 1. to get hd channels and all sky uk channels back. SMARTCARD CLOCK  I downloaded the HYBRID PLI judder fix image enigma2 for amiko 8900. 16 Mar 2016 Mega OSTool 2. lis 2013 8:45:21. 0. 70 with OsCam & CCCam 2. EMMCAID=0963,09C4 TimeRecon=5. Today, 10:35 AM. As there . Then using DreamBoxEdit (http://sourceforge. * [r728] cccam: better badsid removal * [r735] Introducing PTS  In this tut i have included the omnikey file, this will update your card if using 0963 (skyuk) but you need to setup yourself (setop box) to au (auto update the card) by adding the line in oscam. Then apt-get update & apt-get upgrade. HD (Live Events) TH United Kingdom ==> Added: Sky Cinema Box Office 3D UK VIP ==> Added: Animal Planet DK VIP ==> Added: Astro Sports GO EPL 1 TH VIP ==> Added: Astro . I can't update my cardSKY UK CAID 0963 (FTV mode) 3. P: 0963:000000:057B #"Sky Digital (UK) - Sky One +1". * [r15] Correct some problems in newcam protocol * [r16] Better support for . Thanks, fixed. Příspěvek Re: Oscam pre originál firmware. úte 23. SOME SERVICES ARE ADDED/CHANGED, MAYBE NEW ASSIGN IS NECESSARY!!!! changed some Music Channels on CSAT 19,2 and SKY UK 28. Also contains UK ready bouquets (SGTFlipFlop bouquets of 14/9/11 ) for the Dream Multimedia Dreambox DM500S satellite receiver. I am not sure when the account config was changed, but I think it was quite a while ago ~58xx version of Oscam My oscam. 2 Jul 2017 see now i know its true,, as guy on multics confirms this using new mgcamd system, someone had edited mgcamd to decrypt it. This should also fix some other channels around the world as well. Messages: 928. 172. conf. co. #endif /* */. int32_t i;. SkyLink. 6 Apr 2016 many folks will be using cccam in their cient boxes. I saw your oscam server setting for use as a client on cccam server,My problem is How do you configure the oscam server file for when you have a full cccam line. [r725] temp fix for cccam server timeouts * [r726] possible fix to get dt08 datatype from card. 29 Mar 2017 Oscam ECM Size Increased from 596 to 1024 Globally. UK. For the finest satellite card sharing in europe visit bilosatccam. CHANNELS WITH NO UPDATE FIX YET. I can't update my card SKY UK CAID 0963 (FTV mode). [reader] label = reader1 description = your local card, SKY UK for example group = 11. Pick Ireland. Discussions: 54. VIP ALL. Please restart the SageTV  29 Nov 2015 XBMC Navi-X Audio Fix Applied. unsigned char tmp;. Generuj własne services lub własne prio. jiro77. Registrován: ned 10. 0100:1F43|CSAT|MTV IDOL HD|TV| removed CAID 0500 because this disturb new SRG channels (same CAID:SID) no fix possible yet through oscam. Then apt-get install openssh-server. I have two cardsEverything was OK until august These are my oscam CCcam, mgcamd, oscam. jpg. Een betere koppeling tussen smartcard en hardware is een onderdeel om cardsharing te bemoeilijken. Nemáte dostatečná oprávnění pro zobrazení souborů připojených k tomuto příspěvku. If so we have to wait until a new fix comes around  Oscam runs over tcp/ip, so all you have to do is change the acamd config from 127. SMARTCARD CLOCK FREQUENCY: /dev/sci0 5300000 ( Sky uk 0. Card 0 Mar Do you have any clue or a possible fix? Thank you! Update your SKY UK channels using a channel file for an Openbox and Skybox. After installing oscam on the pi I literally copied over the working configs from my HTPC to the pi and pointed acamd at the new address and it just  Exchanging CSP lines. (Private) . {. tvip replied to a thread Premium World IPTV XxX+DE+ES+FR+TR+AR+IT+UK+AL+RO+CH+ADULT Channels UPDATED . Verder is het OpenPLi forum voor vragen op enigma gebied, dat is wat OpenPLi maakt, van Oscam weten we net genoeg om de zaak aan de gang te krijgen. One networks says “Some news say there has been a change in algorithm by sky. Will finish off the mapping, channel logos and client Add-on  12 Nov 2017 - 4 minHow to convert a CCcam to Oscam and install Oscam in Dreambo 8 мес. medi7 French card Channel gbox: with Hello XXL searching and file LibidoTV and = Sky Satelitte full BG full with oscam EroX his and Thx PentHouse archive = Local/real AustriaSat line HD line (0648)  Pliki konfiguracyjne srvid, services, channelinfo, prio, dvbapi do oscam i cccam dla pakietu Sky Digital (UK) z Kingofsat. Also cachex exchange Fixed profile if needed: Status: Fixed, Start date: 2015-09-09. uk (just search for sky uk channel bouquet. Username: admin. Latest: et8500 Open ATV 6. Freebie, sir! Mega OSTool 2. Sky Living Ireland. 19 May 2017 Many Sky UK channels are now down with card-sharing, They are Paired with the Sky BOX. 9 tps fix. Messages: 1,647. Virgin Media UK cable is still working with  Please use this forum for all discussions involving UK SKY topics including support for boxes and channel line ups and changes and all things SKY UK, and. If it works a proper build can  1 Apr 2017 It could be that we do soon see a “fix”, and these systems will continue. 2E satellite as a source in this example from a standard Sky UK or FreeSat dish) . server for Sky UK, the only available reader on the receiver: [reader] label = cs-server description = Sky UK HD + ViewAsia + ZeeTV 28E protocol = newcamd525 # the entry newcamd should also be  1 Apr 2017 There is a but though and that is the reasoning behind what has happened the last few days, the general feeling is that Sky were testing a few . The file attached will convert your cccam. It has no patches or EMU's its just built to test the theory that Sky may have increased their ECM sizes. Sky HD & MX i6p. 2 ______ . hope ppl will help me if I need any help. user au = skyuk. UPC Direct. Sky UK - HRT Viaccess - ART Viaccess - BHT Bosnia Viaccess - SCT Viaccess - Sky Italia (CAID: 0919) (Nur im USB Smargo/Easymouse) - Sky Italia (CAID: Fix für Linux-Betriebssysteme port = 10000@0963:000000;10001@0963:000000 [cccam] port = 12000 # or you can use whatever port you want [dvbapi] enabled = 1 au = 1 boxtype = dreambox user = dvbapi oscam. Discussions: 478. which image, and which oscam version will read a sky uk (nds3) card ok? ive tried many oscams, but on the Spring image, it fails to open The SUMMER image, reads a via card (so at least the "Cannot open device: /dev/sci0" is fixed now) but just sticks on CARDINIT - ERROR or  Server=CCCam:<oscam server ip address not hostname that is quicker and avoids dns/naming start-up issues>:<oscam server cccam port>:1:<user>:<password> OSCAMExt=1 ; Enable EMM for Sky UK and Germany CAIDs. Full UK HD + Irish + Asians. You also  29 Mar 2017 Both Sky UK and Sky Italy blocked cards from being read in unofficial boxes for a period before the OScam guys (and NewCS at the time) fixed it. XBMC Genesis Fix Applied. IPTV service is not affected by this as it`s just video broadcasting so no complications like CCcam/OScam. uint16_t tmp;. 191 DOWN TO 0. 3 already preloaded. 4,20€ per month. THIS IS THE LATEST UPDATE. 99. see more. Oscam Web Info Port:  cardsharing, cardshare, softcam, cardserver, turkey, sharing, skyview, turkce, kart, paylasim, kart paylasimi, file, software, service, turkiye, dvb, dvb-s, dvbsat, mytheatre, progdvb, plugin, ss1, ss2, inca, aver, skystar, forum, offline, download, wincsc, camd3, camx, newcamd, oscam, gbox, mgcamd, evocamd, radegast, vplug,  28 Feb 2013 A new and highly recommended version is available to download: DVB Decrypter - Disabled the SageTV PTSFix mechanism. 0,16€ per day. digital-kaos. TV Images & DVB-S Community. Yep still a work in progress this guide. 0,10€ per day. -fixed irdeto chid selection -dm800 detection -fixed minor memleak. 2 mei 2014 Het Engelse BSkyB is voor haar Britse aanbieder Sky UK de beveiliging verder aan het opschroeven. This is the Card Sharing service where you will find CCcam Real Fast Local. Open Box V8S 12 Hello to all, well I use to have card sharing a long time ago now I have set up IPTV. More users oscam. Ja viem že doba ide ďalej a neskôr budem musieť kúpiť nejaký  25 Nov 2015 XBMC Genesis Fix Applied vuplus-images spinner [​IMG] Radio Logo radio2. memcpy(&tmp, buff + i, sizeof(uint16_t));. [cs357x] port = 12444 or something else oscam. S** HD & MX i6p sky. P: 0963:000000:051B #"Sky Digital (UK) - Sky Spts F1". We can now specify the BoxID in the oscam. Sky Deutschland. clear so the reader-videoguard2. Most tested with Sky UK (EMMs and ECMs). Some people are saying they have implemented icam which blacked out Sky Italy, well Sky Italy had to replace many older boxes/cards before that happened. 0,13€ per day  11 Jan 2018 - 21 secOnline Plugin Download XDSR485HD XDSR430HDxcruiserxdsr. SkyUK. html. server file. 1 which references your HTPC to the fixed IP address of the Raspberry pi. 3,00€ per month. úno 2016 8:12:15. uk/~sgtatham/putty/download. The Ultimate Sky UK CCcam and IPTV Servers. Living & 1 UK. 12 Nov 2017 - 4 min - Uploaded by TECH WORLDHow to Convert Your Sky Digibox into a Free to Air Satellite Receiver - Duration: 4:39 28 Mar 2017 The current rumour circulating is that sky uk are currently implementing iCam encryption which is basically the same used in the hd hardware pairing. Sky DE/AT is also on 098C, Sky UK on 0963, I will check if Sky IT and Sky UK are still using some old IDs in parallel Results 1 - 48 of 394 06-02-2018 SKYBOX, OPENBOX, LIBERTVIEW CHANNEL LIST (FREE LIFETIME UPDATE. selling premium iptv, iptv for resellers with panel, iptv restream. Geplaatst 24 juli 2016. download oscam experimental. 4,80€ per month. DVB Decrypter Smartcard Client Filter - Fixes Sky UK encrypted channel support. on your new Oscam server. 11209 - Fixed bugs - Oscam emu r11209 r728 - [NEWCAMD] support long ECM for 040610 - [EMU] updated to r728 - [READER DRE] Processing of ECM and  Digital aerial or satellite source feed (I'm using Astra 28. DreamUp & Flash Wizard versions are provided. It would appear all channels with issues are on the same transponder and this transponder  29 Jun 2014 I did it with my free card uk and it seems to be fine 12:49:07 8A23E60 r sky [smartreader] Reader initialized (device=003:003, detect=none, mhz= AUTO, cardmhz=369) 12:49:08 8A23E60 r sky [smartreader] card detected 12:49:12 8A23E60 r sky [smartreader] ATR: 3F FD 13 25 02 50 00 0F 33 B0 0F 69 FF  2:/net/ecm_client/test/port=9999 3:/net/ecm_client/test/user/user1/pass=pass1 oscam config (with user user1/pass1): Code: 1:[scam] 2:port = 9999 3: 4: Please report any problems here. c file need re coding next - big task. назад . greenend. 1 to fix sound issue dangerous, Monday at 9:12 PM  Obrázek Skytec, HDBox HD, Xtrend HD, Plugins, image Enigma2, Fortis-Feed, freeSat UPC, Skylink, Sky. we have 3 oscam coders and other working on this so a fix it is still being developed. This is an SSH and Telnet client which . Its a simple build with just the Global ECM size increased. Die werkt met geen enkele cardserver/emu. Author 0,04€ pe - Big local server under Ubuntu Linux 13. The HD channels didn't work at first… but removing the BOXID=XXXXXXXX line from the oscam

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