Why Fatigue Mats Just Make Sense

Posted on December 1, 2016 By

Millions of workers spend hours standing in one place, which can lead to a series of problems. Fortunately, most of their employers provide standing mats that offer important benefits. The cushioned mats are available in various colors and sizes and are very affordable. The protective surfaces help keep workers productive and can even make household chores easier.

How Fatigue Mats Work

Standing for long periods of time can increase fatigue and cause headaches. Workers who stand for hours often develop joint and lower back pain as well as foot problems. While workers’ health organizations generally recommend widespread changes to create ideal conditions, they often suggest anti-fatigue mats as a first start. The protective floor coverings are designed to blunt the impact that hard surfaces have on the human body. Mats help keep employees refreshed and often serve as non-slip surfaces that can prevent accidents.

It Is Easy to Find Mats for Every Job

Fortunately, dozens of suppliers offer a variety of anti-fatigue mats, so finding the right one is simple. Although industries and major stores generally buy in bulk from manufacturers, small businesses, offices and the general public can find products at online shopping sites like Amazon.com. For example, the retailer sells Sky Mats which offer commercial grade products that are easily adapted to any use. They are available in sizes from 20″x32″x3/4″ to 20″x39″x3/4″. Made with non-toxic, eco-friendly materials, mats are durable and come in colors like khaki, red, blue and black.

Mats Are Useful at Home

Although anti-fatigue mats were originally designed for industry, they adapt well to home use. Customers often use them to reduce back or leg pain and fatigue during kitchen work. Home business owners may add them to garage or even office floors so that they can work longer and feel better after a full day’s work. Mats with angled beveled edges create stable work surfaces and are designed to prevent tripping.

Standing for hours can cause problems for employees, but anti-fatigue mats offer a simple solution. They are cushioned, which helps prevent fatigue as well as many aches and pains associated with standing on hard surfaces. The mats are also ideally suited for customers who want comfortable standing surfaces while at home.

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