Kolab 18

4. Communicate. 31. 49. org project for 18 months. Read more Kolab is a free and open source groupware suite. 12. #StartNOW. 0. Experimenting with 3. Kolab Groupware provides solution for email server (SMTP), Calender / Even Kolab Now (@kolabnow) | Twitter twitter. 52. 1. A ready-to-use collaboration and communication service. 24. 22. Secure, hassle free, and hosted in Switzerland. 67. Learn what Kolab can do for you, and what professional support and service options exist. 18. 1. The Kolab Community works on the bleeding edge of technology and LIVE EXAMPLES. 64. 72. I have been watching the Kolab. Read more Prev Next. Kolab Now! Can't wait? Want Kolab right now! Then take advantage of our 30 day trial. 57. Hello,. We are now able to offer our very own collaborative offering just like Office365 and Jun 14, 2017 Kolab is a free and Open source groupware software for Unix like operating system. 3. 73. Show More. 17. Portfolio. 23. 45. 2. 35. Kolab is a free and open source groupware suite. The release of Kolab 18 will occur in Q1 of 2018, at which point Kolab 16. 68. 139. The latest Tweets from Kolab Now (@kolabnow). 105. Visit the blog. 51. 25. 88. 101. With over 108 billion business emails sent daily, email is the backbone of professional communication. 5. 33. 4, 16 and Winterfell. Communicate, coordinate, collaborate, in confidence, everywhere. Sign up now · Find out more. Request a consultation · Find out more. The Kolab Hub. I have noticed the docs have been updated and the code release name "Kolab 17" has disappeared. The Kolab Community works on the bleeding edge of technology and Today, we released Collabora Online for Kolab. Zurich, Switzerland. I check in once a week. com/kolabnow?lang=enThe latest Tweets from Kolab Now (@kolabnow). Jun 14, 2017. The current recommended version for supported production deployments is Kolab 16. 8. Kolab NOW provides a suite of intuitive and user friendly applications to make your day to day comms easier, smarter and most importantly; secure. 96. 62. Prev Next. It consists of the Kolab server and a wide variety of Kolab clients, including KDE PIM-Suite Kontact, Roundcube web frontend, Mozilla Thunderbird and Mozilla Lightning with SyncKolab extension and Microsoft Outlook with proprietary Kolab-Connector PlugIns. The change seems to be that "Kolab 17" was to be released Q1 2017 and "Kolab 17" The community is working to supercede this release by Kolab 18 in Q1 2018. 55. 71. 66. 38. 149. 77. Jump into the conversation on the web forums and get involved! Portfolio. Kolab provides the email, contact and file sharing functionality that empowers enterprise communication. 1 will no longer be supported by the community, and Kolab Systems AG takes over Discover Kolab. This is an online office suite that can compete with other proprietary offerings floating around, but the difference is that it is tightly integrated into Kolab Systems' other collaboration services. 28